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This morning

I slept in... that I never do 
so it was so nice
but I was tired from watching the SPURS WIN!!! yee haw
and then I made Bub waffles (really popped them in a toaster and waited)
then I watered my outside plants, washed down my back porch, took a really long and nice shower,
oh and mopped my floor because my dogs walked through the water from the back porch and left nice little doggy prints...  all sizes... small, medium, and large (i have 3 doggies)
and then  I was checking my social networks and 
Laura B tagged me about stalking my blog... waiting for the CURRENTLY
I totally forgot today was the 1st 
well I didn't forget... I wasn't even thinking... really?!?!
so thanks to Laura B for the tag 
or you crazies that stalk all day on the first would have been refreshing a really LOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOONG time...
my errand list is pretty long today... HAHA
thanks again Laura... 
so here it is

I am pretty sure all of mine are self explanatory...
* kid acting like he is light sabering Darth Vader... he's 5 that's what I get 24/7
usually hub is in it with him... and he isn't Darth Vader... *smirky face*
* loving that some of you crazies stalk my blog on the first
 I would have been CLUELESS today
or really far from the house because one of my errands is out of town... thanks again Luara B
* my 2 partners are leaving me... I am really going to miss them... REALLY REALLY
they both have gotten jobs closer to their families and although I am SUPER happy for them
I am SUPER SAD and probably have thrown some pitty parties for myself the last few days
streamers and decorations and all... yep they were big pitty parties... BUT I didn't send out any invites to join me soooo I was SOLO at my parties... and it's my party and I can cry if I want to
* I would love to loop with my kiddos... toots and all... I have a really wonderful class this year and even though some are little stinkers.. they are just little stinkers and I LOVE them... I LOVE THEM ALL
* so I need to act like a dog and throw some grass on it and move on... I can't change what is happening in my life right now but I can choose to not let it steal my JOY... moving on
* always go to see my Mississippi Gma... she is awesome and she lives by the beach... I love it there
I want to get serious about losing more weight... I hurt my knee running and I haven't been able to walk or run or yoga or anything without it swelling up... so I am going to focus on my diet and shed some pounds... I have an appointment to see my Dr. ( I have already had surgery on this knee before).. but he travels a lot with a little team called the SPURS and since they are kicking some serious bootay... I can't get in anytime soon... he told me to ICE and rest until he sees what I did to it... he also said as long as 38 year olds act like 20 year olds he will always be in practice... thanks DOC
and #3... we are seriously contemplating selling this house... we need something a little bigger and with a big yard and POOL... we think we found a house we like BUT we need to sell this one first... sooooooo if the house we like is still available when we get this one ready... we might be new home owners... maybe... or we could just put a pool in here and extend my kitchen out, and redo my bathroom, and and and...

ALRIGHT... there was mine...
and here is yours...

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