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pop rocks, bubbles, and blue crayons

I am not going to JINX myself
so I will NOT mention how fantabulously my week went!!!
I am just not going to...
BUT this smile should give you a clue!!!

I haven't linked up with

in a little bit sooooooo
here we go....

flash back to last week

this was last weekend

 thanks Mama...
she ALWAYS helps me get my room in order right before school starts...
I {puffy} heart her!!!


 Kenoyer from Krazy Town
led me to the Rachel Delevoryas song
and I have to say THANK YOU THANK YOU
it is probably one of my FAVORITE lessons and then paired up with
my wrinkle activity
and on the FIRST WEEK
my first week will always be planned!!!

here is the YouTube video with the song


 it seems like I am the only one that
isn't completely unicorns and rainbows about
my planner
am I being too picky about the bubbles???
am I???
I wrote to them again and
they gave me a coupon for $$$ off a future purchase
not sure I want another purchase...
(this happened last year too on my life planner)

had a birthday dinner celebration for my SiL
all was good until the infamous blue crayon break of 2013
thank goodness
Buddy was there and he made him happy again!!!

OK that's all I got...


  1. The bubbles would make me crazy too! BTW that is a great picture of you!

    1. thanks so much... I kinda like that pic too... LOL
      and the bubbles DRIVE ME NUTS!!!! NUTS!!!!

  2. Enjoyed coloring for you. Loved the "feel" of the Prang coloring pencils while coloring....my therapy of sorts. LOL Loved the activity pairing the poem to the poster activity. Wishing you a FANTABULOUS school year. Love you much and more! :)

  3. What a great activity. I can see using some of it with my class although in a simplified way. I was going to use a piece of paper crumpled up, but using the picture along with the story makes a bigger impact.

    Thanks for sharing. Have a great weekend and a fabulous year.

    Charlene/Diamond Mom
    Diamond Mom's Treasury

  4. um, I just found a bubble on my cover! Thought I was alone!!!
    and poor, poor rachel!
    Have you ever read don't laugh at me? It's the bestest!

    1. what are you going to do about the bubble??? last year they sent me a new life planner that was completely bubble free so I thought that would happen again... good luck

  5. Oh no!! I just ordered mine and I will DEFINITELY be checking for air bubbles! We pay so much for those...they shouldn't be coming in like that!!! :(

    Sailing into Second.

    1. thank you that is how i feel... this will make three times out of 2 purchases that had bubbles :(

  6. I hope you have the best year ever!!!!!!!!!!!

  7. I immediately picked up my planner to check for bubbles....good grief! It is actually my second planner this summer as the first had a very bent crimped corner. They sent another, but still..... Now that I have seen yours in poor condition and others are saying the same, then why are we paying so much for these!?? And Farley, I love the wrinkled Rachel activity- I also do that every year. Another good lesson- have you ever read the book called "Mr. Peabody's Apples"? Have a great year!


  8. I'm glad you had such a great week! I love the Pop Rock gift idea.

    I'm with you on the bubbles.

    Follow me on Bloglovin

  9. I am singing the song in my head as I read. My kids asked to listen to it over and over all year. Glad the lesson worked for you!

    Krazy Town

  10. I just checked my planner. It just came. NO BUBBLES. yay! My tissue paper wrapping was ripped though. :( But if the planner's okay, it's all good. That's upsetting that so many people are having problems.
    Your classroom looks great!

  11. Thanks so much for sharing your Rachel lesson. Our schools theme this year is being a hero to someone who is being bullied. What a perfect lesson to tie in. Thanks!

  12. I love the lesson on Rachel! We are having a Scholastic book fair at our school this week and I found a book called Each Kindness by Jacqueline Woodson. Have you read it?? Oh.my.goodness you have to get it as an extension for this lesson!! It is all about a new girl and how everyone treats her mean and won't play with her no matter how much she tries to makes friends. I won't give away the ending because I was quite surprised......but it is so good and I think can have a lasting impact on students. LOVE YOUR BLOG!!

  13. That's an amazing lesson. I love it. I MUST try it!!!!!!!

  14. I love your new student idea. It sound like a lesson that everyone could use. Also you decorated door is to cute! Thanks for sharing.


  15. I'm passing your Wrinkled Rachel lesson on to our social worker. That one hits close to home for the kids and I think it will be a great lesson for them (plus we have so many new move ins this years).

    Great post!
    Digital: Divide & Conquer

  16. I love how you used a person for the wrinkle activity. It makes it so much more real. Great idea!

  17. Will you put the pop n labels in your TPT store?

  18. Oh no! It seems like quality control would check each cover before it got put onto a planner. Sadness. It looks like you had a good week. Were you as exhausted as me?!

    Rowdy in First Grade

  19. I'd be really upset about the bubbles too! For one, that planner is too expensive for that! And two, and more importantly, it would drive me CRAZY! Totally wouldn't be able to handle it! And I LOVE love love your Rachel lesson! Definitely going to pass that on!

  20. Love it all. That song is great. I want to try that poem in 1st grade. My planner was ruined by my dog. It would make me made it to have bubbles. NOT cool at all. It reminds me when I get a manicure. I pay big bucks and if there is bubbles I make them redo it.

  21. I haven't heard that song....I'm lame I know....but will check it out! Love how you tied that to the wrinkle lesson:) Will be doing that! Your classroom looks fab! Love the treats for the kiddos:) That pic of your baby boy with the sad face broke my heart! I would buy him all the crayons he wanted....lol:) Have a great holiday weekend:)

    4th Grade Frolics

  22. I LOVE that activity and will be sharing it with our guidance counselor. Such a great lesson in how our words affect others.

    Don't Let the Teacher Stay Up Late
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  23. I love the Rachel activity! I do a similar activity but isn't of calling her Rachel I call her crumble girl. I like how you took it even further and analyzed your first poem and connected it to the crumble activity! Also the bubbles would totally bother me as well.

    Come on over and check out my blog. http://smgibson15.blogspot.com

  24. Fabulous lesson!
    Bubbles blow! :P {I would NEVER be able to deal with that!}
    I've seen that broken crayon face MANY TIMES before...not fun!
    LOVE your smiley face action pic. :)

  25. Great idea for the *poem* I may do something similar with Sara Bareilles, "Brave".

    Chickadee Jubilee

  26. I found your idea for "Rachel Delevoryas" on pinterest and fell in love with the idea, hoping it would work for my 4th graders. Today, day two of school, all three of our 4th grade classes presented a picture of a "Rachel" and proceeded with a lesson and then the words and youtube video. The point completely hit home and they simply got it! THANK YOU!!! I can forsee that the word "wrinkle" is now taking on a whole new context in our classroom!

  27. Any chance of the Pop Rock printable showing up in your store? Thanks!


~ I {PuFFy} HeArT comments!!!! THANK YOU!!!