Super Smiley

I came in 8th place and that makes me SMILE!!
big toothy smile
like SMILE so big I think
can you see my bottom teeth are slightly crooked?

My mom is my biggest blog fan and I know she is cringing thinking of all the $$$
they spent on my teeth... RIGHT MOM?
and I kept my retainers in as directed BUT still

my top teeth are great
almost perfect
but my bottom are not so perfect
don't get me wrong I don't have a jacked up grill
they are just slightly not perfect
and it's not like I have a fake tooth
RIGHT MOM? *wink*
and nothing against any fake teeth peeps out there
my favorite sport is HOCKEY and
believe me those stud muffins
those HOTTIES are super CUTE fake teeth and all!!!
AHHHH let me sit here awhile and think about those hot guys
1 2 3 4 5 OK

HOW the HECK did I get on to that

OH yeah super smiley about my winning 8th
and YAY thanks so much for helping me get there!!!
For those fantabulous girls that took my bribery hook...
I will pick a winner or 2 or 3 this weekend... I am tired....
so my estimated time of not being tired is this weekend...
possibly Friday :)

something else I am SUPER SMILEY about is my new and I must say
Thanksgiving Math Unit!!!
I have been using it with my kiddos and they love it!!!
here is a preview for you and if you want a FREE SAMPLE
head on over to my Teachers Notebook Store :)

not sure why the numbers are FuZZy on here BUT
they are not like that on the file...
I printed it out yesterday and
they looked FAB
 my kiddos had a blast working on this problem  yesterday
I am going to admit it is pretty hard
BUT i gave them great manipulatives to work with
and they got on track
we also stopped after about 10 minutes of working and shared ideas
and strategies!!!
I like to post my word problems on the projector so they can see how pretty it is!!!
after they had plenty of time to get on the right track and most of them finished
we solved it together!!!
here is what we did
my goal for this problem was to show them that sometimes tables are not the easiest way
showing them that drawing pics was WAY easier
we used little stickers to represent acorns...
it is a little UNorganized BUT we got the answer
and that is what counts!!!
they really liked this too!!!

I can't wait to give these NEXT things to my kiddos
next week
they LOVED the candy corn ones from my Halloweeny Unit
SO  I KNOW they are going to love these too!!!
YAY and I made a blank one that I will copy to the back
ON THE BLANK ONE they can work with a partner
and use 9 sided dice...
both partners roll their dice and then they will make a 2 digit number
and write it in the pie
they do it again and write their 2nd number in the pie
then solve!!!!
is that clear... clear as MUD?
hope not!!!

and just in case you wanted to know... there are 27 pages of greatness!!!
so there you have it...
go grab your freebies if you want
it is geared for older kids...3rd-5th

any questions let me know
and as a parting shot and because I wanted to show off this anchor chart we made

we talked about what we ALREADY knew about
the 2 basic genres and HERE IT IS
pretty good huh!!!???!!!
yeah that's how Farley's Class Rolls!!!
and don't you think I should be excused from an upcoming
it is after school til 6
I should use this as evidence I know how to teach genres
*remember I looped with my kiddos*
talk to you Friday!!!
til then
Peace Out


  1. You're a HOOT!! Your new unit looks adorable!!!

    4th Grade Frolics

  2. Love your posts! You're a great writer. Do you have a self contained class or do you switch with a partner?

  3. I have to tell you I LOVE your blog! I looped from 3rd to 4th with my class as well. I was kind of nervous about 4th because I've only taught 3rd, but your blog has helped immensely!

  4. P.S. a couple days you posted pics of student work. It was math work. Had 4 squares. Said SOAR. Can you give me more info? Thanks!

  5. a friend linked to your blog on Facebook - HOLY COW, I WANT TO BE IN YOUR CLASS! I'm getting my 2nd Bachelor's degree right now, but I totally want to come to 4th grade with you! I love your creativity!!!


  6. Came over from Tales of Frogs and Cupcakes... the unit looks awesome!! :)

    I'm a new follower and will be a student teacher next year! SO excited to have found all these teacher blogs and to start a collection of material... (I'm an over-achiever, and over-preparer, can you tell? ;P )

  7. Hope you saw my post about your unit! I'm announcing a winner on Friday! :)

  8. You are making me wish I taught math still!! This year our school went to Humanities/Stem structure, so I only teach reading, writing, and social studies.
    I just posted a fun homophone game on my blog with a jungle theme and linked it on Scribd. Let me know what you think!

  9. thanks girls!!! I teach all sujects but some days wish I only did recess LOL

    Mrs. Beahan... I have a post about the soar board... i will look for it I refer to it as the 4 square problem solving.... and if you want a really good DETAILED example and some print outs of it... I have them in my TN store :)

  10. Farley, I don't know how you taught them how to get the answer to the acorn question. My brain is hurting just looking at your chart. But the questions was CUTE CUTE CUTE and I liked looking at it on the projector. If I ever ever ever get kicked out of first grade and up to upper grades, will you please move here and help me? I like that even though you teach upper grade, you still have CUTENESS. :)
    Congrats on 8th!!
    A Teeny Tiny Teacher

  11. Just discovered your blog--I am going to start following.

  12. I really enjoy following your blog. You always have wonderful and creative ideas. Thanks!


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