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Halloween week is over…
with Red Ribbon Week and Trick or Treating… it was a crazy week for sure!!!
even today was a little crazy so that is why the Currently is just now being posted…

thanks to Kelly for being this month's sponsor
An Apple for the Teacher

I've said it before and I'm sure I will say it again… 
I love the Today Show… I record it every single day 
all 3 of them and I watch them when I get home…
I don't really watch them watch them… I really kinda have it on as background noise…
and I know I have a problem when Bub says… 
is Matt Lauer over yet???


a cold front came through and it is perfect….
last night Trick or Treating was amazing…
no sweaty dripping stinky kiddos… I mean parents…
it really was the bestest Halloween weather I can ever remember…

Here is Bub in his Anakin costume… he is SUCH a Star Wars nerd… 
he was getting upset because people kept calling him Luke Skywalker
and they called his light saber a sword or flashlight…
OK people I can understand the Luke for Anakin… BUT come on…
a sword??? or flashlight??? 
I helped him understand that we have a lot of older people living around us
and they don't really understand Star Wars… 
that argument didn't work because he informed me that his MeMow (great grandma) 
knows it's a light saber and she is in her 80s… ok point taken… 
Game Set Match

I had my spots checked on Thursday… and my lovely dermatologist
likes to practice carving on me… not really I really LOVE HER…
but she thought some of my spots needed to be removed…
OUCH… one vacancy is on the back of my left leg… upper thigh…
yeah well it hurts… and then I have 5 stitches on my right BUTT cheek…
yeah that's nice… so sitting is not easy… and neither is sleeping… 
OUCH OUCH OUCH… but it is a necessary thing to do when you are fair skinned
and full of freckles and moles

new boots…
cool weather… means new boots right!!!

Bub's hives have JUST now gone away… 
if you didn't know…
Bub had hives for almost ALL of October… YAY… NOT
after several Drs visits and a few specialists later… we have it under control…
but while he was hive-n out… I could NOT let him get over heated… 
HELLO I live in TEXAS… central TEXAS… it is HOT ALL the time…
well not right now BUT while he was a giant HIVE it was HOT HOT HOT…
and that kinda eliminates our walks…
I walk with him in a big jogging stroller… 
he couldn't even ride in a Costco cart from the parking lot to the entrance 
without looking like a polk dotted patootie…
and now that his hives are on the outs and the weather is cooler… 
I can't wait to dust off the stroller and WALK!!!
and I need to pack…
not going to talk about that 
it stresses me out…
but it relates to the BIG FLOOD of the summer and 
us having to move out while our house FINALLY gets fixed… 
hmmmmm enough about that

My favorite book right now… 

If you are looking for a book 
that can help you incorporate valuable virtues into your child's life, this book is for you.
Not only is my Bub excelling in October's focus virtue of being humble… 
but he is also living it… he is practicing it… he is DOING IT!!!
I have seen a HUGE difference…
a few weeks ago
he didn't win the Fire Poster Contest…
he wasn't even in the top 3… 
I know I know… I was surprised too… but that's how life goes…
well… he just lost it… he didn't win… the world was going to end… 
I started practicing some of the ideas from this book
and implementing them into our daily discussions
and this week when he won 3rd place for his Pumpkin Book Project… 
the first thing he did was congratulate his Buddy for winning 2nd…
I was a very proud Mamma…
I know if I had not seen this book
bought it
and started using it…
he would have had a VERY different reaction because he didn't win 1st!!!
I am soooo excited to read this month's chapter about having gratitude!!!
and I am also thinking about practicing these virtues in my classroom…
goodness gracious having gratitude and being humble is a lost art… right???
Ok now for the rules…
For the READING section…
what are you reading right now???
professional, personal, for fun…
what is it???
do you like it???

and now it is your turn…


  1. Oh my gosh...I LOVE the pumpkin! LOVE! What a clever project :) Thank you for sharing. And the currently is very cute this month! (I am just glad I finally got to participate this time around!!)


  2. So glad Bub is finally over the hives. Good work on helping him deal with losing. That's a tough thing to deal with.

    Krazy Town

  3. Bub is the cutest Anakin ever! Too sweet. Love the pumpkin! Our family made a Monster's INC. pumpkin. I love Halloween and everything that goes along with it! Thanks for sharing and hosting another Currently. You're an amazing gal. ;)
    Literacy Loving Gals

  4. Yikes! That is a scary long time to have hives. Glad things have cleared up for now.

    I Teach. What's Your Super Power?

  5. Bub's costume is great! He looks awesome :)

    Thanks for the link up, as always! :) Happy November!

    First Grade Garden

  6. I'm glad your son's hives are better. Thank you for hosting this monthly party.
    Artistry of Education

  7. That book sounds awesome! What a great way to teach some very important lessons! I will have to look into this for our next read a loud in Homeroom!

