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that's right it is CURRENTLY TIME!!!!

but before you see the super cute CURRENTLY I have for you this month...
I must introduce you to my CURRENTLY SPONSOR....

Heather's Store is filled with AWESOME goodies like....

blogger is being a stubborn mess and I can't link these pics to their exact location.....
so here is the link to her store....

I have to send a HUGE THANK YOU to Heather for being my very FIRST CURRENTLY SPONSOR

please take a few and click on over to her store...
she has some great items :)

alrighty now bring on the CURRENLTY....

so a lot of my things above revolve around  WALKING....
yes I have been walking... I am using the Nike + app and I LOVE LOVE LOVE it
here is the pic I posted on FB the other day...

I am down about 30 pounds and yes the dog and bub go with me...
so not only am I walking BUT I am also pushing an extra 60 pounds around... LOL

and now let me explain my favorites...
hubs got me some really nice walking shoes...
love him and them....
can't find a good pic of them and I am being lazy and don't want to go take a pic so... just trust me they are pretty fly for a pair of walking shoes...
silver and green and they can get a chip implanted and all this other hulla balloo and well they are GREAT

my other fave is the sound track I have been blasting... 

this keeps me moving and grovin...
I am pretty sure people stop and stare when I accidentally bust out singing  along with it...
pretty sure!!!!

and my last FAVE is
my new truck
I know I know what happen to the jeep...
I will sum it up for you
we bought it...
I got nervous
we went to get it
I was really nervous
no room for bub
looked at trucks
got a better deal
bought a truck
I am a truck girl
now I am looking for some fantabulous RIMS

I like these...but we will see...
I mean these are PERFECT
but they are also purty pricey
but my truck needs accessories like this
I don't have a pic of the truck wellll
because... I park it in my driveway and millions of birds have started to park it in my tree above my driveway
and well it has bird poo on it now...
will wash it soon... promise
I am so annoyed
we use to have just one bird in that tree...
fine I like birds
but I think she threw a party and her friends never left
they will leave soon
I am thinking of hanging a fake snake and owl
for now
hubs parks under the tree
BIRD PARTY will END manana

OK your turn
and PLEASE remember the rule of 3
go 2 behind your link and comment and go 1 ahead of yours and comment
I know some of you are not doing this.... shame shame
I know this because my good friends that link up tell me
yep they do
they tattle on you

so please for the LOVE OF FARLEY follow the rule of 3
it is the only REAL RULE I have

for the favorites section just pick some of your recent faves... that easy :)


  1. I love these Currently(s)! Also love the rule and have been applying it to all the parties I link up with. Congrats on the 30lbs! I listen to audio books when I walk.

    Chickadee Jubilee

  2. I am so proud of you!!!! I need to check out that Nike App. I bet you have so much energy from all that walking. YOU GO! Thanks for always hosting these awesome linky parties. I always look forward to your currently posts.

  3. Good for you! You are doing great. Keep it up! I like to listen to audio books or podcasts while I run. My husband finds me some pretty interesting podcasts to listen to. However, I like to listen to Hairy Potter. Jim Dale is an amazing story teller.

  4. 30 lbs is amazing! Keep up the great work!!

    & those rims! My hubby has the same ones. He purchased them from Off Road Warehouse. Check out their website, in case the price might be better :)

    Color Me Kinder

  5. Congrats on the weight loss......that's awesome! I have about 60 lbs I want to lose and need to start doing something about it!

    Success in Second Grade
    Don’t forget to check out My Summer in Pictures Linky Party

  6. Congrats on 30 lbs, that is fantastic!! I love how you are recording your results, such a great motivator!! Glad you got your new ride. I so wish I could afford something new. Thanks so much for hosting a fun party:)

    Surfin' Through Second

  7. You can really tell in your pictures you have lost weight! You even look younger! Back when the first American Pie Movies came out I had those soundtracks and LOVED them! I need to go check the new one out... it will make me feel like a teenager again, those movies were our generations Porkey's!


  8. Wohoo! Way to go girl! I have been running and lost 36....I can't imagine pushing extra weight....by the time I hit my last few blocks I am about dead!!! Sometimes I take my neighbors pitbull with me for protection....at the beginning, she drags me...at the end, I am dragging her....lol. Unless of course she sees a rabbit...then she gets her second wind and about kills me and dislocates my shoulder all together!!!! LOL! Keep it up:) I'll be linking up soon....I just posted my Made It so don't want to break the double a day rule;)

    4th Grade Frolics

  9. You look AMAZING!!! Nice job!
    We need a pic of you in your new truck!
    ❀Beth Ann❀
    Taming My Flock of Firsties

  10. You look great!!!! I need to buy some of those fancy shoes for motivation! Keep it up! Thanks for doing the currently each month. It's so fun to catch up with everyone!
    Funky First Grade Fun

  11. Thanks for hosting another great currently!!!! Something happened to my link....my name didn't pop up....#29...is there a way I can go back in and add it? Hope you're having a great Labor Day weekend!! Looking Great!!

    1...2...3...Teach With Me
    Dots of Fun!

