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Made IT, GOLDFISH, number 503

YAY I am linking up with my bloggy buddy to showcase my new chair....
TARA you should be proud of me I am linking up ON A MONDAY!!!
OK so it might not be Monady for some of you guys BUT it is still Monday for me!!!
I have exactly ONE HOUR and 11 minutes to get this UP and linked to make it!!!!

anywho I am joining... TARA and all the other FAB party goers for the


so here is my first big project... my new chair for my conferencing table...

I am obsessed with this new to me book...

 and it has me CRAY CRAY for goldfish and fishbowls...

I am in the process of making a FABULOUS book study but then this idea swirled into my head while making the book study and BAM  and then I came up with this...
(does that happen to you... lots of ideas pop into your head... or swim into your head...LOL)
anywho... I have been working on getting this ready for my class..

warming up Nate the Great (aka my laminator)

he is ready!!! laying out my cards

Nate IS Great!!! here they come

Saved this one for last!!!

note to self... DO NOT put the cards in like this...

PUT them in like this!!!

because if you don't... you have to go and find something to go with the ONE left over card... LOL my Pencil Strategy desk anchors did the trick :)
I was going to cut these out BUT then I wouldn't make my Monday deadline so....
I will cut them out Tuesday!!!
just imagine them cut out into cards
come on you can do it!!!

 pat pat strain... pat pat (me patting myself on the back)
I did it I did it
I made it now I need to go and link up!!!
I am proabably going to be like NUMBER 503 because Tara's Linky Party is da bomb dot com...
really did I just type that.. I did!!! oh well over it now
OK fo reals...
I'm outy to go and link up... hope to see you there


OH and the first 3 peeps to email me will get my Fishing for Compound Words FREE!!!