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FIVE for Friday on a Saturday

it is a Saturday
and I am late to the party but
I figured I better link up or I might not get to it at all...

so I am linking up with my buddy for

that about does it...
oh and go link up!!!


  1. Love the stocking stuffer idea! Would love more information about it. :)

    Merry Christmas!

  2. I love the teacher theme days! I will be passing that idea on!

    The Aud Classroom

  3. Your door was too cute! Our office was decorated with those snowflakes too!

  4. Love the theme days! What were some of the other themes?

    1. Monday was wear Christmas Colors
      Tuesday was Christmas Head Decor
      Wednesday was dress as your favorite Christmas Song
      Thursday was Tacky Christmas gear
      Friday was WRAP IT UP... had to wear wrapping paper

  5. Love the idea of the stocking stuffers. Do all students bring something? What do you do about students who can't afford to bring something? It's kinda like Valentine's Day!

    What I Have Learned

  6. The stocking stuffer party idea is awesome! Would you please post more info about it?

  7. Loved reading about your week! It looks awesome! I love the 3D snowflakes!

  8. I'm with some of the others here - we want more info on your stocking stuffer party! Do you have copies of the letters in your TpT store?!

  9. Our first grade teachers did something similar, they asked for gift bags instead of stockings, but I like the stocking idea better! It's a great idea, even if every child cannot bring something, they all got lots, most kids did not sign their gifts, so there wasn't comparisons going on. Enjoy your holidays! Paula @ Educating children with disabilities.blogspot.com


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