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LUCKY DAY 13!!! almost kinda is on day 14 sorry!!!

OK have you been waiting ALL day for this or WHAT?

SORRY this is posted so late
I just got back from my BYH Christmas Party
and OH MY GOSH it was FAB
for the most part...
for the worst part...
you had to bring a $20 accessory for the gift exchange
and DO NOT get me wrong I LOVE gift exchanges
BUT when I bring a $20 gift  and come home with a $5 gift
(think happy Christmas thoughts farley ... happy thoughts.... i am a try-n)
BUT to top it off
we ALL (all 29 of us) KNOW you only paid $5 for it because
WE ALL work at BYH ya fool
and to top it off we get a DISCOUNT
so you didn't even pay the $5
(breathe in breathe out)
you paid like $5 MINUS 25% so
whatever that comes out to is what you paid!!!
(thinking sugar plums... ok no thinking Friday is a half day FRIDAY IS A HALF DAY)
OK feeling better....
REALLY that was my little I had to get that off my chest moment...
thank you for joining me in that
and I feel so much better
but let this be a lesson
if the invitation says bring a $20 gift
BRING A $20 gift
DONE with that...
heart rate still pumping BUT moving on....

well it is over!!!
can you believe it?
It seems just like yesterday I was emailing all of these FAB bloggers to join me and here
we are...
me typing A LOT and you thinking come on already and tell me the winners...
first things first...
I am SO SO SO SO thankful to all of you guys that came and entered everyday!!!

but I must also say I am also VERY THANKFUL
for the fellow 12 day bloggers that joined me in this CRAZINESS!!!
your generosity and supportive nature are APPRECIATED!!!
((((HUG)))) ***KISS*** ((((HUG)))) ***KISS***

SO LET's get to it!!!

here we go...
good luck...
cross your fingers...
and legs....
let's get to it
if you see you are one of the winners
even if your email is on your post PLEASE PLEASE I AM BEING LAZY
 and it is past midnight here in the great state of TEXAS
and I will love you forever and ever if you would please contact me!!!
thanks so very much
on with the show

OK here it is and let me say i am so glad i had these templates done before because I was not expecting to be home from the partay at like 10:45 TEXAS time!!!

THANKS AGAIN to all of you guys
and I really do wish you a


  1. Hooray! Because all of us were blogging, we missed out on your posts!!! This was great and I hate when the $5 thing happens to me!!! And it usually does happen to me so I feel ya, sister!!! :)
    And great great great creative pic of Drew at the bottom. LOVE.
    A Teeny Tiny Teacher

  2. Congrats to all the winners! Sorry about the gift exchange.........it pretty much happened to me this year with blogging exchange too so I know what you mean! Now you should just go and buy yourself a 20.00 gift! Hate I didn't win; but at least I got to learn some more about fellow bloggers! Thanks so much! Kelly

  3. Sorry about the exchange...that always seems to happen to me, too! Lovin your card! He is a doll!!
    First Grade Blue SKies

  4. Wow...the $5 gift what a bomber!! I hate when that happens, but I still seem to participate in gift exchanges. Any who...congrats to all the winners and thanks Farley for another great way to get cool stuff and find out about other bloggers!

  5. So excited that I won!! You did a great job!!! I sent an email hope you got it!!!

  6. Ok so we are doing a Secret Santa at school this week. Everyday you're supposed to get something small (think 1-2 bucks... candy bar/soda kind of thing) and on Friday we are supposed to get something a little bit bigger (around 10-15 bucks!)

    So on Monday my S.S. didn't leave me anything!!! :(

    On Tuesday, the person left me a cute paper tree cone with candies inside... until I went to open it and noticed that it was already opened and had 3... yes I counted them.... 3 mini tiny bags of chocolate m&ms ( I dont;even like those)! :( I was so upset I just threw them in the trash... haha

    Then today, I got a cute little package, all wrapped up with a candy cane and all. I opened it and to my surprise was a thing of pomegranate scented body lotion and body wash... WHEN I HAD PUT ON THE FORM THAT I ABSOLUTELY DID NOT LIKE ANYTHING SCENTED LIKE LOTIONS OR SPRAYS! Haha That's all I can do about it now just laugh but man was I mad... :(:(:(

    I'm not looking forward to tomorrow or Friday... I think next year I will just "surprise" myself!


    And I didn't win anything so even more of a bummer lol ;)


  7. Thank you so much! I am super excited! I am going to email you! :)
    Crayons and Curls

  8. Yay!! I am so excited that I won!! Thanks so much!! I really appreciate all you great bloggers! You make my classroom more fun and exciting with your great activities!!! Farley, I emailed you, hope you got it!!
    Thanks again!

  9. your christmas card is so stinkin cute!


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