  12. 30 lbs. is awesome. I am inspired! I don't have an extra 60 lbs. to push around, but I have an amazing collection of Playaways to keep my mind off the mind-numbing boredom that is walking!

    Thanks for hosting this linky every month. Even when I've been a bad blogger, I get this one out each month. I love reading everyone else's, too!

    Inside this Book

  13. Thank you for the music! Downloaded it and listened to it on my way to my jog spot! Can't wait to start jogging today!

  14. YOU look wonderful, congratulations on your weight loss! Keep it up lady... I've been struggling with my walk/run routine since school started. Thanks for the motivation :) :) :)
    Primary Pointe.

  15. Congrats on your weight loss! That is so awesome!!

    Angela :)
    Hippo Hooray for Second Grade!

  16. You look great! And congrats on the new truck!
    First Grade Blue SKies

  17. I love your currently blogs, I currently do not have a blog! You guys are so amazing. I teach first grade and I love it. Most importantly I love teachers who share their ideas and help me become a better teacher.:) I always give credit when I am given a compliment:) Because I don't have a blog......Yet.......I wanted to let some people know about a product that I am promoting. But I don't and never will blast your blog. However, I feel it would help so many people and I would love to get my website and word out there with out offending anyone.......does any one have any suggestions on how I can do that. It is a great program and will help so many teachers with their health and weight loss. Again, I am not trying to hijack your page! You guys are so amazingly talented and I love the team work everyone has here:) Any advice would be appreciated:) P. Olsen

  18. Farley! I looked for this all weekend...this will help me ease back into the reality of tomorrow being Day 9 of school..still tweaking lesson plans too!! I so feel your pain about the No Flip Flops...we had an academic audit team here last year and that was the worst thing they could find wrong with our school....so they are cracking down here too. And I love me some flip flops!!

    Tales from a 4th (and 5th) Grade Teacher

  19. Congrats on getting fit! You look great! I'm trying to find my motivation to get back in shape. I used Nike training club this summer but since school has started that went out the window.
    Special Teaching in the Middle

  20. So excited to link up this month! Ever since starting my blog I have been anxiously awaiting this day! Already can't wait for next month!

    Pixy Stix and Teacher Tricks

  21. Congratulations on all the weight loss! BTW I'm your newest follower :)

    T is for Teaching

  22. I am so glad I found your blog. It's amazing and you look AWESOME! Congrats!

  23. Congrats on loosing 30 pounds! That is great determination.
    Thanks for the fabulous Currently.
    My Second Sense

  24. Congrats on losing 30 pounds! You look fabulous! I lost 30 a couple years ago by waking every day and have managed to keep most of it off, but I have been needing to start it up again....you have inspired me to begin tomorrow after work...:) Congrats on the new ride too....can't wait to see pics! I'm in the market for something soon....hopefully this fall!

    Keep Calm & Imagine

  25. You look great! I finally linked up with you and I'm so excited!

    The REAL Teachers of Orange County

  26. Congrats on the weight loss Farley! You look AWESOME! I know it takes a ton of work so, congrats and keep it up!


  27. Major WooHoo to you!! Love Nike+ Like you, I'm out and about losing poundage…25 since my first day of summer break. I couldn't even begin to think about pushing extra weight around…legs are dragging at the end of my 2 miles. Keep it up GIRL!!! So, about this linky thingy…I'm new to blogging (really really new) and I haven't a clue as to how it works. I want to be a linker but gosh knows I don't want to break a rule or mess things up. Any way to give me a quick tutorial or send me in the right direction? I just love reading all your "currently" and can't wait to link…. wink wink. :)


  28. Kudos to YOU! Look out!!! You are motivation for others! :) lol, your posts just crack me up!!! I'm loving the bird poop situation---well, the situation stinks, but the way you write about it makes me giggle!
    Dang, how do SOOOO many people link up so fast!!! Just got the email an hour ago.
    Anyhoo....i'm actually on the lookout for some super comfortable shoes that don't look "mawmaw" but got the mawmaw feel!!! I hear ya on good walking shoes!
    Bought to head to create my "currently" now!!! Be well!
    Ann Marie

  29. oops, About to head to create my "currently" now! ha

  30. And, one more!! lol...sorry, had to link it again b/c my pic didn't show and it BUGGGGGGGEDDDDD

  31. Thanks for the recommendation for the Nike app - all summer I was using the Edmondo app and lately it's just acting weird. Congrats!

  32. You are looking great! Keep up the good work. I am not fond of my walking shoes, so maybe I will look into a pair like yours. I need mine to be VERY lightweight, as I don't like anything on the top of my feet. (Long story...) Anyhow, no blog, so no currently, but loved reading yours. -Mo

  33. Congrats on your pounds lost. I love the Nike app and it too helped me loose my weight a few years ago. I have the Nike wrist band too. You look great and thank you for your "currently" link ups. They are a lot of fun.

    Mrs.G's Kindergarten in Heels

  34. woooohoooooo!!!! I'm so excited for you!!! Congrats on your AWESOME accomplishment!!!

