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Do you ask for parent feedback… I do and it gives me...

How do you get parent feedback???
Have you ever asked your parents to let you know how the year went?
Does that idea scare you…
it does me!!!
every single year
I force myself to pass out end of year parent surveys.

Even the bad years (you know when you have THAT class)
I pass them out!!!
and to tell you the truth…
I have done this for a good 5-6 years… maybe longer
the years just start blending together ya know
every single time I get heart felt, honest, good feedback
and sometimes I get some zingers
and sometimes I get whoppers
and sometimes I get smooshy lovey dovey we love yous
and you know what I love them all

you always need and desire the positive feedback…
you want to be told you are doing a WONDERFUL job
which is why those love dovey notes are great and awesome
BUT those zingers and whoppers are just as important
those parents have something to say
(something truly constructive to say)
their feedback should be loved too
sometimes the truth hurts…
but that is when I really reflect about what I need to do
 to be better

I am not gonna lie…
it gives me gas to pass these out and wait for them to trickle back in
(when I get stressed I get gassy)
and then at night I have to put in my mouth guard so my TMJ doesn't get inflamed!!!
(I clench my teeth like a bear trap)
 ((thanks to my hubs for a great simile on that one… good one bear trap))
it stresses me out to see what they are going to say…
you never know
and I have perfection issues
BUT these little surveys
good, bad, honest, and all the in between
help shape me into a better teacher

I just now updated my End of Year Parent Survey
it needed a font lift
and tomorrow I will be passing them out…
so bring on the gasX and bite guard…

If this is something you think you might be interested in
I have mine in my TpT store… cheap too
it is just a simple 2 page survey
( I print mine front to back to save trees)
I am showing you the back side as a sample…
can't show you everything here… can I… so
click on any of the pics to head on over there to check it out