What time is it????
Holy cow what a week I had...
I am sooooo sooooo glad I was off this week... more about that in the CURRENTLY...

Now let me introduce you to our sponsor...

she is the fabulous Georgia Peach behind the ever so clever blog....

Funky Fresh Firsties

as always with CURRENTLY sponsors... they are asked to feature 3 things...
why 3...
because that is my favorite number...
good reason right???
alrighty mc muffin... it is time for Stacy's picks...

 I actually own this... she was super sweet and gave it to me... BUT little did she know I bought  THIS from her last year... and LOVE IT!!! it was GREAT during February!!! LOVE IT...
I love it... it is WONDERFUL... can you tell I {puffy} heart LOVE it... here is what Stacy has to say about it....

1)  My 8 Famous African Americans pack... perfect for anytime really but super helpful in February for Black History Month.  For each historical figure, you will find 1 graphic organizer, 1 page in the coloring book, a reading passage, comprehension questions AND a mini-foldable book that only needs 1 piece of paper!


HOLY COW this is so stinkin cute... 
look at those reindeer faces... 
I do-NOT own this one... but believe me it is on my wishlist for the BIG sale tomorrow!!!
here is what the Stacy says about this....

2) Rudolph's Crazy Cousin Craftivity...  this combines a craft with creative writing.  "Rudolph's crazy cousin wants to help Santa. Do you think Santa should let him help out? Why or why not?"

so sweet just like a PEACH...
Stacy's number three was to just provide a link for her blog or store...
I am going to do both...

Funky Fresh Firsties

here is her BLOG button...
click on it to head to her

and here is the button link to her store

Stacy was so nice to work with...
a pLeAsUrE for REALZ... 
thanks so much for sponsoring the December Currently!!!
and now for what you have been waiting on... 
I opened up a contest to mail me your template design for December's CURRENTLY...
my mama was the judge...
so the entries were mailed to me and then I forwarded them to Mama ...
she was so cute... 
she set up her own little folder to store all the entries in...
Mama was stuck between two... 
and it all came down to the last minute...
she knew if there was a tie
my co-workers were gonna get to pick...
being the fair and creative person she is...
and probably not wanting my co-workers to pick the winner 
she decided that there would be 2 winners....
one for DECEMBER and ONE for January...
and what Mama says GOES....
so here is the December winner... 
and you will have to wait for the January one...
most of my stuff is self explanatory...
BUT the eggnog thing...
well my Grandpa makes homemade eggnog...
I mean the liquor has to be poured into the mix so SLOOOOOOOOWWWWWW
as to not COOK the eggs...
most times I DON'T drink it...
but I like the tradition of all of my fam
standing around the mixing bowl... watching and helping making the NOG...
NOG you off your what it is...
the fun begins after the Eggnog is served...
ha ha ha...
 here are my grandparents with BUB
on Turkey Day...
he always wants to do a silly pic...
and of course they did it... they love BUB
and this is a NON NOG pic... so imagine the Christmas Funny Face Pic... with NOG...
can't wait

oh one more thing...
Bub has been sleeping in his bed...
if you know me...
you know this is HUGe...
let's just say he has been with us since he was tiny...
it was a win win situation and I have a HUGE BED...
are you judging???
well anyways...
he got a new bed and a new room...
so he was super excited and now he is sleeping in his own room and bed...
I think this is harder on me and hubs more than BUBS...

it makes it a little easier to know that Rita sleeps in there with him...
and that blanket is a blanket his Nana made before she passed away last Jan.
... and as a matter of fact...
Rita was Nana's too...

OK now your turn...

this design is by FAITH...

and good job 
thanks to all that entered and thanks to my Mama... 
she was a great JUDGE!!!
and don't forget there will be another winner for January :)

ok time to link up!!!
let's get this started!!!


  1. I goofed my first entry and I'm sorry. I'm double linked up the first one is now a dead link. I love these Currently post and was sooooo jazzed to be 2nd. I went back and wanted to add something to my post and flubbed it. If there's a way to delete that link I'd appreciate it.

    Thanks again for these great linkys!

    You Might Be a First Grader….

    1. no problem I got it for you... thanks for letting me know

  2. Thank you so much for your Linkys! I am so excited to be in the top 5 this month - I felt like a blog stalker hitting refresh over and over again waiting for the post :p

  3. Thanks SO much for this Linky. Love it!

    ~A Classroom Full of Smiles~

  4. Your little Bub looks so sweet in his big boy bed!!!! Enjoy your last day relaxing at home!
    Short and Sassy Teacher

  5. Your grandparents and Bub are killin' me! So awesome!!! We just put our li'l guy (4 yrs) in his first Big Boy Bed also. I love how they are so teeny in the HUGE bed! And how sweet is it that the dog sleeps with him?! So special that he has that blanket to remember his Nana.

    Angela :)
    Hippo Hooray for Second Grade!

  6. Farley,
    LOVE the crazy pic of your grandparents...that is AWESOME! I also love the quilt on your son's BIG boy bed. How perfect for a young man in his new bed. Hope you have wonderful holidays!

