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truck, goldfish, and freebie

WHAT WHAT Blogger peeps???

I know I know I have been MIA...
I say that a lot huh???
this post is FULL of nutty SQUIRRELS!!!

it has been cray cray in my neck of the woods...
we had 2 teachers cut from our school and I am super upset about it.....
it is about numbers... we don't have enough
SOOOOOO slash... teachers get cut
well 3rd grade didn't have numbers and our pre-k
if you didn't know this already I am at the tiniest school in our district...
we are already at 3 teachers per grade level so when one gets cut
it is like losing a family member...
the pre K teacher was seriously one of the bestest pre k teachers I know...
and now with her gone there is only one pre K teacher and now she has like 20 kiddos
THAT IS A LOT OF LITTLE ONES... bless her heart FO SHO

and then we cut a 3rd grade slot...
well the 3rd grade teacher who was being cut is the daughter of a 4th grade teacher
my buddy Mama Monk (aka Mrs. Monk... AKA farley calls her MONKy) volunteered to be cut and be reassigned so her daughter "chipMONK" could stay
THO THWEET right????
I love me some Mama Monk
MONKEY was my mama at school... I LOVE HER VERY MUCH!!!
broke my heart to see her go BUT what a great example of what a mama will do for her kiddo....
Chip Monk is now a 4th grade teacher with me and Melissa (aka itty bitty... I don't call her that b/c my dog's nickname is Itty Bitty and that is just creepy)
so changes changes changes

and while we are talking
well I am typing and you are reading... so let me rephrase
and while I am on the subject....
man have my dynamics in my classroom changed
let's just say I have my work cut out for me and I was
I'll leave it at that!!!

and now I break into this blog for SQUIRREL
 I get random emails all the time and a few have been to show you my new truck...
well I must say I wanted to get her all "jacked" up and rimmed out... BUT I digress...
I love her in her pre- farley stage... LOVE LOVE LOVE... never thought in a bajillion years I would be a truck girl BUT
step back JACK
had my mama take pics of me and the truck....
there she is... and me too.. no smile... not sure why... mama must have caught me  off my smile big pose...

smiling and posing... LOL... what a goober


we had a birthday party today...
it was for my dear friend's daughter
it was at one of those jumpy place thinga ma jig places
you know the kind where it is just a germ infested...
kid jumping....
CRAY CRAY want to poke my eye out place....
mama need a CALGON moment kinda place...
well this place WAS NOT...
it was a wonderful place for little kiddos to jump around
and VERY CLEAN and well just plain NICE

Bub had a blast!!!! and was on his best behavior!!!
BESTEST... I was a very PROUD mama
so to treat him Mia (she stood in for hubs b/c he is back to working Sat.) and I took him to Landa Park to ride the ........
 TRAIN... he loved it!!!!
Still a proud mama... he was quite possibly the best kid in that jumpy place... YAY BUB!!!!


our spelling TEKS (what TX tell us to follow) has 4th graders work on plurals for spelling so ... we have not only been spelling various plurals... BUT we are ALSO looking for plurals in our reading... some of these are PRETTY good!!!

AND just in case you didn't know....
I posted a plural FREEBIE in my TpT store... hope you can use it...
my kiddos liked it
take a look at it b/c it is a plural sort
concentrating on the add -es

please tell me it is NOT just me that keeps having issues
attaching LINKS to pics...
and ONE last thing...


remember I told you that I fell in love with this wacky book....

well I finally finished the packet to go with it... LOVE IT and my kiddos did really well with it!!!
here are some pics


we had a great time sharing all of their SWAPS!!!

 they really did have a blast talking about their various swaps and illustrating them in a fish bowl... LOVE IT


ok maybe I had one more squirrel...
you know the kind that just jump out at you while you are driving... the kind that you almost hit and then realize you almost died trying to miss a SQUIRREL...
the NUTTY kind...

well I have to tell you this story and then I am done....

last week
we were studying FREEDOM WEEK
and more precisely the Preamble
and the kids were making connections between Martin Luther King Jr and his speech and the Declaration of Independence!!!

it was an interesting conversation...
and so I added that a kinder teacher at our school likes to refer to M&Ms when she talks about the topic of skin color...
I proceeded to tell them that Mrs. Holbrook likes to say everyone is like M&Ms...
we are different colors on the outside but same thing on the inside and some of us have nuts...
well I didn't exactly know what caused the looks on my kids faces BUT they just stared at me and some of the boys snickered... and then it hit me... they had just watched the PUBERTY video and now I was talking about some of them having NUTS...
I had to back pedal and laugh and repeat it to be something like this...
you know you know...
some of us are nutty
isn't that awesome of Mrs. Holbrook to come up with that....
so now
ONE - they think Holbrook is a NUT for saying that sort of thing
TWO - I have scarred them for life with this analogy that I obviously screwed up... Holbrook definitely says it better

OK that is it.. for now...
no more random squirrels
no more talk about NUTS
or M&Ms...
I am on a diet...
or like I call it a LIFESTYLE change...
and just for the record I am down 40 pounds... HOLLA!!!
baby still has back and curves BUT just less of it!!!
here is a before and after for ya :)

the first one was taken on July 4th this year and then the other was taken today...
Mustache how you like my new necklace???
OK that's it...



