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Currently December

Can you believe it is almost Christmas…
It is hard for me to imagine tomorrow is December 1st….

I know tomorrow is going to be so CRAZY with Cyber Monday sales…
especially at TpT!!!
Is your wish list crazy like mine???
I got on to Bub for being greedy with his Christmas list
and then I looked at my TpT wish list and
I felt a little bad for getting on to him…
just a little bad
seriously… how many legos can one kid have..
and they are NOT cheap… and if you step on one of those boogers…
BAD language is guaranteed to fly out of your mouth

nothing on my wish list causes such pain and profanity…

so to get ahead of the TpT sale breaking the internet
(isn't that the new saying… breaking the internet)

I wanted to get the CURRENTLY up and going tonight…
this month's sponsor is the one and only….
love her!!!

so let's get this party started…
 all of mine are pretty self explanatory
except giving…
EVERY December… I try to teach my students that giving is much more rewarding than receiving…
and every day we do a Random Act of Christmas Kindness…
we leave coins in the pencil machine…
we leave erasers or other school supplies randomly around the school…
we give treats to the office staff…
treats to the cafeteria workers…
treats to the custodians…
lots or different things…
and each treat has a RACK tag

I also do this at home.. with Bub….
mail man, sanitation workers, neighbors, friends, fast food drive thrus, coke machines, all different places….
it is a great way to teach the virtue of generosity!!!
so to help you out… I have a freebie in my TpT store that can help you with your
Random Acts of Kindness….
click on the pic below to get your free copy!!!

so before you link up…
they are easy

okie dokie… here is yours…
and if you are a FB follower or follow my IG…
I gave you a heads up and the image early…
so you can get a head start…
I love my followers :)

give a freebie..
give a shout out…
give advice…
give so that others can feel your love


  1. I was so afraid you were going to post while I was at the basketball game. Thanks for the preview! I hope your day tomorrow is calm and uneventful. <3 you!

    Krazy Town

  2. I'm so glad that you posted your RACK freebie! Before Thanksgiving, my 3rd grade team decided we were going to do RAK for December with our classes. We're going to have them write their RAKs on paper links and make a huge chain in the hallway connecting our classes! :) I LOLed about Bub's legos! :) I hope you have a wonderful December and Merry Christmas Farley! :)

    Thriving in 3rd
    L. Paull Designs for All

  3. I have missed you, Currently! :) I was happy to see it come across my feed tonight. Farley, I hope that you and your family have a wonderful Christmas! Thank you for sharing your creativity and light with all of us! :)

    Crayonbox Learning
    Teacher Blog Designs

  4. OH Farley, you are the sunshine at the start of every month. I love when currently comes!! I love your humour, and I love hearing about your adventures.
    I tried doing a RAK week with my kiddos earlier this year, but it failed. We will try again!


    Learning to be awesome

  5. Thank you for the adorable Currently! Those photos of your son from Thanksgiving were precious!!!! Hope you have a wonderful week! Good luck on the TpT sale, also.

  6. I finally made it into the top 20, LOL! Thanks for making the Currently every month- it is one of my fav things about blogging!

  7. I seriously LOVE this link-up! I love love love the RAK idea and i'm going to try it with my kiddos throughout this month!

    Thanks for being awesome!


  8. This currently is absolutely adorable! Thank you for hosting! Enjoy your holiday season! :)
    Scarlett at Speech Is Sweet

  9. Thank you so much for hosting! I love your Currently posts! Do you draw them yourself? This one is especially cute! Thank you! Carol's Teaching Garden

  10. Thank you for the RACK idea. I teach in a Catholic school and that will fit nicely into my Advent plans. I was also hoping you could give me a super quick explanation of how you did the stockings for your class last year as a class gift. I remember reading something about them and was hoping you could give a teensy bit more detail. I am looking for a new idea and remember filing that away last year. Thanks and have a great week!

  11. Your currently is always so cute! And even thought I haven't managed to blog all month I always come back on the first of the month to link-up!

  12. This month's image is especially cute - thanks for that and have a great holiday season Farley.
    Sandra Farrell

  13. Thank you soo much for the freebie! I need to do some RAK's with my kinders this month! :)

    Kimberly Ann
    Live, Laugh, I love Kindergarten

  14. Our class will join yours as we give away R.A.C.K. Thank you for sharing this lovely idea.


  15. I love that you do RAKs in and out of the classroom. This is surely something I could get onboard with with my firsties!

    You Might Be a First Grader….

  16. I love the addition on 'giving' and how you incorporate that into your classroom! Kids love to 'get', but when given the opportunity they learn how much fun giving truly is. Thank you for the adorably sweet freebie and for hosting my favorite link party of the month.
    Happy Holidays!
    Short and Sassy Teacher

  17. Love the RACK idea! We do this as a family and even have a special day in our community for Random Acts of Kindness the Friday before Christmas, but we haven't participated at school! Can't wait to start this with my kinders!
    21st Century K

  18. Haha! I love how the TPT sale always breaks the internet!!! ;-)

    Adventures of a Schoolmarm

  19. I seriously love your "Currentlys" every month!! Thank you so much for doing this link-up!! I have found some wonderful blogs through it!!


  20. Better late than never my friend! Thank you for being so awesome and so giving! I puffy heart you!
    Fabulous 4th Grade Froggies 
    Visit my Facebook page

  21. I swear, your Currently templates get better and better each month! Love this one!

  22. I love that RACK idea - have never heard it before - I'll do my best to spread some kindness now I do!
    Growing Little Learners

  23. I was searching the internet for some ideas for third grade writing and came across your blog and your December Currently- I love it. Thank you for the smile this evening. I plan to share.

  24. Our family loves to RACK!! I wrote about that as my advice. Everyone should try it at least once. You will want to do it again next year! It's so rewarding. Thanks for your Currently! I look forward to these every month!
    Keep Calm and Love First Grade

  25. Such good post, I like it! I think it's great to teach kids some moral values with the help of your ideas! I have noticed that often children take teachers not as human beings but as heartless repressors and afraid of them, don't like study at all. Also, I'm sure that kids like your lessons and aren't afraid of you! You know today kids resort to personal essay writers or private tutors because they aren't seconded by their teachers. Good teachers keep kids busy, motivated and engaged at schools and teach them how to overcome study difficulties. We need new vision of teaching where teachers create the atmosphere of sympathetic understanding.

  26. Just now getting to your blog. Excellent, as usual! I love, love, love the RACK concept. What a great way to spread some good cheer and promote friendship. Thanks!

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