  7. Farley....I just linked up with your Currently for the first time!!!! woooohoooo! What FUN!!!! Today has been such an exciting day for me and it was a perfect way to celebrate...By doing my first Currently! Thank you for the fun!

    Simply Skilled in Second

  8. Awww he is growing so fast. Rita is so pretty! I don't remember seeing pics of her! Am I blind? I'm especially digging the skull bandana. Very cool. I miss you BUNNNNCCCHHHEEEESSSSSS Give lots of hugs to my long lost friends. I hope my lil princesses you got in your class this year are behaving themselves! If I ever climb out from under this pile of paperwork, I hope to come visit everyone.

  9. Love this month's Currently template! Your mom made a great choice. Looking forward to seeing January's!

    Have a great week!
    Mrs. Laffin's Laughings

  10. Your Mama made a good choice.

    I'd like to thank you for hosting a great linky party. I have found so many wonderful blogs thanks to Currently. It's funny how something so little, can be so fun & rewarding. :)

    Merry Christmas!

  11. The 1st of the month seems to fly by without me even noticing that it's time to make a CURRENTLY post. Luckily, December 1st falls on the weekend and a holiday weekend at that, so more time for blogging and pinning! I'm so glad that you help connect us with this monthly linky party!

    Also, how cute is your son in his Buzz Lightyear pj's?

    Best Wishes on a Wonderful Week!
    :) Antonia @ forkin4th

  12. It is a pleasure and a privilege to participate in my first CURRENTLY linky! I am proud to be participant #155!

    I hadn't read your blog before tonight, but I'll be back! I LOVE your style and am sending high fives to your big guy sleeping in his big boy bed! My son, who is 23 now, used to have the same Buzz Lightyear pajamas! Cherish this precious time with him!

  13. I love CBS Sunday morning too! My husband and I watch it together every Sunday and then he makes me breakfast. I should have put that as my favorite tradition but that's all year long! :) I hope you feel better soon, I've had the ick since Turkey day too!

  14. Super cute Currently :) First linky party! Hope your cold goes away soon :(


  15. LOVE love love the picture of your son and the grands! Hilarious! 3 weeks friend! We can make it!

  16. Hope your pics went well! Thanks for always hosting the currently linky! I love it! Have a great December!
    Drop By... Life As I Know It

  17. very nice.Christmas is coming, the newest michaelkors bags here

  18. My first linky party and I'm lovin' it! Thanks for being one of the main inspirations for starting my own blog!

    Butterflying Through Teaching

  19. I'm about to do my Currently. Have to tell you that I look forward to it each month. I hope you never stop!!!! And, about the judging of the family bed...we had our daughter in family bed until she was around 6 and (don't judge me) she still often crawled in with me (hubs would be kicked out by her little feet kicking him!) in the middle of the night until she was 10!!!!! Happy to say that she is now a very well adjusted, capable, awesome 17 year old who just got accepted to university! So, if anyone ever tries to judge you on family bed just say "pshaw" to them and keep doing what has worked for your family. That said, I love, love, love the quilt on your little guys bed. Reminds me of one I made my daughter out of my dad's old shirts after he passed away. Anywho, happy holidays!!!!!

  20. LOVE the grandma and grandpa silly picture!

    Kimberly Ann
    Live, Laugh, I love Kindergarten

  21. The picture of your grandparents and your son cracked me up! I think I need to bookmark this post so I can come back to that picture when I'm having a bad day. You look like you have a fun family!

    ~Mrs. K. from The Teacher Garden Blog

  22. Thanks so much for another awesome Currently. Your mom did a good job picking out a winner, can't wait to see what she picked for January as well!

  23. Awww, great blog this month. And I do like the Currently filled out....totally works. LOVE IT! Now, my folks doing that "crazy" picture cracked me up too...will you put a pic of ALL of us when the rest of the family comes in for a quick holiday visit? Our silly pic could be CrAzY! SHHHHHHH, don't give away the family secret of homemade egg nog. LOL That is a family tradition that has been going on since I was a little girl....brings back happy memories of my grandparents. YAY for my sweet Bub and his big boy bed and YAY to my sweet Rita for guarding him through the night.


  24. Awww, great blog this month. And I do like the Currently filled out....totally works. LOVE IT! Now, my folks doing that "crazy" picture cracked me up too...will you put a pic of ALL of us when the rest of the family comes in for a quick holiday visit? Our silly pic could be CrAzY! SHHHHHHH, don't give away the family secret of homemade egg nog. LOL That is a family tradition that has been going on since I was a little girl....brings back happy memories of my grandparents. YAY for my sweet Bub and his big boy bed and YAY to my sweet Rita for guarding him through the night. Máy li tâm, loại máy này dùng để kiểm tra các mẫu vật hoặc để quay li tâm các ống nghiệm mẫu.Loại máy ly tâm eba 200 được xem như cánh tay phải đắc lực của các nhà nghiên cứu phòng thí nghiệm, ngoài để kiểm tra, li tâm các vật mẫu tùy thuộc vào công suất và những thông số kĩ thuật loại máy này còn dùng nuôi cấy mô, phân tầng các lớp chất lỏng,…
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