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Made IT, GOLDFISH, number 503

YAY I am linking up with my bloggy buddy to showcase my new chair....
TARA you should be proud of me I am linking up ON A MONDAY!!!
OK so it might not be Monady for some of you guys BUT it is still Monday for me!!!
I have exactly ONE HOUR and 11 minutes to get this UP and linked to make it!!!!

anywho I am joining... TARA and all the other FAB party goers for the


so here is my first big project... my new chair for my conferencing table...

I am obsessed with this new to me book...

 and it has me CRAY CRAY for goldfish and fishbowls...

I am in the process of making a FABULOUS book study but then this idea swirled into my head while making the book study and BAM  and then I came up with this...
(does that happen to you... lots of ideas pop into your head... or swim into your head...LOL)
anywho... I have been working on getting this ready for my class..

warming up Nate the Great (aka my laminator)

he is ready!!! laying out my cards

Nate IS Great!!! here they come

Saved this one for last!!!

note to self... DO NOT put the cards in like this...

PUT them in like this!!!

because if you don't... you have to go and find something to go with the ONE left over card... LOL my Pencil Strategy desk anchors did the trick :)
I was going to cut these out BUT then I wouldn't make my Monday deadline so....
I will cut them out Tuesday!!!
just imagine them cut out into cards
come on you can do it!!!

 pat pat strain... pat pat (me patting myself on the back)
I did it I did it
I made it now I need to go and link up!!!
I am proabably going to be like NUMBER 503 because Tara's Linky Party is da bomb dot com...
really did I just type that.. I did!!! oh well over it now
OK fo reals...
I'm outy to go and link up... hope to see you there


OH and the first 3 peeps to email me will get my Fishing for Compound Words FREE!!!


  1. I LOVE that you named your laminator Nate the Great!! Your chair looks so fabulous! I love the fabric & colors. Awesome job Farley! :)
    Learning Is Something to Treasure

  2. Cute chair! I love the new look!


  3. Love that chair!!! Very cute!


  4. I definitely left my spray painting to the Mr. as well! Although I don't think he likes me "supervising"! Check out my....I mean 'our' crafts on my page! Your chair is awesome by the way. And I completely know what you mean about tons of ideas popping in your head, hence why I have a mini spiral to keep them all in.

    Ms. W

  5. I love your chair. It's awesome. The colors are great.

  6. Your chair turned out cute! I also like the goldfish.

    Teaching Fourth

  7. I love the fishing for compound words! Booooohoooo, I cannot find your email address. Great chair too.

    1. it is the pennant at the top that has @ on it

  8. Your chair is too cute! I love finding inexpensive chairs at thrift stores and yard sales and redoing them. I love the color you chose and the fabric is beautiful! I redid my desk chair for part of my Monday Made It this week. Check it out....

    Keep Calm & Imagine

  9. LOVE, love, LoVe the Goldfish theme for the compound words. And thanks for the book suggestion...gonna check it out soon!

    Tales from a 4th (and 5th) Grade Teacher

  10. Your chair makeover looks fabulous!!

  11. I just bought the Scotch laminator too. I read that it doesn't do well with cutting the sheets. Is that true? I saw you had small cards for your Fishing for Compound Words. Did the laminating stick when you cut them apart? I have been afraid to try it.

    1. I have cut out several things so far and have had no trouble... BUT I also leave a small amount of space around each thing... I do not cut SUPER close to the thing I laminated... so that might have something to do with it... BUT I have laminated all types of stuff so far and it is fine

  12. That chair is spectacular!! Loving the laminator too! I am waiting on mine after you inspired me to go for it:) Thanks!
    Fourth Grade Flipper

  13. Love your chair! I am going to have to find one to redo for my room!

    Krazy Town

  14. I LOVE your chair!! So cute!

    Check out my blog...it's in the works ;)


  15. Your chair is super cute! Good job on it!

    Mrs. Crouse - check out my 100 follower giveaway! enter to win!

  16. Love the chair!
    Would you be willing to share your pencil strategies desk anchors? Pretty, pretty please!
    Thanks for sharing your awesome talents!

  17. I love your chair! I just made my own crate seats for my guided reading table and became a little OCD about what the bottoms looked like. Whenever the bottoms didnd't look so nice, I had to keep reminding myself that it's about what the top looks like...

    Glad I found your blog! Check mine our if you get a chance!

    Teaching In A Nutshell

  18. Ok love! I am soooooooooooooooo late to comment your post.....like a week!!!! I can't tell you how dang busy this first week back was!!!! My OCD doesn't help!!! Your chair, my dearie, is to die for!!!! So presh!!! Thank game my dear.....tooooooooo super cute!!!! Does it use a lot of ink???? I could open an ink shop with my printing in the past month...lol!!! I am going to have to get that book! Anything you say is fab is all I need to hear!!! Huggies! Thanks for linking up! Sorry it took me an eternity to comment......starting week 2 with the littles tomorrow:))

    4th Grade Frolics

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