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pumpkins, prepositions, and poems

So as you can see... life is getting better...
I vented and so did others...
isn't it always nice to know you are not alone!!!
BUT WHY on EARTH do you want someone in your personal Titanic with you???
OH WELL we are sinking together and it is nice to know the LIFE preserver store called and they are restocked!!!

OK so what did I do this week...
well let me see
I had some meetings (can't even remember what they were... faculty, data, grade level, and at risk, and one more... )
I had some data collecting and documenting... ( science, reading, writing, and math...OH MY)
I had some grading... all of the above mentioned and add in spelling, english, social studies.
I had some disciplining... enough said (ok maybe not... I have signed more planners this year than I have in the last 5 years combined) I have high standards maybe BUT... bad habits established in previous classes need to be broken YES!!!
AND to top off all of this... I GOT IN A GREAT LESSON TOO!!!
*~*~~~~~ confetti ~~~~*~*
and here it is
thanks to Kenoyer for the inspiration...




 well I hope you likey!!!
we also did some other PREPOSITION activities
We LOVED watching this

I know it has some errors... BUT the idea was to get them hooked into Prep PO PREPOsitions...

we also did a sorting activity with these

Preposition Word Wall

 it is cut off because this is my PIN and I can't get a decent pic...
anywho tennis shoe...
she did all the work and the prepositions on polka dots SO CUTE
click on the pic to go there
OR NOT... blogger is not my friend right now
here is the link http://www.teacherspayteachers.com/Product/Preposition-Word-Wall

if you are curious about where I got the POEMS
are ya are ya???
well that book recommendation came from Kenoyer too!!!
here it is... mine is on the way...
this one is for Texas TEKS

looky lou!!!

they have it for common core too

it is for grade levels k-5 and
it has e-book versions too
and those can be grade specific...
BUT I suggest getting the whole shabang
because it refers to other poems in the other grades...

OK is that it???
is it...
I think so!!!