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I am LUV~N me some One Extra Degree, Amanda Nickerson!!!
She came up with a FaNtAbuLoUs Chris Van Allsburg Unit &
I bought it!!!
Let me tell you what....
that was the best $$$ I have spent in a long time!!!
We (my 3rd grade team) started the unit last week and the kids
BEG us to read a new book everyday!!!

We started with Jumanji and Zathura. 
The kids did a wonderful job filling out our Venn Diagrams!!!
I PUFFY HEART the one below!!!
The bottom of our trashcans worked out perfectly for
Venn circles.  I had the kids fold their paper in half and trace the TC making sure they
overlap the middle crease.
They did great!!!!!

When you purchase her unit...
you get these great labels!!!!
We made a GIANT anchor chart and I made a smaller version for them.

This week, we read Ben's Dream and Just a Dream.
Once again, we had great connections, conversations, and Venns (no pics sorry).
I put the kids into groups and they did a
activity.  They really enjoyed "tracing"  Ben's dream and making several landmarks for their
Travel Tracer posters.
They were such hard little workers and we will continue 
to work on these posters manana!!! 
you can see what great artist I have.... and a few tracers.
They had some great conversations about the landmarks and the books we have read.
 Some students went online and found coloring sheets to help them
 and others used the coloring pages to TRACE!!!

I am so excited that we still have 2 more weeks with this unit!!!
& so are the kids... it makes teaching SO MUCH FUN
when everyone is enjoying it!!!

GO VISIT her blog
it is a must!!!