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MAY Currently

it is MAY
it is the bestest month in my book
or in my blog
you'll find out a lil later
and you know what a NEW month means...

and let me introduce you to this month's sponsor

I love JEN and she was super 
DUPER organized 
sending her top 3 to me

 She teaches Special Ed inclusion in an urban elementary school.  She wears many hats... providing whole group support, parallel teaching, small group interventions, and much more! 

click on her button to go check her out :)

and now for Jen's top 3 :)
 number 1

Here's a set of hands-on activities to learn and practice decoding CVCe words (Silent E). This packet has been updated and DOUBLED in size!

number 2

Here's an activity pack FULL of activities to reinforce the concept of place value!

number 3

Here's a practice packet with a summer splash theme! This packet has 10 math and 10 literacy pages featuring water play & summer fun graphics. This is 1 of the 3 summer packets she has in her store - this packet is for 1st graders that are on or above grade level. The material reviews skills learned throughout 1st grade. 

and now for the CURRENTLY

most of the above are self explanatory
BUT I am thinking of my bday...
it is coming up ... next Wednesday the 8th
I am going to be old
ok older... HA HA
it has 2 digits and both are odd.... AHHHHH
so you know I am not a teenager and hopefully you can tell by my cute mug
that I am not in my fifties
so that leaves the thirties
and I will just leave it at that!!!

I want a new house
and we are going to be working on our house to get it ready to put up for sale...
which leads to the garage sale...
I have a lot of stuff I need to PURGE
my garage is busting...
and my kid has too many toys!!!
E'nuff about that
I can't be the only one with SUMMERITIS...
can I???
so I am already making my SUMMER BUCKET LIST!!!
want to go to the beach with my family and stay in a little cute beachy cottage
we are going to Disney... can't wait HOLLA
and I have a pair of MISS ME JEANS...
and my bootay will fit in them before the DISNEY TRIP...
bootay fits right now... but BODay can't sit...
so I guess I should say I want to be comfy in my MISS ME JEANS...

alrighty your turn...

I am not gonna lie 
I know this CURRENTLY is a little bland
BUT I am having a learning curve with my new MAC
it took me forever and a day to try and get graphics on
I mean I can get the graphics on BUT 
gheesh I have to go through so many steps to get to the graphic
is that normal
is there a shortcut
is there a way to select multiple graphics at one time...
wow lots of questions 
and I am still trying to download all of my font.... 
I have many questions
I need to go to the tutorials the geeks that set up my computer told me about...
I loved those geeks so I think I shall go
OK enough about my lack of apple knowledge and geeks

 here it is
simple and sweet

don't forget the rule of 3...
visit 2 ahead of your link and at least one behind you :)

and now LINK UP