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July Currently

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SOOOOOO where do I start....
my summer has been crazy!!!
I am going to try to sum it up for you....

got a cortisone shot in my knee... IN MY KNEE... ouch... OUCH OUCH
on 3 weeks of resting... HAHA... keep reading

found out I have pink eye after I got all dolled up the night before for a PARTAY...
got PINK EYE equals... trash all make-up... super sad face

toilet flooded....and also flooded...
Bub's room
guest bedroom
my bedroom
laundry room
main hallway
living room
and half the kitchen
ummmm pretty much my whole house... oh yeah and my garage...

now have no base boards and carpet in all mentioned rooms...
thank goodness some rooms have tile :)
furniture in all rooms and I mean ALL rooms (even the dry rooms)
are scattered, stacked, and disheveled all over the house along with knick knacks and other decor

called a water clean-up crew.... they removed all the carpet and base boards and placed.... 28 fans and 2 HUGE dehumidifiers blowing nonstop for 3 days straight...
3 DAYS STRAIGHT!!! sounded like a jet engine in my house...

slept at moms every night... 
except hubs stayed at the house with pups and for safety reasons
(lots of strangers were in my house cleaning up the water and I am a worry wart)

and then... then... then 
my air conditioner went out... 
the dehumidifiers were blowing out over 100 degree air... HOT HOT HOT....
my poor air conditioner was working overtime
that about sums up my few weeks off from school....

There is a silver lining...
yep you have to look at the good...
because you are the only one in charge of your JOY... 
so instead of sinking into a deep darkness of WTH ....
I am choosing to focus on the good...
I am choosing JOY

so here are some silver linings....
I am now forced to go through and organize and purge... 
we didn't lose anything meaningful or valuable (except if you count the carpet and baseboards... valuable not meaningful)
my air conditioner is serviced and ready for the summer
the blowers and dehumidifiers are gone 
contractors have been out and are working on estimates
my mom was a huge help... 
spending the night at my parents with Bub was fun
I have (with help from mom) the living room and kitchen back to normal and will work on Bub's room tonight
and I am predicting a HUGE garage sale in my near future...
so even though I did shed a tear or two... what good is that gonna do???
we are in full get'er done mode and well i am tired!!!

so please forgive me for using last year's July Currently Design!!! I don't have internet at my house yet... I am using my mom's while I wait for Bub to finish eating...  and well basically I am pooped... I had a PD today and one tomorrow!!! and my other spare moments are putting my house back together... so I hope you understand why I am being lay to the ZEE about designing a new template *WINK*
alright here it is...
and here is your template....

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  1. Oh Farley! That just sounds awful! Glad you can look to the positives though!! We would have all completely understood if you didn't do Currently right away! You're just too sweet! Sending good vibes your way girl!!

    Thriving in 3rd

  2. That totally stinks!! Literally... You have the BEST attitude! Hope you can get your house back in order ASAP and enjoy the rest of summer!
    Angela :)
    Hippo Hooray for Second Grade!

  3. OMG they say it comes in three's so hopefully you are done! What a way to start the summer. LOVE your attitude about the whole mess! You need a vacation!

  4. Oh my goodness! Your summer has been off to an interesting start!!! Good for you for focusing on the positive! Hopefully, the rest of your summer is easy, carefree, and FUN!

    Theresa @ True Life I'm a Teacher!

  5. Oh.My. POOP!!!! I'm so sorry for you, but yes...purging is the positive and it does force you to do lots of stuff that otherwise would get put on the backburner! I'd love to come to your garage sell! And I do hope you catch a break sometime soon in the future! : )

  6. Goodness graciousness! The hits just keep on coming! So impressed with your attitude though! I'd be huddled in a corner crying!! You go girl!

    Flying High in First Grade

  7. Floods stink! I hope you have a good trip to Mississippi. Tell Laverne we said hey!

    Krazy Town

  8. Oh Farley! I am sooo sorry! You are so much stronger than me! Sending hugs, prayers and positive thoughts your way!

  9. Oh my, you have had a crazy few weeks! I'm glad things seem to be looking up for you now, but I am sorry you had to deal with all of that!

  10. Sorry to hear about your flooding! We have had crazy rain and storms here the past couple weeks too, but fortunately no flooding in our area. Sending kind thoughts your way! Keep thinking positively! :D

    First Grade Garden

  11. Poor thing. I have to get new makeup because my dog at all of mine. This week has been nice not having to put on any. I am wishing you a fast construction process or getting new carpet etc. It's never fun when a house is all out of order. Sending you good vibes and love your way.

  12. Oh Farley!! I hate this for you! My one bedroom apartment flooded entirely 3 times in 9 months!! So I totally understand the trouble...the fans...the heat....the a/c going....the headache!!! I moved after the last one! I hope this means your July will be FABULOUS!!!! Sending love your way!!
    A Tall Drink of Water

  13. Oh no! I saw a picture on instagram and wondered what had happened. I'm sorry, but glad you are able to see the silver lining in it all! I hope everything gets back to normal soon!


