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WAG Donation Check Delivered… THANK YOU!!!

Where do I begin…
when I asked for donations a couple of months ago
for Wimberley Adoption Group and rescue…
I NEVER in a bazillion years would have imagined you guys would give soooo much
for your kind generosity 
Yesterday… I delivered the $603.33 check to Ms. Pat Davis and her crew.
They were overcome with joy and were brought to tears over the amount of money we had donated.

When I contacted Ms. Pat she thought I should come to one of their adoption days… and so I did.
The check is going to be used immediately….
They told me they needed this money more than ever because they still have several dogs from the flood
and several dogs that need medical attention and expensive medicine.  
Just in case you wanted to see some of the faces of these sweet doggies… 
I got to meet several at yesterday's adoption. 
ALL of the dogs pictured below are up for adoption and ALL of them were the sweetest pups.

I mean seriously… I wanted to take ALL of them home!!!
I could be the dog lady!!!
anywho… if any of those cuties are pulling at your heart strings…
be sure to contact WAG at 512-847-3200

and if you feel the need to donate more to this amazing group
their website is HERE 
and they have a clickable link to donate

thanks again for opening your hearts and wallets to help me make a generous donation
this online community of teacher bloggers is a blessing in my life and the lives of those puppies