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Monday Made It... several made its to see

OHHH it's that time again!!!
time for a MMI
although I haven't really made a lot this summer...
I have enjoyed hopping around this partay to see everything everyone else has made

I actually did some crafting these last few days and some creating...
bunches really... so 
A lot of this sctuff was seen on my Instagram 
follow me at farleyfarleyfarley

these are not in my store
and they won't be
BUT if you follow me on instagram
 you would know more about these *wink*

 sorry for the bad pics...
it was last night and seriously the whole thing took me like
15 minutes...

 this is the dough not the actual cookie BUT the dough is super good too...
 arrow is pointing the embossing bugaboo

Dori Dawg loves sleeping on anything I put on the couch...
yes I was working in the living room...
House Wives was on YO

 be sure to cover the emboss mess
 this flower came from the ribbon section at our Hob Lob

 pic on my front porch...
good light makes it purtier
 makes me smile lookin at this :)

 can't wait to hang it up on my door...
might have to drill it into the door
but whatever it takes :)

and that my friends... 
is that
I am super excited about 
hopping around to see the other MMIs