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Still Doing Van Allsburg

 As you might have seen in one of my other posts,
we are in the middle of an Author Study...
Chris Van Allsburg. 
to see the previous scroll down about 2 posts and you will see it :)

Here is my Interactive Door
and this is where I have my Strong Verb/ Weak Verb Chart.
We talked about how Van Allsburg uses VERY strong verbs in his writing to make a stronger visual image in your head!!! I usually keep my Interactive Door up for a week BUT
the kids have had so much fun searching for STRONG VERBS in their books...
it will stay up another week.

 APOLOGIZING for the sideways pic... too tired to download it to my laptop and it won't switch for me right now... just tilt your head slightly :)

This is a Travel Tracer activity that my kids worked on for 2 days.  They "traced" the travels of Ben, in Ben's Dream. Every time a setting changes it must be documented in a travel tracing activity!!! I know the kids LOVED this activity because some of them stayed in at recess and came in early to work on it!!! YAY!!!
 Next week, we have 3 more books to look at and discuss!!! My team and I talked about how much fun we have had teaching this unit and it shows in the kids work!!! KUDDOS to us!!! LOL