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on the 12th day of DeCemBer my Farley brought to me....

what a wild and crazy and not to mention
GENEROUS 11 days we have had so far!!!
OK so if you have been following along...
which I hope you have
because if you haven't...
well we won't even go there!!!

SO if you have been following you know that TODAY
and TODAY only you can enter to win
ALL OF THE PRIZES (minus the personalized sign)
ALL OF THE PRIZES (minus the personalized sign)
and and and
I have a surprise for you too!!!
I would post a pic of the surprise BUT I don't have one yet!!!
WHEN I get one I will post it on my FACEBOOK page
one of my BESTIES
sells 31 and that is ALL I am going to say!!!
SHE is bringing her DONATIONS to school today
which is really tomorrow for me because I am writing this yesterday to you
to  get it POSTED today for you
well if you got that
it means I don't have a pic yet
BUT will
and check my FB page to see!!!

SO what do you need to do to enter????
I know you are saying BLAH BLAH BLAH
so I am getting to it...

Here are the 3 ways to enter...
and remember contest ends TONIGHT at midnight TEXAS TIME!!!
1- follow my blog :)
DUH really could I leave that out...
no not really
and if you are already a follower I {puffy} heart you
and if you will be a follower I will {puffy} heart you too
as soon as you follow
really I love you already BUT to earn PUFFY heart status

OK on to #2

2 - tell me the best gift you have given for Christmas
I think the best gift I have ever given is the one I am giving this year...
I am safe because my grandparents do not read this...
I know what gives
BUT I forgive
and because they don't read this I can share RIGHT????
OK a little back story... MeMo and G-Pa (that's what Drew calls them)
go to Costco ONCE a week
for a date and
to share the $1.50 hotdog and coke special
SO today I bought 24 gift cards for
a whopping cost of $1.62 EACH ($1.50 plus the 12 cents for tax)
YEP 24 - $1.62 gift cards
which means we will
TREAT them twice a month to their
date day ~ dog and drink
I am going to put each gift card with a note from
me or Drew in its own envelope
SEAL UP the envelope
and DATE the envelopes
like week of December 11th and probably add a little doodle
I am so so so so excited about this gift
now the lady at Costco
was probably NOT so happy
to have to override 24 gift cards for $1.62
BUT I know my grandparents will LOVE this gift
PLUS what else do you give 80 year old high school sweethearts???

3 - plan an act of random kindness this week (tell me your plan)and pinky swear to follow through with it!!!

One of the RaNdOm things I like to do is to pay for the person behind me at a drive through...
now I do have some limits
SO I do giraffe neck to make sure they don't have like 500 kids
and I do ask the teenager running the register how much the car behind ordered (cost wise not itemized)
and if it is under like let's say $20
I DO IT!!!
NOW I realize $20 might be a lot BUT I have rarely paid over $15
and really
I know I make the person behind me happy
BUT I also give a good lesson to the teenager running the drive through
PLUS I SMILE all the way home!!!!
so I pinky swear to pay for the car behind me at a drive through sometime this week
OK there you have it... if you have a problem with pinky swearing I DO accept Pinky PROMISES too!!!

okie dokie that is it
and remember on DAY 13 I will post ALL 12 winners!!!

on Day 13
I will post the winners...
BUT it might be a little later than earlier
I have a Christmas Party
BUT I will post the winners some time on DAY 13!!!!

alrighty there you have it!!!!
go enter!!!