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WHAT? Really? NO!!!!

Ok so like many of you know I moved from 3rd to 4th this year
and don't get me wrong I am loving it.
It doesn't fit like a good pair of jeans
but with a little tweaking here and there
and laying on the bed and sucking it in
It will fit nicely!!!

thank goodness I got to keep most of my class
because I have to be
OBSERVED this year
I threw up in my mouth YUCK!!!

YEAH YEAH I have been observed before BUT
in my district or Texas
who cares
one of them says that if you get
Exceeds Expectations on your FORMAL Observation you can
be wavered or passed by for a year or 2
I am not really sure of the exact rule but
you get a year or 2 off is what I am trying to say
well last year I got EXCEEDS EXPECTATIONS
(H to ECK yeah)
let me bird walk for a minute
if you are unfamiliar with the term bird walk
think of Doug from the movie UP
you know the dog
that anytime he hears SQUIRREL
he looks the other way and is then taken off track...
I am yelling
and you are DOUG
ok we are off track....
or I am bird walking...

I had lots of reasons I agreed to move
One being I LOVED my Principal
and I knew he would support me
HE supported his teachers
HE had great ideas
HE was the best!!! and so was my VP!!!
They were like ying and yang!!!
Laverne and Shirley
peanut butter and jelly
get it...
AH-SOME together
I would go without markers for the rest of my life just to get them back!!!

well they are gone...
( bottom lip quivering)
my district moved them BOTH
don't ask why
My teacher friends and I
contemplate this very question
at choir practice or in our sleep
or any time we get together
REALLY we do
I am pretty sure we have logged in a few hundred hours
thinking about this...
it will never be answered just like
where is Jimmy Hoffa
we are now ALL in counseling
for this issue
we go as a group
(not really)

ok so now
we have a NEW principal
well here is my issue
I have to be observed because I am new to 4th grade
if it were OLD principal or VP
I would not be stressed BUT it is not
(((getting choked up)))
NEW principal is going to observe me and she wants to get it done soon!!!!
SOOOOOO I get to pick 3 times that I would like for her to come!!!
I really would like for her to come to my math lessons!!!
I am going to be doing some Christmas themed word problems and I would LOVE for her to see
how my class can crack these out

I am pretty sure I canNOT pick 3 math times but I am going to try
I have the other 2 problems figured out...manipulatives and all BUT....
 here is the 3rd problem I am thinking about using...

I have to match it to a TEKS
which in Texas is a Texas Essential Knowledge & Skills
this is our Teacher Bible so to speak

here are the TEKS it covers
4.14  Underlying processes and mathematical tools. The student applies Grade 4 mathematics to solve problems connected to everyday experiences and activities in and outside of school. The student is expected to:
(A)  identify the mathematics in everyday situations;
(B)  solve problems that incorporate understanding the problem, making a plan, carrying out the plan, and evaluating the solution for reasonableness;
(C)  select or develop an appropriate problem-solving plan or strategy, including drawing a picture, looking for a pattern, systematic guessing and checking, acting it out, making a table, working a simpler problem, or working backwards to solve a problem; and
(D)  use tools such as real objects, manipulatives, and technology to solve problems.
(15)  Underlying processes and mathematical tools. The student communicates about Grade 4 mathematics using informal language. The student is expected to:
(A)  explain and record observations using objects, words, pictures, numbers, and technology; and
(B)  relate informal language to mathematical language and symbols.
(16)  Underlying processes and mathematical tools. The student uses logical reasoning. The student is expected to:
(A)  make generalizations from patterns or sets of examples and nonexamples; and
(B)  justify why an answer is reasonable and explain the solution process.

I am sure there are MORE but you don't really care about that
I want them to use manipulatives to help them solve this problem...
I was thinking stickers... maybe I can cut out different sized ornament sizes...
I am really at a loss here
can you help?
I hope so!!!

My kiddos will be using my pencil strategies which you can find here and my 4 square problem solving method... which you can read about  here!!!
They are very familiar with this method... I just need an idea for manipulatives...HMMMM
can any of you creative peeps help me out?

I sure hope so...

I hope you can tell me everything is going to be alright...
I was hoping on having a restful Thanksgiving
but instead I am going to be lurking over my computer and phone
fingers crossed
one of my BELOVED followers comes up with an
for the love of FARLEY
please help!!!