  1. Love your new necklace & congrats on the weight loss! Wow! What's your secret? Oh, and thanks for making me LOL with your "nuts" story - love it!

    First Grade Fairytales

    1. secret is portion control... lots of water... and walking about 10 miles a week :) or more!!!

  2. Oh how you make me laugh! Thanks for sharing!!


  3. Ok....you look awesome!!!!!! Good for you!!!!! I've been thinking about before and now pics too but hate having my pic taken and hate more having it on my blog:/// Congrats!!! That nuts story....totally something I would do!! LOL!! Too funny! We had cuts too! So sad, but all of our teachers got placed in other schools...still so hard for everyone involved. I am ordering that book! I have had in on my to do list since the last time you blogged about it and then life got in the way!!

    4th Grade Frolics

  4. OMGoodness, so sorry to hear about the teacher cuts :(
    Does that mean you had three 3rd grade teachers, and now there are only 2? How many kids a piece is that?
    Oh, so sad for everyone.
    Love the truck, so thanks for posting!
    Papers, Pencils and Books, Oh My!

    1. yes we now have 2 3rd grade teachers and they each have around 24 kids

  5. Congrats on losing 40 pounds!! That's amazing!! LOL about the nuts!!!! I can only imagine what that must've been like!! Hopefully all of the cuts at school are done now & everyone can settle in for the school year. I admire what the mother did for her daughter. :)
    Learning Is Something to Treasure

  6. Farley you crack me up!!!! As a Texas teacher I totally feel you on the teacher cuts, it's so sad....ESPECIALLY for those who are selected to uproot and leave. The "nuts" story is definitely something I can relate to...My 4th graders would have made those same connections LOL!! Congrats on the 40 pazoundzzzz dzzound!! I am hoping that I am in that ball park REAL SOON!

  7. Farley, you are AMAZING!!!!!!!
    I am so proud of you!!!!! Wish you were here, then you could come to bootcamp with me...my instructor actually just moved here from texas :)

    1. I want to do bootcamp with YOU!!! we would be besties for SHO

  8. p.s...loving that goldfish pack :)

  9. I am cracking up too. You seem like you speak just like me....I just haven't figured out how to convert that into type - you've mastered it, girl! Congrats on the weight loss! You gotta keep a little junk in that trunk, though...keeping it Ghetto Fabulous!

  10. You look great and I am loving the necklace!!
    First Grade Blue SKies

  11. Love the after pics. Amazing 40 lbs? I need to loose some weight. Please share your tips.

    1. tips... lots of water... portion control... and walking at least 10 miles a week :)

  12. The necklace is absolutely perfect! You look AMAZING!!!!!!
    Nut story=hilarious!
    ❤Dragonflies in First ❤

  13. I am a first grade teacher in San Antonio Texas & love your blog!!!

    First Grade with a TwiSt

  14. So sorry to hear about the cuts in your district, we lost several of our family members at the close of last year, due to budgeting. It really is a scary and sad thing to go through. Love your blog and so glad I am not the only one who ends up putting normal sayings into wacky comments!

  15. I was cracking up over your nut story!! My students would snicker at that too:) Congratulations on the 40 pounds!! That is amazing and takes some DISCIPLINE (I need to find mine). Keep going strong girl!
    Fourth Grade Flipper

  16. You look amazeBALLS! :O) Just had to throw that one in! You really look fantastic! Keep up the great work!

    A is for Apple B is for Blog

  17. You are too funny! Congrats on losing 40 lbs!

    Learn, Play & Have Fun

  18. Loving the freebie! You are looking amazing! I myself am down 42 lbs right now and I still have lots of curves as well. I can tell the difference so much between the two pictures and I know you have worked hard.

    Keep it up girl! :)

  19. You are precious and you CRACK ME UP...I would say that you are a bit of a NUT but you already are a bit cray cray over there with nuts and squirrels!!! =)

    If you get the chance, I would love for you to hop over and check out my HUGE give away. You can win a prize package that includes a $50 Target gift card, a $25 TpT gift card AND a $25 Lakeshore gift card!!! Wahoo for shopping! If you share about it on your FB page, you get extra entries! =)

    Heather's Heart

  20. 40 pounds?! WOW girl! Congrats! It's been a rough start to the year for sure! When are we getting together again?!
    Rowdy in First Grade


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