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Looky Lou...book review

I was contacted by the fab...

Irene Latham

if you are not familiar with Miss Irene
you should be
she is the mom of 3 boys...
and if that is not super power enough...
she is also the wonderful author behind...


I was so excited and
consider myself super LuCkY to have Irene contact me
and send me a copy of her newest book...
and let me tell you something...
you need this book in your LIBRARY
like now...

You follow the main character, Whit, as he embarks on a self journey

Whit's life revolves around a ZOO
his parents work there and he even has a private teacher that teaches him...
where else...at the ZOO
dying to find something different
Whit goes outside the walls of the zoo
and meets "the bird girl" and together they....
well I can't give the story away....now
but let's just say they go on many adventures
in and outside of the zoo
and not all of them are fun

this book will be one that your class will beg for MORE MORE MORE
and because
Miss Irene is SOOOO stinkin AWESOME
on her website...
you can download book discussion guides and  activities...
and because she is even MORE awesomer....
you can win a copy

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