    Thanks for everything
    Lessons With Coffee 

  8. I think I am half asleep today. I posted my currently as Currenly October. Oh lord!
    I'm glad your son is better, I had hives when I was around his age in the middle of a flood. It was not a good time :)
    Thanks again for hosting the currently linky. I look forward to many more to come.
    Sheri :)
    Early Years with Sheri

  9. I love your son's Halloween costume! I only had two trick-or-treaters last night (we live in the middle of nowhere) but they were both precious - one was a witch and the other was a cowboy.

    Have a great month!
    Living the First Grade Dream

  10. As always...love your perspective! Thanks again for the link up...it's so much fun to find new blogs and see what people have going on in their lives!

  11. Super cute costume on your son! I love it. :) Glad you enjoyed your halloween! Thanks for the fantastic link up- it is my monthly favorite!

    Caffeine and Lesson Plans

  12. Bub's costume and pumpkin are just TOO cute. I'm so glad to hear that his hives were better and weren't cause by his urinal-itis! That books sounds like such a wonderful resource for homes as well as classrooms. Thank you again for hosting such a fun link up that always pulls me out of my blogging funk!
    Short and Sassy Teacher

  13. OhMyGosh. Bub looks SO adorable! I will be incensed on his behalf that someone would dare call his light saber a sword. (Even I know better, and I am old!)
    Thanks for the gift of Currently, dear BlogFriend. I've been away from blogging for a bit, but Currently is always my return ticket.
    Sending you wishes for a wonderful November with some nice, cool weather and the end to the hives...

    Finding JOY in 6th Grade

  14. Bub's pumpkin project is awesome!! I'm curious about what happens if you "push the black button gently" - ha. Thanks, as always, for hosting an awesome linky party!

    My Carolina Classroom

  15. I'm totally on the lookout for new boots, too! Hope you find some cute ones!
    Happy November, and thanks for hosting this great Linky Party!
    BigTime Literacy

  16. We had a nice cool Halloween here too! It threatened rain/snow but held off until Saturday. I love the Costume and the Pumpkin!
    Thanks for the great Link-up

  17. I'm so glad Bubs is doing better! Did you ever find out what caused his hives? He is adorable in his Anakin costume! I understand the skin issues. I grew up in Southern California. We spent EVERY summer day at the beach, and I received more sunburns than I can remember. It seems like very time I visit the dermatologist he decides to remove another mole or two. Thank you so much for hosting this monthly link! I especially love the design this month. So beautiful! Have a terrific November! Carol"s Teaching Garden

  18. Just wanted to say thank you so much for hosting this currently! I am very new to the blogging world and your currently is a monthly reminder of why I started. Thank you for the inspiration!

    Tasha Emmerson
    Confessions of a Tiny Teacher

  19. Thank you for hosting Currently-even though it's not this same post, but I also love the Mummys!!! SOOOO clever! We live in Eastern NC, and this was our first "chilly" Halloween in awhile. It was nice for our son to not have to wear a snowsuit under his costume like I used to in Northern Michigan. :) Hope you start feeling better soon!
    Lori :)
    Mixing it up in Middle

  20. LOL! We had a COLD & rainy Halloween! I wish we would have a warm one - just once!

  21. Thanks for hosting, Farley! This is a lot of work and you are so awesome to do this every single month!
    Learning With Mrs. Leeby

  22. I can't believe he didn't even place in the poster contest! Thanks for giving us another cute link up this month!

  23. Thank you for hosting this :) I look forward to it each month!! I can relate to your dermatologist visit. I've had basal cell (in my 20s) and melanoma (in my 30s). I feel like I've been sliced and diced, but thankfully everything was caught in the early stages - thanks to my great dermatologist :)

    Literacy Without Worksheets

  24. What a successful linky party! So happy to be a part of it!! :) :)

  25. Thanks again for the chance to link up!!!! I always enjoy reading your post!

  26. Thank you Farley for this link up again... I look forward to linking it up each month. Cheers!

  27. Cooler weather ALWAYS means new boots! :) Thanks for hosting every month! :)

    Kimberly Ann
    Live, Laugh, I love Kindergarten

  28. Wow...I love that pumpkin book project! So creative! Thanks for the linky party...it's my favorite every month.

    A LoveLi Class

  29. Thanks for the chance to link up! Your baby is just the cutest thing and his costume! Gold.

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  31. I wish we lived closer together! Iggy was a little upset he had to be Yoda again for Halloween but if he had an adorable Anakin by his side it'd be total Trick-or-Treat domination! Haha! Love the R2D2 pumpkin as well! So clever!

    Thanks for always being a wonderful host! I love "catching up" with the blogging world each month!

    My Shoe String Life

  32. I have nominated you for the Liebster Award!!! Come by my blog to see what to do next!!!

    Hooo-Ray For Teaching


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