  14. Yikes! Take care of your knee in the midst of the mess!
    Thanks for taking the time to post the July Currently :-)
    Chrissy at ReadWriteSing

  15. NOOOO sounds terribly horrible!! I really hope you are able to get everything sorted out quickly! And cheaply too.

    And that the rest of your summer goes great.

    Learning to be awesome

  16. Farely, that is awful!!! Sending you prayers and blogger hugs!!! I hope everything works it's way out!
    Get some rest and enjoy your summer!
    All Smiles in Second Grade

  17. OMG! Are you sure that this is really what you're summer vacation has been like or is it the script from an old episode of I Love Lucy!? Maybe both?? Girly girl, I give you major props for keeping your head up high and smiling through it. One day you'll be able to laugh at all of this...I hope! Thank you for posting your fun party, even though you really, really, REALLY shouldn't have.
    Short and Sassy Teacher

  18. Oh My! You have had quite a summer so far. Kudos to you for having such a positive attitude! At least you get new carpet right! Hope the knee is on the mend as well. Hopefully this means you will have smooth sailing the rest of your break.

    Luv My Kinders

  19. OH MY!!! What an experience! I love your attitude and can totally relate to the tear or two and the tiredness. I remember renovating a triplex when we first got it, worried about virtually everything and trying to juggle a million things. You are amazing and I bet it will feel great to have many of your things cleared out--it's just stuff anyway. I feel like I need a major giveaway--too many toys with my 5 kids! Best of luck and I hope you can get back to your house soon, although it sounds like your mom is great : )
    Kids Math Teacher

  20. Hey Farley! You've had one heck of a few weeks! You're a "glass is half full" kind of girl and I love that! What else can you do? I'm going to be positively positive that I, too, can and WILL have a huge garage sale this summer and muck some clutter out of our house and barn... I feel the urge to sing "Let it go... let it go..." from Frozen. :) Hang in there. The best is yet to come cause the worst has already hit! Keep smilin'!
    Mrs. Renz Class

  21. Oh what a bummer of a summer :( Glad you are looking to the silver lining! Wishing you an amazing rest of the summer!!

    Corinna (✿◠‿◠)
    Surfin' Through Second

  22. I cannot imagine a whole house flood after just having a water heater burst and ruin the ceiling in my master bath and spare room floor this spring. I am still cleaning out and getting repair estimates and it is already July. You can cry all you want! I know I sure did and my mess was a small fraction of yours! Stay strong amidst the chaos, and celebrate all that is GOOD over the July 4th holiday!

    As always, thanks for hosting this link up! It is my absolute favorite!

  23. I love your positive attitude! If it doesn't kill us it only makes us stronger, right? I hope things settle soon and you get to enjoy the rest if your summer. It is well deserved. Oh, and thumbs up to the purging and cleaning... That's usually how I spend parts of my summer.

  24. Oh my goodness! You are amazing and I love your choice of JOY! I think this will turn out to be a blessing. What a story!

  25. Wow! You have had a rough month. Thank you for the reminder to choose joy.
    Artistry of Education

  26. Oh Farley! I am sooo sorry for all the madness happening at your house. I love that you are looking on the bright side because that is sometimes that last thing you want to do. I hope that everything gets settled and back to normal for you soon! Thanks for still hosting this linky, because honestly I do not know who else could have pulled it off with those circumstances!

    Get Your Science on in Room 701

  27. Oh, I am so sorry for everything that has happened! We had a similar flooding incident in our home several years ago. We came home from church to a fountain in my bathroom. My bathtub pipes had burst and flooded our bathroom and bedroom. I feel for you. I, too, had pink eye the first week I was out of school. No fun! Love your blog!! Thank you so much for the linky!
    Teaching Fourth

  28. Oh dear! Wish I could send that construction fairy your way. Floods are no fun for sure.
    Funky First Grade Fun

  29. Sounds like you are making Lemonade out of your Lemons... Hope it gets worked out for you.... Thanks for the Linky, I am trying it for the first time... I hope I did it right.... :o)

  30. Oh my goodness, Farley! You've had a lot going on! And I totally agree about the nap! Thanks for hosting Currently each month - tons of fun! :)

    Prepping for the Primary Gridiron

  31. I don't even know where to begin... WOW...just WOW!! They say when it rains it pours, and girl, you need a tarp not an umbrella! What a start to July for you. I have to say that yes it all stinks, the makeup the new house materials, the jet engine going off, etc, etc., etc., you are so right with looking at the positives! Sometimes it's just so hard to, but good for you for doing that! I hope you feel better with your knee and everything else calms down for you soon!!
    Mrs. Bentin's Blackboard

