FIVE, moose, and butterflies

I love joining this party and I am pretty sure I say this every weekend :)

but I am going to say it again... 

alrighty number one
got my new computer...
I decided on a MAC and I am so excited I did!!!
this is a pic of all the "geeks" getting my mac just the way I like it
they were super sweet and set it up 
just for me...
they bookmarked stuff and set up my numerous email accounts and all kinds of stuff...
great experience
how cute are they???


my mama and I LOVE going to auctions
and the big red barn auction in San Marcos, Texas is one of our FAVES
so we had a girls day

I wanted this big bad boy 
but I ended up at my top price and it still went for couple hundred above that
still wish I would have gone for it
oh well 
guess I will have to go to another auction
another thing I spotted at the auction 
right from the beginning was this GIANT MOOSE
OH I wanted this moose so BAD
we waited and WAITED for the moose to come up...
and waited some more
the more I waited the more I thought of all the fun things I could do with this in my
yeppers in my CLASS
I had thoughts of bunny ears for Easter, a red nose and Santa hat for Christmas, giant sunglasses and a beach towel for summer vaycay, 
I mean these thoughts just kept popping up and every time I thought of a new costume I got more excited
I finally went up to one of the auction assistants and asked when he would be coming up
with tears in my eyes I am going to tell you this....
he said it was already auctioned off a few weeks ago 
BUT the owner hasn't picked him up yet
the new owner obviously does NOT appreciate McConaughey the Moose the way I would
he would have a HAPPY 4ever home with me!!!
 so if you have a giant moose head you are looking to get rid of or know someone that does
and you want to help me in my moosey dreams
please let me know
needless to say my little fam is going to a market days tomorrow and first on my list is

ok school related
 we have been doing quick reviews on poetry and reading and dramas
 and everything else I can
squeeze into their little 4th grade brains
to do a final last minute prep for
yes we have another TEST
2 to be exact...
we took the writing test a few weeks ago and next week we have
reading and math
I constantly get asked about
point of view soooooo
this anchor chart is my solution
and YES it has helped
and WHOOOO doesn't think it is cute
your Starbucks equals my Panera
Wild Black Cherry Smoothie

Drew collected caterpillars a few weeks ago on our walk 
and we had about 10 in a little critter cage
yesterday we had  butterflies
it was really fun to watch him let them go
we still have about 4 more that need to come out of their cocoons
so there you have it...


and I do have some news to tell you about...
I was going to be moving grade levels BUT I am not
I am staying in 4th
YAY me!!!
even though my room is the opossum graveyard 
I was getting a little sad with the thought of me leaving my room...
I love my room 
I have been in it for like 12 years...
it is MINE!!! 

okie dokie I'm outta here
go check out everyone else's links... 
it is super fun to see what everyone is up to!!!



  1. Farley, they sell cardboard mooses that could also work in a classroom. They are super cute. My nephew has one in his bedroom. You could even spray paint it whatever color you want!


    1. Emily,

      That is an awesome link. My daughter has been bugging me for unicorn stuff (pretty sure My Little Pony is to blame). thanks for this great resource.

      Digital: Divide & Conquer

  2. Ahaha when I saw your Instagram picture of the moose, I didn't realize you were at an auction. I thought you were at a restaurant or something and were plotting to steal him! Sorry you didn't get your moose though :(

    Sara :)
    Smiling In Second Grade

  3. OOoooo you will love your new Mac - I am never going back!

    Teaching Maths with Meaning

  4. Macs are the BEST!!!! I love the picture of all the computer geeks working on yours. Too funny!

  5. I love your headband! Where did you get it?
    I love the idea of the moose, but I don't know if I could have it in my classroom. :) Maybe an owl.
    Have a great Sunday!
    ❀Beth Ann❀
    Taming My Flock of Firsties

    1. I got the headband online a few years ago and I cannot for the life of me remember where... I will keep thinking about it and when I finally think about it I will write you :)

  6. Your moose reminded me of this blog post by the bloggess:

    A MUST read. She is hilarious. :)

    Second Grade Math Maniac

  7. Hi there. You are tho thilly and I LOVE it!
    A. I also have state testing next week for my babies (first time for 3rd graders) and I'm nervous for them. I have been teaching my BUTT off, and I hope they've been learning their BUTTS off!
    B. I am so jealous that you can walk around, pick up caterpillars, and watch them change into a butterfly! (PS-butterflies make a chrysalis, not a cocoon, which I learned when I was teaching 2nd of my fave parts of teaching 2nd.) When we teach it, we have to order butterfly larvae and have it shipped to us! Gross!
    C. I'm changing grade levels next year and I'm pretty excited about it! I think I need a change, AND I'll get to teach the BUTTERFLIES unit again! Woohoo! I think teaching 2nd for a bit will help me be a better 3rd grade teacher, if I go back, which I probably will. But, lucky for me, I don't have to change rooms!
    Keep on keeping on, Farley! Love ya!

    1. thanks for letting me know about my butterfly boo boo
      I was super lazy and didn't want to look up chrysalis

    2. sorry for correcting you...I shoulda known! ;-)

    3. I am glad you corrected me... my mom was too scared to tell me... LOL

  8. Hi Farley, we have moose on our playground regularly, but they wouldn't hold still for any bunny ears! I hope you find your moose one day!

    1. You have a moose on your playground? That would make me so happy! I love moose (but I will always think the plural should be meese!). Great post Farley! Wish you could have had your big ol' moose head. Sara Soucy has a great idea... you could get crazy and steal one from a restaurant. La Hacienda Ranch has so many they would never even notice! LOL!

      Have a great weekend!

    2. OH MY GOSH a moose on your playground... all we get are lizards and this giant grubworm thingy that turns into a rhino beetle.. yuck
      for right now I am taking hub's deer head until I can get my moose... it will be an upgrade :)


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