two linkys, friends, and I'm From Texas Y'all

Ok so it is Saturday and I am late to the FIVE for Friday!!!
but I am going to join a day late...
BECAUSE I LOVE this linky

and and and I am also joining up with my friend... Miss Nelson for

both of these linkys are about sharing what you have been doing
and I hope it is ok with the girlies that I have joined both
I couldn't pick just one and so I just did both!!!
both of these blogs are in my top FAVES so picking was just so hard...
so both it is....

one of my teacher friends
like I really KNOW HER
I teach with her
my hubs doesn't even ask anymore if I REALLY know a teacher friend
I'll say like...
man you should see what Tara made or man Jen is at the beach again...
in the past he would ask
bloggy teacher friend or real teacher friend???

HELLO they are my real friends...
I just have never met them...
what evs...
people get married after online dating...
why can't I have real friends from blogging...
he's over it and educated in my real friends so
back to the wedding...
last Sunday a teacher from my school got married...
so of course it was like a pre back to school get together....

 and of course I have to take selfies...
HI my name is Farley and I take WAY too many selfies...
is it because I know my best angle...
why yes yes it is...
so here is a collection of wedding selflies
minus the one in the middle
unless hubs has a GO GO gadget arm...
but sadly he does NOT
but we do have a very tall friend that knows my best angle too

 and here is the best selfie from that night...
me dancing to the Boot Scootin Boogy
What what...
I'm from Texas Y'all
we do that!!!
here's proof

got a nice little package in the mail from my friends at Ticonderoga...
OK now they are my made up friends.....
I don't really know them and I really only write to them in a response to their emails...
YES YES.... I will take a box of goodies...
I am not stupid...
when Ticonderoga asks you if you want a box of goodies... you say YES
and hopefully with further email correspondence this could turn into a real friendship...
I mean I already LOVE their pencils... LOVE

went to my classroom...
looks GREAT HUH???
Oh my golly
it is a mess... one of my bookcases broke and is now upside down
 and ALL of the books that were on it
are now...
on the floor
they don't want me putting my desks down until the workers can come fix my bookcase...
they might need to take it away...
oh MY!!!
not gonna think about that...
at least my helper is cute!!!

my super, sweet, adorable,
puts up with me, and always takes a day off to help me in my classroom
put this together for me...
from IKEA

please ignore the other mess... it is not prettified yet...

if you know me...
you know I wanted a moose in my classroom
well all SUMMER I have been on the lookout for a moose
and well this is TEXAS Y'ALL
and well moose are hard to find...
BUT deer are NOT...
meet BUCK
my new class mascot...
I love him
he once belonged to my father in law
and through a chain of events he is now mine...
well not officially mine...
because I can't gold glitter his mount BUT
he is mine
I can dress him
so that makes me happy
I seriously took a trip to Goodwill just to shop for BUCK
and I got him his own suitcase full of dress up accessories...
and here he is...
ready for the first day of school...
he has a nice tie, reading glasses, and a pencil behind his ear...
I am on the look out for great vintage hats... 
because of course he is going to need a hat too
seriously!!! I {puffy} heart my BUCK!!!

and that about wraps it up...
I mean what other teacher can end with a deer in her room!!!
I know it is slightly cray cray but that is me and
I'm from TEXAS Y'ALL!!!



  1. Love this post and love you girl:) We are totally hubs is the same way....I have even been talking on the phone to some bloggy buds....he's like....who's that? Oh, ok:) Love this post....I wish I could sit down and post but not until Monday.....I am in hyper speed mode to pull together a made It might just have to be my classroom reveal:) Love the deer.......super love him...your kids are gonna flip:) You totally rocked that dress for the wedding! Too cute:) Love your selfies too!!!Have a wonderful weekend:))) Chow friend:)

    4th Grade Frolics

  2. I love the deer and you are right, your helper is super cute!

  3. Oh wow! You just made my day - love the photos, especially of buck and your clock.

  4. Haha! That is great! Pink is totally your color and that buck is TOO MUCH!!! I LOVE it! Hope your school year is the best yet! I have been following you for a while, you should come visit sometime!

  5. I am petrified of dead animals and deer top the list.....So won't be borrowing THAT idea for the classroom....LOL....but love the clock.....hmmmm...I do the same thing when I talk about blogs! You will be the topic "You know Farley put a dead deer in her room, but I want you to see the clock thingy" LOL

  6. Love the deer. What a clever idea. Your students will love it!

  7. That Buck is the bomb! That cracks me up! Love the color of your dress. It looks like you had a fun time at your friend's wedding.


  8. I seriously can't get over Buck. Your kids are going to FLIP out! His outfit is perfect! My Mister has a deer in his kitchen. I made him put it there because I did not want it hanging over my head staring at me while I was sleeping in the bed or on the couch. I have dressed it up a time or two with my favorite football team attire because we do not cheer for the same team!
    Rockin' and Lovin' Learnin'

  9. OH FARLEY...I we will HAVE to get a football jersey for Buck....I love Alison's idea.....OK...YOU KNOW which team I WILL support...and of course maybe Buck needs a Rocket shirt....just saying!

