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Pile It On, Wt. Loss answers, and fat astronaut randomness

Ok so I have a new item in my store...
It took a long long long time to make it
and it is geared for my fellow 4th grade teachers
BUT 5th grade can play too (I'll be nice)

ANY WHO here it is
click on the pic to go there
any ways the kiddos each get a plate with a double digit by double digit multiplication problem...
(there are 6 different plates)
they have to solve it on their recording sheet.
then they have to PILE ON the food that matches up to their PLATE PRODUCT!!!

I am not going to lie... this is a very involved activity and works best in a cooperative group setting BUT....
it is FUN!!!!

We are doing it next week
right before Thanksgiving and
I am planning on covering the tables with a cheapo table cloth
and giving everyone their own plate and then the matching plates have to get together to solve and PILE IT ON!!!
of course
BUT if I didn't share my activity now it would be too late for ya
this activity covers...
standard form
written form
expanded form
place value

great spiral review before the turkey holidays :)


I have had a few questions about my wt. loss
so here it goes

I am not on a diet, taking pills, getting shots, or have had half of my tummy removed... I did it the hard way

eating good and exercise
it is not what you wanted to hear (or read) BUT that is what I have done
I wish there was a magic pill
it would be much easier BUT unfortunately I haven't found that pill yet
and if I did I probably wouldn't take it because I am a freak like that
and it would probably come with a long list of CRAY CRAY side effects like
swollen feet or excessive toots or diarrhea or rash or dryness or sweaty palms or loss of fashion sense... AHHH
 the horror
I cut all soda out
I only drink WATER
YEP that is it and a lot of it!!!
no tea
no lemonaid
no diet soda
no clear liquids
except H2O

OK what else did I do...
I cut out processed food (mostly)
like prepacked sandwich meat... NO NO
frozen meals... NOPE
and very very little FRIED FOOD and carbs

I added lots of fruits and veggies

I just watch what I eat...
I eat less
and snack better
it was HARD
and it was and IS difficult...
not gonna lie
BUT I wanted to do something that was FREE and that I could do for the rest of my life...
I don't track ( I tried... nothing wrong with it... just not me)
I just do it...

at the same time I started eating better I also started walking...
I downloaded the Nike APP
and it tracks my walks
it also keeps my best times and total miles for the month and all together
and after each walk I post them to FB because the encouragement from friends and family is a PLUS
I started out walking just a mile... and it was SLOOOOOOOW But I did it
and then every week I would add another quarter mile or so
and now I walk with my mama and we do several miles a week
except the last few weeks because I put over 120 miles on Drew's jogging stroller and the tires blew out...
WHAT the Hellicopter
sooooo I have to wait for hubs to get home to watch bub so I can walk
BUT then it is darker sooner so ooooooooooo

so now I run
yep this CRAY CRAY is running
sometimes I am not so sure it is a run
but my hubs tells me it is so
IT IS... HOLY Shitzu I am running...
do you know that I played goalie for YEARS just because I hated running... HATED RUNNING... and now at 36 I am running!!! HA HA HA

If I eat bad that day or the day before... I walk/run it off the next day :)
this is how I roll :)

anyways... I am here to tell you
you can ....
you are WORTH IT

I do have to admit though that a great dear and long friendship has been lost because of my wt loss success
MY THIGHS have been the BEST of friends for a VERY long time... 
and now they are separated... no longer very close friends...
they still keep in touch BUT they are NOT best friends...
I am glad because they often rubbed each other the wrong way

I hope this answers some of those questions :)


ok this year I have some BOYS
I have 18 kids (heck yeah)
and 11 of them are girls
you do the math

yep that leaves SEVEN BOYS...
and they are BOYS

anyways in the last week I have had my outfit compared to Freddie Krueger...
WHAT... you look
ok thanks for the connection BUT
yeah no


Ok and then today I was told by a little birdie that MY BOYS
plus a few from other classes
were talking inappropriately
they did use the word inappropriately
because that is my go to word this year...
so here is their inappropriateness

you have to use your inappropriate side of the brain to infer what my kiddos are trying to say
so I am giving you a test...
number your paper one through five
#1 - mother father
#2 - What the hellicopter
#3 - Holy Shitzu
#4 - What a fat astronaut
#5 - What the fudge

test over and if you can infer this you should wash your brain with soap... naughty
my inferring boys and I had a great conversation about inappropriate language and if I hear them saying this again I am NOT calling their mamas I am calling their grandmamas and they will tell their grannies those exact WORDS and I am pretty sure their nanas won't hear them correctly...
so we will see if I have any more little inappropriate shitzus  using that kind of mother father language again... hellicopter they don't know not to fudge with this fat astronaut

alrighty... that about does it...

***** one more squirrel****

I mustache if you want to see
some random pics of a few things we (my fam and I) have been up to...
OKIE DOKIE... here ya go
we celebrated my daddy's birthday... I love me some daddy... he is the bestest

had some squishy face time with my little family

made these to go with our skeleton poetry

i did leopard eyes for halloween... someone asked me what i was suppose to be I said FABULOUS

went to this... and it was the WURST thing eva...ok hubs face might be WURST but hey the sun was in his face

I think that is it...
very random
very squirrely
and very Farley