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4th Birthday, Nada, & Land Rover

 LOTS of  pics on a Sunday night...
this week we are doing nonfiction review
so in honor of that....
everything will be in the captions
Ok mostly everything

I wonder who had their 4th birthday this weekend ... this cutie patootie

we had a crafty birthday party and all the party guests got to paint their very own bird house tweet tweet it was sweet...

here is one of my besties and her adorbs daughter baby H she is super cute and sweet

my nephew picked the rocket ship and went at it... it turned out so cute

Hubs had to get in there even after I said NO... bubs is not thrilled that dad-o is jumping in
it is blurry I know but this is Itty Bitty and her itty bitty... we teach 4th together...we are besties too LOL

and the smiles return... he is so talented he can paint with 2 hands

some of my other besties.... love my girls... don't I look like I just had a crafty birthday with about a dozen kids... yep yep I do... I should have worn party lashes that would have helped!!!

we had a family party later and he wanted a carrot cupcake... wish granted.

the family party was at Gpa's and Memow's house... Bubs adores his great grandparents... he is BLESSED to have them

although it felt like a tornado of a weekend... it was all worth it
********** squirrel **********
here are random pics of my class
and RANDOM is the key word
I saw tons of classroom pics around Blogville and realized I have't really done any
so in keeping with randomness... why not stick them in this post... right
you've seen it before but did you know I painted it? I did I did

the letters are not painted and the sun is NOT done... I want to add dots between the rays... it is my SHINE board but nada (Spanish for NOTHING) is on it yet

what the DUCK???? it is a purple duck...love this quacker... it makes me SMILE

another pic and see the monkey thingy it is a tissue holder... I got it last year from who knows who... really one day it showed up on my desk no note nada (nothing) weird... yes but I kept it and I use it

my no name board... WHO board... no name no fame... right?  also my pledge poster that I made and is free at TpT

calendar... seen it before too BUT I LOVE THIS!!! LOVE LOVE LOVE!!!! ignore the glue gun and my crazy cords

my library...  I LOVE BOOKS and by the time my kids leave they do too... no excuse in my room to not have a book all the time... this is NOT even all of it I still have another book case full of NON FICTION

a look at my curtains and pennants and my OH I bet you are jealous view... at least it is getting some grass... SOME!!!!

my newest creation... my lamp.... spray painted by hubs and wrapped by me... matches my newly recovered chair... 
***** I'll take more pics this week... I am still feeling like I am in a vortex from the last few weeks really 
seriously I need to invest in some ruby slippers!!!***

I am getting tired... so I will end it here... but before I go let me show you 2 more things...

we did a decimal ordering activity and it involved the entire class... they each wrote a 3 digit number on the paper and some were told to write only a 2 digit number and then....

each group raced the clock to put them in order... it was fun!!! 

and last thing
I have a winner for my BIC giveaway
but before the reveal... I had a TON of questions asking me how I  get to do product reviews...
here is my secret...
SHHHHH don't tell a single person....
but I stay up til the wee hours of the morning personally writing each and every CEO of all the companies I adore and LOVE and beg to do a product review... and then I get them on my door step... I can't wait til my Land Rover shows up... LOL

OK really you want the truth...
OK here it is FOR REALS
they contact me
I get an email asking me to do the reviews and I say
I think it has a lot to do with my Advertising Page, my followers,  and my honesty...

OK now for the winner...

a Rafflecopter giveaway