Currently February

OK I have to admit it...
2*0*1*3 has been super slooooooooow
that is a good thing right???
or it could be a bad thing...
I am CHOOSING it to be good...
reflecting and learning from everyday!!!
and with the new month comes....

what? what?
I have a sponsor....
I love me a sponsor...

 YAY and thanks to Lisa Mattes
she is the brains and beauty behind the cutie patootie blog....

I  ask my sponsors to send me their top 3 products from their store and here is what Lisa sent me...

 looks super cute...
closer look please....

  Building STAR Readers - best used in1st-4th grade...with any reading program or focuses on the habits of STAR Readers - readers who Study, Think, Ask, Respond. Includes anchor charts, goal-setting, recording sheets, parent communication and more. $8.75

 Common Core Crunch - February...ELA printables for February...great skills practice for partner work, independent work, morning work, homework $3

 Starting Point: Personal Narrative Common Core Writing Workshop Unit - works in Kgn-3rd grade (student samples are from first grade)...includes lesson plans, graphic organizers, student samples and more $6.50

Thanks so much to Lisa Mattes and her store
for SPONSORING this month's CURRENTLY!!!
PLUS she is having a sale for
and not to mention she is having a FABU give away right now...
go enter and tell her FARLEY sent ya

If you would like to be a CURRENTLY SPONSOR...
like Lisa
look at the top of my blog and click on advertise
it will give you the 411
 and now onto the CURRENTLY

 most of mine are pretty clear
so I will just talk about my pet peeves...
GREED- ooooh makes me cringe just thinking about it...
the lawyer that is helping us settle my MIL's estate
says that greed pops up in divorces and death
AMEN to that
he forgot in school too...
I try to teach my kids...
don't ask for seconds if there is NOT enough for everyone to get seconds
don't complain your piece was too small or has less icing or less sprinkles...
all of these make me want to scream so ...
I am moving on
OMG don't do it!!

like if you say the a word, b word, s word, and f word
and 2 kiddos tattle on you
and you say you DID NOT say these naughty naughty words
I will investigate...
CSI  style (cuss and swearing investigation)
I will question you quickly
I will turn your friends against you because
they have been warned
and then in a last attempt to those that think they can beat me...
I will tell you there are microphones and cameras and I will check
and then you will crumple in a blubbering mess because I will tell you I will show your parents these films and you will CONFESS
wait a minute... I just lied...
my pet peeve is don't lie to me
plus the cameras and microphone thing works all the time
even on the toughest kids
and yes that happened this week
cover your mouth and wash your hands...

alrighty enough about me...
your turn

 don't forget the rule of 3 and comment on the 2 ahead of you and the one after you...
plus it is the month of LOVE so you should try to comment on like 6 or 9... I am OCD and have to do things in 3s... for real ask my hubs and MOM... mom will tell you the truth...check the comments she is always there... LOVE YA MOM!!!

 okie dokie
last thing...
shameless plug for my self...

 after I get off of here and get this all posted and what not...
I will be rushing over to my store to set this up...
everything will be on sale in my store!!!

and NOW.....
time for your currently!!!




  1. You CRACK me up! Mainly because I'm the SAME WAY. "See that?" (pointing to a smoke detector) "THAT is a camera. And all we have to do is march up to the front office and rewind the tape. Do we need to do that??" :)
    ideas by jivey

  2. Oh, tattling! I'm in first and would have hoped it got better in 4th...alas :) The greed REALLY gets me. We review and review and review manner...and then, repeat! It's crazy. Thanks so much for hosting :)

    The Brown-Bag Teacher

  3. LOVE being your sponsor! Thanks so so so much for the opportunity!!!
    And, come ON kids (and grown-ups) OWN up!!!
    Growing Firsties

  4. Thanks for hosting another fabulous month of Currently! I completely forgot about it and I am so glad I had this extra goodie to look forward to when I got home! I am going to try and comment on every blogger who links up this month!


  5. I did not know that is what CSI stood for! That is just what I needed, thanks!


  6. Thank you for hosting us this month.
    I understand the pet peeve of lying. I usually catch mine, too.

  7. Thanks for hosting, Farley! I too have used the smoke detector as my super secret spy camera. Never fails!

    Christi ツ
    Ms. Fultz’s Corner

  8. Okay so when I first read your post there were only two links! I thought I was going to crack the Top 10...guess top 20 isn't bad, lol. I love these and want to say thanks for hosting them. :)

    You Might Be a FIrst Grader...

