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Thankful, teaser table, & toodles twice

found this chalkboard at a local antique / junk / craft store seriously it was like $5 ok maybe $10 in my opinion               WAY UNDER PRICED anywho I like to write quotes on it and it hangs right in my family / TV room

man that just about covers it doesn't it???
thankful for my life, my boys, my family, my job, my health, my friends, my everything....
and of course...
I am very thankful for YOU!!!
I started this blog not too too long ago and in my wildest dreams never would have 
would be where it is now...
you guys have wrapped me in a bundle of warm tortilla LOVE
you like my snarkisms, truthisms, and Farleyisms
you don't care if I am a teacher and  don't use proper sentence structure
you don't care if I post family things on my teacher blog
you let me be me and well
I have been inspired, complimented, encouraged, loved, hugged, kissed, blessed, and so much more because of this little ol blog...
I have gained great BLOGGY friends
that support my endeavors and accomplishments.
So in the spirit of the season
I just wanted to say 
My life and heart are blessed because of the joy you bring to my blog!!!

wow that was so hard to write in the middle
my blog was like
what in the world
so now we are breathing a sigh of relief that we are once again left margin writing...
ok I had to share with you my PILE IT ON activity we did this week
my kids LOVED it!!!

 first I teased them by setting the table with all the necessities for our Thanksgiving FEAST...
I set this up the day before and let them just baste a little in their curiosity
this class is a slight challenge... most of my boys are BOYS
and teasing them with things like this gets me through the day...
tee hee hee

 here is a looky lou at what it contains... 
6 plates with double digit multiplication and 10 different items to PILE ON
I cut out all of the food items and put them into their own conatiner

it also contains a recording sheet
the recording sheet has a front and back 
this is just the front
in the plate they write what plate NUMBER they are working on

then they use this key to guide them to find what items they need to PILE ON
 first they have to solve their plate problem and find their TURKEY

 next they move on according to the key...
they solve the problems on their recording sheet and then go and find their matching food item
 when they get to the back side of the recording sheet they really have to turn their brains on high...
they now need an organization sheet....
they have to find sums and differences that are equal to their product
so they have to go and get a sweet potato or pumpkin pie and solve...
if it matches they PILE IT ON
if not they put it back and go try another one
until they find the one that is equal to their product...

 not gonna lie this took a while (30 minutes for the fast fast finishers (super smart math guru)  and over 45 minutes for the rest)
and it required some thinking
they COULD NOT rush through this and be successfull
it was interesting to watch them try to rush through and try to be the first one done
even though it is self checking because the answers are on a food slip
some smartie pants would argue that the answer was not there
after explaining the answers are there and if it isn't
they are wrong
they would go back
reluctantly and try again
OH to their AMAZEMENT they were wrong
imagine that?!?!?
complete PILE IT ONS

in the end they were ALL successful and
 they begged to do it again
and I really wanted them to do it again
but I had district testing I had to get done
SOOOO we will do it again when we get back from break!!!

If you are interested in this 
click on the link
 below the pic 
and it will take you there....
it is easy to prep and SO MUCH FUN
pinky promise


I promised some DRAW* WRITE * NOW goodies
I did I did
and let me tell you my kiddos LOVE those books...
 I like how each book has over 20 drawings to choose from
and they are all indexed in the very front of the book for easy decision making and page finding...
my fourthie couldn't decide between the elephant
 and the skunk
 we took a look at both...
see how they show you step by step how to draw the animals
and the RED line shows you the NEW lines to draw

she decided on the skunk...
she began her research and well
that is where we all left off...
so there is going to have to be a part 3 to this...
they were so so so so so so excited to make their own poems
after researching
it was really heart-warming to see all of their little brains working on this simple organizer...
you can click and save this  and use it if you want
 they could use the computer
non fiction texts
or encyclopedias to get their information
here is an example

can't remember what else she had but these were great... RIGHT???

they spent so much time gathering facts and writing their poems we didn't get done publishing
BUT they are going to be super CUTE
I am really proud of the kiddos on the amount of time they have spent researching four simple facts...
they are taking this assignment to heart...
I know some of them have gotten to rough draft status and some have started drawing...
I will sneak some pics when I go up to school with my teacher BUDS to clean and organize...
be on the look out for PART THREE and a give away :)

alrighty tighty whitey
I am done...
I now have to go and organize Bub's clothes
he probably has more clothes than I do ((((gasp)))
BUT that is only because I have a hard time packing up the clothes he has outgrown...
wish me luck here I go

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toodles again