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my desk, my plate, my party

if you are a FB follower..
you have already seen this...
without the fancy pink font...

BUT this is how I have been feeling lately...
really this morning I woke up and did some real serious research on the
excessive paperwork act...
because that is what I feel like consumes my life...
PAPERWORK of the excessive kind....is a naughty word
it needs to be spanked, put in time-out, and washed out with soap
(no naughty words were hurt in this blog post...
and I am not admitting to agreeing with or disagreeing with the various forms of discipline mentioned above)
this has consumed my conversations with my mother on our walks... we walk miles talking about this and the fact that I
have been contemplating  possibly changing careers...
YEP you read it right!!!
I feel more like a
well not really sure what BUT
I will tell you the majority of my time (paid time) is spent doing paperwork or meetings or testing and not planning
not planning great lessons...
that is done on MY time...
many a day I stay late or
STAY UP late
I have a life outside of teaching and sometimes I forget that...
and I can't
don't get me wrong I will get it done
but what gets sacrificed in the process?
(priorities are being aligned as I type)

my change in careers is something I have thought about for some time now...
law school would be in my future...
school law to be exact

I am still in the THINKING process of this sooooooo
file that thought away and just keep reading

I have been teaching for over 10 years
(all in a state testing grade... that might be my problem too)
and every year seems to be getting a little more...
well less teaching and more non teaching....

I feel like I am at an ALL YOU CAN EAT BUFFET
I have been given a small salad plate...
that's it... I can't get another plate...
just one...everybody gets one plate
I get to pick what I want BUT
the servers (yes there are servers at this buffet)
well the servers keep giving me food that I HAVE TO TAKE
it just keeps piling on...
higher and higher...
some of the stuff I LOVE...
and want to eat... BUT then
THEN there is this yucky stuff...
I have to take it... no choice...
it takes up most of my plate
and I have to take it... I even have to like it (I pretend)...YUCK and
to top it off
it is juicy so all of that juice has now leaked and soaked
into and onto my YUMMY stuff
so I take some of my yummy stuff away (because who really wants a soggy anything)...
little by little FARLEYness is falling off
and more stuff that I really don't want
is put on my plate...
more stuff falls off
and guess what falls off?
and now what is on my plate?
majority YUCKY and bland and a little of me...
this is how I feel
my little plate won't hold it all
and even though I know I should keep my stuff on my plate
I  can't
I am required to keep what the servers give me
no matter how high and deep it is
and instead of my plate resembling a rainbow of color like all health experts say it should...
it looks like a bland smorgasbord of BLAH
and all of my teaching buddies have the same looking plate too

if only I had a PLATTER!!!
and don't get me started on the utensils I have been given to eat this...

don't want to be a Debbie Downer or a Poo Poo Penelope
this is my blog and this is how I feel
and if I feel like this I am sure some of you do too
and well
just wanted to let you know you are not alone...
just because I have a blog
and share some of my lessons and ideas
that appear seamless and perfection *wink*
(editing is magnifico)
and I throw great linky parties **double wink*wink**
there is still the fact that some days I feel like I need to put on my waders to trudge through the buffet line

I LOVE YOU GUYS and no worries
I am still here
blogging and trudging
and no worries about me leaving anytime soon...
ONE - law school is expensive
TWO - law school and a 4 year old at home scare me just as much as flying
THREE- I don't think I could ever leave the KIDS... I love teaching just not the EXTRA additives that come along with it

thanks for taking the time to read my
pity party
all decorations are being put away as we speak and
feel free to take a little goodie bag with you!!!

go download it today!!!
click on the pic to take you there :)