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light the tree, family pics, and bugs

it has been a little bit since I was last with you...
what have we been up to???
you ask....
Here are a few things...
my little town had it's very first tree light up...
it was pretty neat!!!
not like WOOOOOOOW!!!
that is blinding and oooh ahhhh amazing...
nope not tlike that... it was after all their first time.... so it was 
more like
OH that is pretty...
the end 
the tree is SERIOUSLY behind my grandparent's house!!!
That is so cool!!!
My grandparents have lived there for almost 40 years and this is the VERY VERY FIRST
time the city has lit a tree and it is behind their house!!!
I get so excited because you can see it from the kitchen windows and 
that makes my grandma so happy!!!
Happy Grandmas are the best... especially when your Grandma is a precious as mine!!!

 so we tried to take a family pic...
too dark
 second time Bub is over it
and with a little bribing....
I got this one
Bub and my nephew K!!!

what else has been going on???
 Buck is ready for the Holidays!!!
he is looking super dapper in his RUN DMC (am I dating myself??) glasses
a bow tie and some festive holly for his antlers
BUCK also got his suitcase back from the FAB
Jo'mamma's Junk
she did an awesome job and now I have an extra swanky place to store all of his dress up clothes
seriously I am pretty sure BUCK is the best dressed Taxi Deer EVER!!!
I {puffy} heart him!!!

hmmmmm what else have we done???
We took our family pics with one of my friends
Nicole Hatter (look her up if you live in the San Antonio area)
she always captures us perfectly!!!

 hubs is slouchy and I look like am way taller... thanks hubs... 
still love this pic though...
and and AND
this is an entrance to a public potty...
if you know me 
and my GREMaphobia...
you know this was no easy task for me... 

 love his little shoe pic

 this is sooooooo my kid!!!

 and now I need your help...
I thought it was time for me to update my Oh Boy pic
I had Nicole take some head shots of me...
I thought I would hopefully have one good one...
but I was pleasantly PLEASED to have a few...
which one do you think I should use for my blog and social media?
I kinda like them all
and so does my mama
and my grandma...
I bring the question to you!!!
which one???

ok what else have we been doing...
well in class....
 my kiddos have been spreading RAKS
all over school
everyday we tape about 5 of these around the school
and do other random acts of kindness...
we also pick 2 teachers a day and if they have a class we put Hershey Kisses on their desk while they are away :)
we have also left quarters in the pencil machines
and given candy bars to teachers that do not have a class
my kids are LOVING THIS...
we even got a RACK too... we came back from PE one day and we all had candy canes...
they were super stoked about that!!!
we also set up a basket full of cookies in the office for the parents to take when they came in...
we bagged them and attached little hand made notes to them ... each of my kids made a tag that read...
we think our parents are really neat
hope you enjoy this little treat
MISS SHAWNA (the bestest secretary EVER)
said the parents were SOOOO excited and appreciative of the cookies...
I think we are going to do it again this week!!!
I love doing this with my kids because it really shows them it is more about the giving!!!

and what else....
we did Secret Santa last week and my final gift was THIS...
holy mustache batman
the tin is from my parents
they appreciate my mustache obsession :)
I can't wait to start using this fabuloucity next week!!!
OH YEAH... (in your best Vector voice from Despicable Me)

and 3 really quick things...
and then I am done
 had to whip these up for a friend of mine...
some of her kiddos are not being holly and jolly this season
we are Ho HO Hoping (got that from Tara)
that this will help...
they have to earn their party...
if they are not holly and jolly and display
action more fitting of the naughty list...
they will get a punch
they have to cash in their remaining punches to attend the party
and then "buy" activities and food with their remaining punches too
let's just say so far they are all on the NICE list...
YAY punch card
nobody wants to get punched!!! lol
 I have shared this before...
but I will do it again
I use these bugs when my kiddos take a test...
they each get a bug
and during the test they can BUG me one time
and ask me a question
when they do that they give me their bug...
it really makes them think...
do I want to waste a bug on this question???
and for those that don't use their bug they
get 5 bonus bug points added to their test...

and finally I leave you with this...

we had a craft that required glitter...
during break my teammate told me that glitter was invented by the devil
(obviously she LOVES glitter)
I told her I LOVE glitter... what does that say about me...

and then at the end of the day I found this.....
 I left the glitter collection plate out on my main table...
some of my boys were working at that table and at the end of the day I found it...
I kinda love it!!!
my teammate's response ... I TOLD YOU SO....

ok that is about it...
I have caught you up...
this is my last week before break
it is going to be CRAY CRAY fo SHO
and I like it like that!!!



  1. Hi Farley! I vote picture #4!! I really like that one. Thanks for sharing! :)

    Mrs. Thompson
    Adventures in Teaching (A First Grade Blog)
    My TpT Store

  2. Those are all beautiful photos of you! It's very hard to choose. #2 or #3... :)
    Grade 4 Buzz

  3. I like #2 best! Have a Merry Christmas with your family!!

  4. Love them all but I think #2 and #4 are my favorites

  5. I'm voting for picture #3. Merry Christmas and enjoy the Winter Break. Give your Mom and Dad a big hugs and tell them it is from Diane and Rich.

  6. I really like picture #2! You look stunning in all of them! Way to go! Enjoy your break!

  7. Your family pictures turned out great! I vote for #2 or #3 for your new profile pic. :)


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