  9. We use the "video camera" threat at our school too! I teach first, and it breaks them everytime. LOL! Love your blog...funny, light-hearted...always makes me smile. I copied the pic and I'll be back to link up!
    The Lightbulb Lab

  10. Lying is THE WORST! Remind me to never get on your bad side! I'm so grateful for your awesome blog, wisdom and Currently every month.

    Learning With Mrs. Leeby

  11. I hate the germs that are ALL over our school right now- stomach virus, strep, some kind of coughing/flu bug! Lots have been sick and it seems to be hard to get rid of it. Thanks for hosting the Currently- so much fun!
    Conversations in Literacy

  12. I am so wanting Summer!! It is currently 2 degrees here! I want warm weather...even 30 degrees would feel nice! Thanks so much for such a fabulous linky! I always look forward to it! :)

    Kimberly Ann
    Live, Laugh, I love Kindergarten

  13. I love that someone else uses the "camera and microphone" trick, too... I'm always like "I can go back and check the camera or tape to see if you are telling the truth". Wow, what a lie to stop someone from telling one! haha. Thanks for the linky - as always, it's awesome :)

    First Grade Fairytales

  14. I am loving getting my blog post ready!! My favorite time of the month.


  15. Hello Friends, Can someone please tell me how I can participate with a Currently? I have enjoyed reading them from many of the people I follow for months.

    If you can email help that would be awesome. Thanks
    :o) V.
    Special Teacher for Special Kids

    1. Hi, I host "Bloomin' Blogger Sundays" on my blog every Sunday where you can drop by and pick up tips and how-tos for blogging. You just gave me an idea of what I will post tomorrow for my weekly how-to as you are not the only one that has had this question. Stop by my blog tomorrow and find out how to participate in Farley's Currently.

      The Bender Bunch

  16. So HAPPY that it is Friday too!!! It was a long, long week for me. It's crazy to see grown adults easily become so greedy. I can't wait for summer as well. Always loved your Currently linky parties! :)

    Cheers To School

  17. Lol, "peace and sleep" have just jumped to the top of my needs list- can't wait to tell the hubs when he gets home from work ;) Seems harder and harder to come by these days, especially with these long, sick, cold winter days. Thanks for hosting such a fun linky- this is the sunshine in my month!

    3rd Grade Thoughts

  18. Thank you for hosting! Always fun!

  19. I look forward to these SO much each month! So fun to read what everyone else writes! Thank you for hosting! I hope that you get the sleep that you are needing... grief makes that very hard I have found lately! Have a great weekend!!
    Funky Fresh Firsties

  20. For REALS- do NOT lie to me. I could be a hot version of Watson in the Sherlock Holmes movies! I can SMELL a lie!
    Rowdy in First Grade

  21. Congrats on the sponsors! I've been wanting to participate in Currently for a while now, but unfortunately, I am that techno-illiterate! Can you help me or have you posted instructions that I just haven't been able to find yet? I enjoying reading these from everyone each month. Thanks for doing it.

    1. Susie, I have directions on my blog These are directions for a mac, there are two links at the bottom of the post for windows directions. Hope this helps! Melanie

  22. I actually do use my ipad to record my class on occasion, I have several students who will flat out tell me they didn't do something when I'm standing right next to them. So it does help them behave a bit better if they think the Ipad is recording.
    4th graders are so cute, and so conniving at the same time! Gotta love em! They want to be 'big' but still are so scared of being 'in trouble'.

  23. I am ready for Spring AND Summer. This Texas chica hates the cold...unless I can stay inside in my pajamas! =)

    My best teacher friend calls me the human lie detector. Here are my 2 strategies:

    1. Ask some simple yes and no questions. Watch their eyes and the direction they look. This establishes a base line of where the eyes look. Then ask the question about what "really happened" which direction the eyes look. I learned this from Ruby Payne who is the guru on working with children of poverty. She even explains this is one of her books. =)

    2. This strategy works EVERY SINGLE TIME. Simply tell them you know exactly what happened. When they try to deny it, say to them "So, you are calling me a liar??!!!??? Then, you need to look me in the eyes and say 'Ms. Price, you are a liar.'" They cannot do it....They turn into a blubbering mess with a quivering lip and complete shame every single time...and I don't have to lie! =)

    Heather's Heart

  24. I do the same thing! Cameras are everywhere! I will just look at the camera so you might as well tell me the truth! Cameras, microphones, BIG BROTHER! I teach first grade so it's even easier to trick them!


  25. Ugh - 4th graders and their issues... So many things happened today - kid throwing rocks at another kid, another kid tackling his supposed friend, girl drama, bad words, and then final straw was one kid brought candy from home and was selling it for only 3 of my tickets instead of the 10 I charge my class... So glad it's the weekend!!!!