  10. Your selflies are so much better than mine. I am frightened for this world if the selfies I take are my best angle! I think Buck is going to be a big hit!

    I Teach. What's Your Super Power?

  11. That buck is awesome! I love that you dressed him up for the first day of school :)

    Tales From Two 2nd Grade Classrooms

  12. This is like by far the best post ever!! I would have Never thought about putting a deer head up in my classroom. It's great, but again my kids were frightened when the Chucky Cheese mouse showed up (I was too!) so I think a deer head would just be over the top! Love how you can dress him up for all kinds of things! :) And the clock rocks too!

    Mrs. Thigpen's Kindergarten

  13. I totally love you! You have been such an inspiration to me while I work on my very first classroom.

  14. Love your selsfies :) Nothing wrong with know ones 'perfect' angle.
    My Second Sense

  15. Ticonderoga really is the best! I bought a box of pencils once and the lead kept breaking. I wrote an email explaining I was disappointed because I normally loved their pencils. They sent me a box of 600 pencils as an apology! 600!! It was awesome!
    A Tall Drink of Water

  16. Farley,
    I love reading your blog...its like talking to a best bud! Have a great school year!
    tobi :}
    Shearerly Sadler 4th Grade

  17. Buck and his back to school outfit are adorable. I'm sure he kids will love him.

    room 4 imagination

  18. You are too stinkin' cute!!! Like tobi said, I love reading your blog cuz its like talking to a best fun :) You looked fab-U-lous at the wedding, btw.

    Buck is cracking me up...I can't wait to see his outfits as the year goes on!


  19. Loved your pictures this week. I especially love all of your selfies. You looked FABULOUS. The buck is great too.

  20. Eeek "Buck" would scare me to death even as an adult! Whatever is holding on his accessories is red & looks like blood! Eeeek!

    On a more positive note though, I love the clock! It was from Ikea?

  21. Ok, the buck has me in absolute stitches!!! You need to name him and make a name plaque for him. Also, I am going to see if I can find some Japanese attire to send you for your buck. Maybe a Kimono or a bamboo hat. I will look!
    Now this friends not really being friends talk must stop. I have convinced my husband and even some teachers at my school that I have these friends all over the country. I talk about all the great ideas they have and we even try to use some. Therefore, I believe that our blogger friends are our real friends. End of discussion.
    Thanks for such a fun post!
    The Teacher Next Door

  22. I adore Buck! I'm going to whisper this so no one else hears and thinks I'm odd....shhhhh....we have far too many of Buck's kin folk in our garage. My husband was an avid bow hunter before we met. I used to tease him about all the pictures he had with his dead 'friends'. Now those 'friends' live in our garage. And had I known sooner that you wanted a moose, well we just sent our moose to live in another house. I could have strapped him to the roof of my car and delivered him to you. I used him as our laundry moose and hung clothes from his antlers. I miss our moose. Funny story about teaching in Texas (I used to). I had a little guy walk in one day with a mounted ram's head. He was so proud of it and just had to show it off at show and tell.


    Life in Room 24

  23. Thanks for making me laugh out loud more than once as the school stress LOOOMS!

  24. Oh.My.Gosh.
    Buck makes me laugh. Dress up is going to be too much fun!

  25. I Love "Uncle" Buck! My dad has a Buck mounted in his Living Room and when we visit, I dress him up...secretly...then see how long it takes my dad to notice.
    Love it for the classroom! So fun! I have a purple plastic skeleton that I put in different poses and make him hold signs... But your Buck takes the cake.

  26. I love Buck!! TOO cute and kids will LOVE him!!! I love that you went shopping specifically for him...haha!! :)

  27. You always give me a chuckle, thanks! I love your action, dancing selfie! Your deer is hilarious, where else but TEXAS! Love his 'outfit'! Couldn't get away with that up here in WA! Also LOVE your clock! and one last word...Ticonderoga....nothing more to say! Lucky! (we put them on our supply list "ONLY Ticonderoga pencils!") LOL!

  28. You're too funny! Buck looks great! Oh man, I can't wait to follow you this year! :)

    Journey of a Beginning Teacher

  29. You are hilarious! I love 1) your selfie collage (I have not mastered selfie s), 2) your dancing pic, 3) the pic of your little boy in the desk! So sweet!

  30. OK...reading your post was the perfect way to start a Monday morning! LOVE Buck...although I have a 'thing' about dead animals. LOL A great conversation piece. If you ever do a dinosaur theme, my hubby has a Jurassic Park safari car you can borrow! LOL

  31. I am all about that wall decor for the clock! Need to make a stop by Ikea now!

    Rooting for Third Grade


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