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oh my goodness…
what a long day…
we had our school carnival tonight
and as much as I love the sights and sounds
AND the happiness it brings to our little school and community
it wipes me out…

and not to mention I am one finger typing with my right hand
because of a fight I got into with some ninjas…
my hand is in a cast… YAY

which is making this whole blog post thing

super slooooow

alrighty because of my extreme late night shenanigans, limited movement in the right hand, and I am barely keeping my eyes open… I will get to the point of this post….


this month's sponsor is

thanks so much!!!

most are understandable
and easy to understand…
so I'll move on to the LAST ONE…

SUMMER is soooo close
what is one thing that YOU are DOING
one thing you hope to do
and one thing you are wishing you can do

almost your turn….
and it is soooooo late here
and I am soooo sloooow on typing this