  26. Thanks for hosting this's so much fun! I am so with you on the greed. I hate when the kids ask for seconds or complain about the cookie or cupcake they got!

    Carolina Teacher

  27. I love, well hate, well don't like your pet peeve...lying!I sent two kids to the office to talk to the principal about throwing paper towels on the bathroom ceiling and making them stick. They came back and told me they had 5 minutes of their recess. Turns out they never talked to the principal. Things got way worse than 5 minutes for those two!! Thanks for hosting the best party on the web!
    Owl Things First

  28. As always, thanks so much for hosting!! I love getting my Currentlys ready each month! And I'm totally with you on the lying.. I can't stand it!

    The Resource Room Teacher

  29. You are fantastic for hosting these linky parties! I love your great spirit!

    Eclectic Educating

  30. I hear you on the greed..... grrr.... that and entitlement.... UGH!!!!!!
    Congrats on the sponsors... next, I'm going to try and figure out how to answer my own 'currently'..... I have one half of a baby toe dipped into the world of blogging (by that I mean I love reading others and I want to start myself- s-l-o-w-l-y)... wish me luck :)

  31. I love reading your posts!!! You are HILARIOUS!! Definitely had me laughing this morning!! I've linked up!!

    ”Dots” of Fun!

  32. What a fun party! Thanks for inviting us bloggy folks!


  33. I totally use the camera and microphone trick too!!! Works every time! You're awesome... thanks for hosting another fantastic Currently!!=)
    Sister Teachers

  34. Hi!! I am *so* new to the world of blogging, but yours is one of the first ones I found/followed and I have to say that I love it. You are so funny -- keeps me laughing during planning periods :)

    I've linked up (I think?) to the "currently" party, hoping to answer my own.

    Look forward to reading more posts from you!


  35. Farley!
    LOVE LOVE the CSI investigation... made me laugh out loud.. I'll have to remember that one.
    My middle schoolers tend to like to try those words out too... especially the boys who are looking for a reaction from the girls... naughty boys!
    Thanks for setting up the Currently every month. I use it in my classroom as well, and my kiddoes love when I tell them it is Currently Friday for their Communication Journals. I'm going to blog about using them this month.. I'll send you a comment when I do.
    Coffee Cups and Lesson Plans

  36. HAhahaahaha.... CSI - so perfect. I basically say the same thing to my kiddos. DO NOT LIE - the punishment for that is WAY worse and I WILL find out! :D

    Thanks for "Currently"
    ❤Dragonflies in First ❤

  37. I Just laughed out loud about the LIE-and your CSI style- I might need to follow with your camera/microphone technique!! :)
    -Lovely Nina

  38. Another successful party and I always find new bloggy friends. Thanks!

    Chickadee Jubilee

  39. Yep, I'm here....and I especially loved the comment about Ruby Payne from Heather's Heart ....I can still hear Ruby Payne telling us that story when I had a workshop with her. She also hated ugly handwriting. LOL An excellent workshop for all teachers to have (and all the admin straight up to the top). She called all of our district admin out in our workshop when they all got up and left during her presentation to us. She said the very people that need to listen to her are exiting the building right now...and we all turned around to see the principals, the super...the whole lot of them leaving. It was great.

    Love reading all the comments. Carry on teachers...carry on.

  40. I love this, I want to get in on this.... Someone help me! I will post this week - I have to figure out how to edit the template =) Check me out later this week to see... yes I am Canadian ;)

  41. Hi! I love reading your blog! You seem like sooo much fun!!
    Science for Kids Blog

  42. I love Lisa! I have gotten tons of great ideas from her!!
    Mrs. Christy’s Leaping Loopers

  43. Thank you so much Farley for the Currently Linkage. I have had so much fun visiting other blogs and getting to know new friends! I appreciate how hard you work on this blog and your other ventures! You can visit me at !!!!

  44. Thanks for hosting the Linky Parties! I've been a blog reader of yours for a while, but just recently started my own blog and linked up with you this month. Thanks for the inspiration and for the chance to link up with others!

    Twenty-Six Minutes for Lunch

  45. Hi there! I'm kind of new to the blogging community and would love to be part of this whole currently activity. What do I have to do?? :) Thanks!

    Dorothy "Annie"

  46. Soo...I really do have OCD. My special number is 3 too. I have to check things 3 times and even lock my car 3 times (I HAVE to hear the horn go off 3 times). I love the Currentlys!


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