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Answering a few random questions from a friend...

I got nominated for a Sunshine Award from one of my new Blog Friends...

I am suppose to tell you 11 interesting facts about myself and then answer some questions...
ok here we go...
* I hate flying!!!! HATE is a strong word... I know!!!
* I am on my 3rd week wearing Invisalign.
* I have been at the same school for 13 years.
* I have been in the same room for 13 years.
* I dream of living on a lake or some type of water where I can fish... I LOVE FISHING!!!
* I haven't had a soda in probably 2 years. I only drink water and healthy smoothies.
* My favorite number is 3 and I am slightly OCD about it!!!
* I have done 3 Body Pump and 1 Cycling class this week.
* My husband and I have been together for 20 years (married 14)
* My dogs are named after Disney characters... Dori and Merriweather... and we had a Copper :(
* I have a tattoo on my foot and hope to get it covered up this summer. NOT removed,,, covered up!!!

and here are my questions to answer

My Questions:

Where are you from?
I was born in Mississippi, but we moved to Texas when I was 3. 
So I claim both!!!

What is your favorite animal?
Blue Footed Booby... really look it up... it is REAL

What is your favorite thing about teaching?
Well obviously... state testing, district testing, school testing.... heck EVERY SINGLE TEST!!!
No really... I think my favorite thing is when my former kiddos come back and see me... or when I run into them in the real world and they tell me I was their favorite... is that shallow??? 

What is your favorite children’s book?
The Miraculous Journey of Edward Tulane

Why do you blog?
I am not sure...I like to share my ideas and I think it is very therapeutic...I write like I talk and I don't take it too seriously... I don't plan my posts... I just write from my heart!!! 
Really I am not sure why I blog.
Good question... let me ask my hubs and see what he says...
He said I do it to vent... and express myself...
OK we will go with that... 
is I do not do it to ADVERTISE my schtuff...
YES I will throw a link in here every now and then...
BUT my blog is not busting its margins in 

Who do you look up to?
I look up to my grandparents!!!
Strong, smart, caring, honest, and devoted!
Grandma Freeman in MS... reading to Bub.

MeMow and Gpa (Bub named them) doing a silly face because Bub asked 

When did you become a teacher?
14 years ago
Would you rather: Have a side soup or a side salad?
depends... what is the soup for the day?
I generally choose salad as a dinner... and therefore it usually doesn't come with this option

If you could click your heels together and be anywhere, where would it be?
At this very moment... probably with my family in Georgia.
They are on this island... St. Simon... is that right? 
for a wedding...
 I would love to see the island and all that fun stuff...
 I am the dog sitter... and my hubs isn't off for SB 
and we weren't invited to the wedding
so that would be a little strange right???
so to end my pity party I would like for you to know this...
as my family sends out pics to the whole group about their 
spectacular scenery or activities...
I send them pics of their dogs... 
and my hubs sent them pics of his keyboard...
HA think they get the idea of our jealousy 
molly and daisy
my mom and dad's dogs

What is your favorite quote?
Failure is simply the opportunity to begin again, this time only more intelligently. H. Ford
and this one...

If you could read minds, whose mind would you love to read?
Do I have to pick one person... 
I would love to read the minds of anyone that steps foot in my school.
That would be AH MAZING...
think of all the things you could know...
are they telling the truth?
and I am not just talking about the kids....
and parent conferences would have a new twist
what about faculty meetings
professional development that you are giving...
YEP!!! that would be AWESOME

Well that about does it...
thanks for getting me out of my no blogging slump...
and if you haven't visited Kayla's blog...
you really should...