  32. Oh heavens, I am just so so so sorry about your summer! I totally feel for you; what a way to ruin your time off! I sure hope everything starts turning around for you! Here's to a {hopefully} wonderful, joyful July!
    Missing Tooth Grins

  33. I sure was not ready for you to be posting JULY currently today! ugh! How is it already the 4th!?!?!

  34. Oh boy have you had a rough time!! I'm so sorry to hear about all the chaos! I hope everything gets back in order fast and that everyone continues to have good spirits about it all!
    Tales of a Teacher

  35. Girl I am so sorry your summer has started off so rough!! I hope it only gets better from here on out. On the bright side, I always love getting fresh new makeup! Hope you have fun finding some new things to try! Enjoy the 4th!!

    Table Talk with C & C
    The Collaboration Connection

  36. What a way to start the summer. Hope it gets better!

  37. Having house stuff like that happen is the worst- and it always seems to be so much all at once! Glad it is getting taken care of! Hope the rest of your summer will be better! :)

  38. Hey Farley - I'm so sorry about all of these bad things happening! I think you're done with all that now! But, because your'e awesome, you keep it positive! I love this part of your blog: "because you are the only one in charge of your JOY... so instead of sinking into a deep darkness of WTH ...." I love it because the 'deep darkness of WTH' is hilar and great writing, and also, you're so right about the joy. we choose joy or not. Thanks for reminding us of that!

    and thanks for posting your party for us even though you had like 1,000 other things of more importance to do!
    BigTime Literacy

  39. Oh, my goodness. That is the worst! After my husband and I moved in to our new house, that happened 3 times over the course of 3-4 months. It was a mess! Hopefully we have the problem fixed permanently, but YUCK! I'm so sorry you have to deal with that. I know it wasn't fun for us!
    :) Sarah from Mrs. Jones Teaches

  40. Oh man, sorry about the bad luck going on! I hope everything settles soon <3

    Anisa @ Creative Undertakings

  41. O Farley, you poor thing. I am so glad things are on the up and up. Thank you so much for hosting the Currently even thought you have SO much going on right now. You rock! *positive & healing vibes your way*
    Ms. K/1 ELL

  42. Thanks for still hosting with everything you have going on! Hope the knee is mending and the rest of your July is a jubilant one!

  43. So sorry to hear about your bad luck! I have friends going through something similar and it is very difficult. I look forward to your currently blog every month and have been linking up for almost 2 years! Sending good thoughts your way!

    If You Give a Teacher a Treat

  44. I'm so sorry to hear about your home. What a crummy way to kick off your summer! But at least you have a positive attitude about it (or at least are faking it... I know I would be... which is almost as good!!) Good luck to you and your family on repairing your home, and prayers to you for a quick recovery for your knee.

    Going Places in Fourth Grade

  45. Fireworks at the beach sound amazing! I wish we lived near the beach! :)

    Busy Little Brainiacs

  46. Oh my! We went through two whole-house floods that happened because we were in the midst of a whole-house remodel and our construction company hadn't sealed the roof. UGH! You are holding it together very well! This is my first time linking up but I have been following currentlies for a long time! Thanks for the linkup!

    Forever First Grade

  47. Farley,
    I look up to you for seeing the silver linings after such a rough time! It's what reminds us that things can only go up from here! Right?! I hope you are able to ENJOY the rest of your summer, and I'm also hoping that everything has turned around for you already!
    *Quick story to hopefully make you laugh: I just moved and the AC in our house went out a couple of days later. We called the AC repair people and paid $90 for them to come out, and tell us that *Somebody* had accidentally flipped the switch off. It actually looks like a light switch, and I didn't know what that light switch went to.. :( ... I was just trying to keep lights off to save electricity....So we were out of AC for a couple of days. I know how it feels, trust me. I hope that my silly-expensive mistake makes you laugh! :) Have a fun and safe Fourth of July!

  48. Oh my goodness! What a week you've had. I love how you are trying to remain positive in the situation. Sometimes that is all we can do. Life happens and sometimes things are beyond our control. I hope you enjoy your 4th of July and that soon your house will be back in tip top shape!
    Fifth Grade Wit and

  49. So sorry to hear about the flood. I hope you enjoy your 4th of July!


  50. Wow! What a rough summer you've had so far. I hope things start to turn around soon! I'm so happy to link up for the first time!

  51. So sorry to hear about the flooding and AC issues! Yuck! Glad you can find your silver linings!!

    Katie :)
    KTP: Keep Teaching and Planning!

  52. Ohhh, Farley... talk about a bad day... week... month! A thousand sh*ts, as I say when not in earshot of small ears! Good for you to stay joyfully focused through it ALL. As always, thanks for Currently. I love meeting bloggers and hearing about everyone's life! Kidpeople Classroom

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