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CURRENTLY October, for classroom, and you

WOW it can't be OCTOBER already
but it is!!!
and you know what that means....

before the CURRENTLY... I wanted to show you what I came up with.....
click on the pic to take you there :)
you get 12 months of CURRENTLY templates for your classroom....
I made 3 different variations for each month
one is full blown color and decor... if you don't have to worry about color copies this template is for you
then I made a less color version with a little bit of color
and the last...
less is more because this template gives your kiddos the ownership of decorating their own CURRENTLY

 here is a little looky at some of the months :)
 and of course I had to have a mustache in there too

 alrighty ENOUGH about that... now on to OUR CURRENTLY!!!

 easy peasy...
I am super stoked at my progress in walking, eating right, and my wt. loss

didn't mean for this pic to be huge... but I copied it from my FB page and it won't let me shrink it

SOOOOOO to treat myself I ordered some new shoes...

OK I know they are the MEN'S
I do NOT care they are ORANGE
and I PUFFY <3 to the infinity
and so my options for the lady's was pink or purple
yeah NO
me loves some orange
so a boy shoe it was!!!
and did I mention it GLOWS in the dark
orange NEON and GLOWS...
be still my heart {love}

my fave book is

I love Chris Van Allsburg
 so of course I had to choose one of his books
for my fave book for the October Season

here is your template...

the BOOK section is for you to share your fave OCTOBER SEASON book
that means you can share FALL, Halloween, Autumn, or all of those!!!

and PLEASE remember the rule of 3...
you need to please comment on the 2 links ahead of your link and then come back and comment on the link after your link...
this is a way to spread the love and visit new blogs and well it is just my RULE... and not to mention nice (and my RULE)
 and it hurts feelings when you don't give the love (aka you don't follow the rule)... really it does I get the emails that say they didn't get the love :) so RULE of  3 PLEASE

alright let the links begin...