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BOO... did I scare ya?

Halloween is almost here and it is going to be SUPER UBER BUSY!!!
Like it already isn't busy...
Last week.... let's talk about last week....
Last week was slightly stressful...
my dad was recovering from an emergency heart cath stent thingy
so my Camp Paw Paw was down to one member...Mia (aka grandma)
I am super blessed to have my parents watch Drew but
Paw Paw doesn't like to follow doc's orders so I was a little stressed
Last weekend was Drew's first soccer game...
let's just say he kicked the ball once and I cried,,, not because her kicked the ball once BUT
3 year olds playing soccer is more like herding cats high on catnip
AND the field is like 25 yards away from the ROAD
a BUSY ROAD with no fence
did you read that
NO FENCE... so between yelling Drew STOP
and DREW get the ball or DREW kick it or
DREW STOP NOW as he headed for the ROAD!!!
I was a MESS and seriously my dad had to drive home because I was
crying all the way home... and need I say that I was stressing about it all this week because we had a game yesterday too!!!

we also had benchmark testing on w, th, and f.
I kinda enjoyed this because for 4 hours I monitored the students and got  A TON of work done!!!
I completed my data binder, entered grades, graded and graded some more, updated my teacher web-page, made lesson plans, graded, typed up data labels and typed them again SERIOUSLY 10 minutes later after an email came through telling us to do it differently (((frowny face))) and I straightened my room for a walk through....
Last week we also had our district walk through.
Do you guys have those?
Our head district peeps walk through our halls and classrooms looking at
various things like...
journals, data binders, journals, anchor charts, journals, hall displays, journals, posted objectives, and journals.
They never came into my room BUT did visit a few rooms in my hall and
took pics of our hall displays....
and my new Principal gave us the good, the bad, & the UGLY of the visit
FRIDAY after school!!! What a great start to my weekend!!!
and AND AND come tomorrow I have to spend my conference time with my new
principal discussing the specifics of their visit and how our grade level crashed and burned!!!
so I am assuming...

Oh and I almost forgot...
I got called a FAT A_ _
at recess on Friday...
to which I replied... tell me something I don't know!!!
He was probably just jealous I could kick the ball pretty far for a FAT BOTTOM GIRL!!!

and speaking of next week...
I mean this week...
Yesterday after a much anticipated soccer game...
my 3year old ROCKED the field and did AWESOME...
he wants to be goalie BUT in 3 year old soccer there is NO goalie so he
just stands on the DESIGNATED white line and waits for me to
YELL go get the ball DREW!!!
He blocked 3 shots and had 2 goal kicks!!! YAY BUB!!!
and there is a BUY next week and then a double header the following.
REALLY??? a double header for 3 year olds!!!
Anyways after his ROCK STAR game... Drew came down with a FEVER
when we got home and I am talking about FEVER 103 FEVER!!
called the Dr and he told us to get him some allergy meds and generic tylenol
it did the trick at 1 in the morning...and after about 3 long luke warm baths and about 10 otter pops!!!
OH and Drew can say deliciously refreshing but calls a fever BEAVER
so it took for ever to get rid of that

more stuff I am stressing over...kinda
I am practically in charge of the Halloween Carnival...
on Thursday...
wait we call it Fall Festival to be PC and the date changes every year
so sometimes it is before and sometimes it is after Halloween
so keeping it the same name is the only thing
consistent with it (((SMILE)))
and I am blessed with great friends at my school that help a bunch
BUT that old saying is true... 10% of the people do 90% of the job!!!

We have Red Ribbon Week too (not in charge of that)
so everyday I get to wear something KooKy!!!
Now I get to plan a FUNKY outfit... YAY (((sarcasm)))
really a plus sized chick like me in a western outfit... I am thinking I am going
BIG or go home so I pulled out my teal petticoat and I have some fab boots and
this Cow Girl is ready
thank goodness tomorrow is just wear red... I can do that!!!

HMMM what else... 4th grade does not dress up for Halloween  BUT we do
Vocabulary Hats...
each kiddo picks a word off of our word wall list
(the list contains ALL of the vocab we have or will use for the entire year)
anywho they have to create a fun and funky hat that depicts the word they chose!!!
the word has to be posted on the hat as well
*just in case*
The new principal told us we (the teachers) can dress up but I am still debating that...
and to tell you the truth I haven't even started on my hat yet
I am stuck between the words hemisphere, brainstorm, and any other word the kids didn't pick... I wanted to do Spooktacular BUT not a word...

so as hubby is playing golf
and bub is playing trains (BEAVER FREE)
I am blogging and creating!!!
because that is how I destress!!!
blog and make
blog and make

Something fun we do at my school is BOO BUDDIES...
or you might know it as You've been BOOed...
whatever you call it... I made one for you
because ONE
and two
let's face it the Boo we have been passing around my school has seen its better days
and since I am the one that begins it... I get to choose RIGHT!!!
Oh and don't tell anyone... SHHHHH they all think someone else starts it. TEE HEE HEE!!
here is a more printer FRIENDLY version!!!

and directions too!!!

and just in case you want to be an
you can go and vote for me at the
the link is here
and here is the download for SCRIBD
sometimes it can be wonky so if it looks off then refresh the page or click on the title right above the frame
see it

and if you made it all the way down here to the very bottom of what might be my longest post ever..
I just wanted to tell you I have a HUGE sale going on over at my Teacher Store!!!
and just in case you were wondering all graphics in the BOOed stuff are by gina miller designs and I have special permission to share them with you!!! YAY I love GINA!!!