  35. So impressed with the walking and losing!! WTG!
    Thanks for "Currently".
    ❤Dragonflies in First ❤

  36. I can totally see your weight loss! I'm thinking of trying the "couch to 5K" thing....

    Happy September! ReadWriteSing

  37. Congrats on the weight loss! I know how hard it is to be motivated! Even after losing it, I still have to remember to work to keep it off!! I love listening to some great "workout" music while I work out. Keep up the great work!!

    Reading Toward the Stars!

  38. Yea!! Congrats! That's awesome that it's a result of walking!! You're motivating me. :).

  39. Your walking is inspiring! Thanks for being a great role model! :)
    Fern Smith’s Classroom Ideas!

  40. Congrats on the weight loss! I recently lost 30 lbs also but now I'm "stuck." You've inspired me to keep going! : )

  41. Thanks for hosting "Currently." I love the September design. Congrats on the weightloss!
    First Grade Found Me

  42. Wow you look fantastic. It ain't easy losing weight. Congratulations!! I am your newest follower and this will be my first CURRENTLY!
    Classroom Fun

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  44. Oh WOW. I'm so proud of you for doing that. I need to start doing that too!

    This month's currently is ADORABLE. Nice color :D

    Anisa @ Creative Undertakings

  45. Girlie - you look HOT...I mean, sizzlin'!!!!!!!!

    Keep it up!!!!!

    Crisscross Applesauce in First Grade

  46. Woo hoo! Congrats on that weight loss. Amazing!!!! That is HARD WORK! Very inspiring!!

    Second Grade Sparkle

  47. You look GREAT! You go girl! That's so inspiring!

  48. Congrats on the 30 lbs and on walking over 40 miles. I've recently started using the nike plus app on my phone and I love it. I need to do better about going for walks in the evening or mornings when it is less hot. :) I'm a wimp. I'm just pushing me.
    Life with Mrs. L

  49. WOO HOO!!!! Congrats on the 30 lbs!!!! I am trying to lose weight right now too. After two kids, it's TOUGH. I have about 70 pounds to lose, but I have started working out and watching what I eat. I'd LOVE to be down by 20 before Christmas. You are a new motivation for me!

    The Hands-On Teacher in First!

  50. Way to go Farley! I am feeling motivation, inspired by you, on all fronts! You rock!

  51. Hi Farley! I think I'm your newest follower! Anyway, I'm sort of new to blogging, and I would really love to link up, but I'm not sure how. Any tutorials would be great! Thanks so much! By the way, congrats on the 30lbs. You've inspired me to get back on that treadmill!! :)
    Nichole :)

  52. Wow, Farley! Congrats on the 30 Ibs! You inspire so many woman! Keep up the great work and keep on walking! :)

    Cheers To School

  53. I am going to try to link up. I am new and learning. So... for 2 behind and 1 ahead? It sounds so easy I am super embarrassed that I don't get it. I need remediation please. LOL I am thinking 2 are the ones who linked up before me? and 1 after me? I hope that's right...

  54. LOL! for the love of FARLEY! I always follow your rules. do i get a gold star? (If i was one of my students i would ask, 'do i get a 2nd grade buck?' or 'do i get a dojo point?') but yeah. oh! you look GREAT! 30 pounds, that's awesomeness.

    Teach On.

  55. I LOVE YOUR RULES!! My first time to join, but I've been stalking for months! Thanks for the party...You are the hostess with the mostess...Well not anymore! You look great. Keep up the good work and keep motivating us!!
    Owl Things First

  56. I am excited to try this out! This is a first for me!! Love the catch phrase that you use because I also use it all the time. "HOLLA"


  57. Looovve your currentlys! And love that your shoes made me think of my new shoes, and apparently a lot of other bloggers love their shoes right now as well! Look at what you started! :) And congrats on losing 30lbs!! That is so exciting!!

    Lessons with Laughter

  58. I am new to not only your blog but Currentlys all together! I hope I did the linky party thing right - I just picked 3 other blogs since mine wasn't listed (I just found you) but now I am following you and I can't wait to spend more time on your blog! THANK YOU for the Currently! Looking forward to seeing more from you....


  59. I posted my Currently this morning then FORGOT to link up! lol

    I'm linked now :)

    Off to check out the others who linked up!

    The Hands-On Teacher in First!

  60. I linked up and then after getting no comments realized I think something's wrong with my blog. I haven't gotten any comments in a few posts...like none. I know I may not be that exciting, but that's unusual. I linked up again and fixed some things. Keeping my fingers crossed that I haven't been hacked or something like that! Oh no!!!! :(
    One Berry Blog

  61. 30 pounds is awesome! Keep it up!

  62. Hey! Just stopped by to pick up the currently, and TOTALLY AWESOME on the walking!!! And I enjoyed reading the rest of the post. It's nice sometimes to read about other people's lives (not just work). I'll be linking up hopefully by tomorrow.

    Papers, Pencils and Books, Oh My!

  63. I a new follower of yours and love your Currently!!! I am still trying to figure some things out when it comes to links and posting... How can I fill out and post the Currently on my blog? Thanks!

    Kindergarten Kids

    1. you need to right click and save the template as a picture and then open it up in powerpoint add text boxes to add your answers and then save it as a jpeg... post about it and then come on over and link up


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