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The Final Currently… May 2016

Hey Hey Hey it is May!!!

This May holds a lot of big changes for me...
I am turning the BIG 4-OH on the 8th
and I am NOT
I repeat NOT taking it well…
for 30 Hubs threw me a FAB party
and it was a blast
for 40 I want to crawl into my bed and stay there
BUT it falls on Mother's Day so I have to actually get up!!!
I am also making a big change with my blog…
I feel like it is time…

let me add to the TRUTH
I have been hosting the CURRENTLY Linky Party for years
and because of it…
I have gained
and loyal followers…
I cannot thank all of you enough for coming every month
and linking up with me…
it has been a true blessing to have all of you come on over and join the CURRENTLY PARTY
and in the name of TRUTH…
in my heart I just feel like it is time to retire the CURRENTLY Linky
I have thought
and contemplated
and discussed with friends
and thought some more
for months now and finally decided that MAY 2016
would be the last one!!!
thanks again for being my bloggy buddies and reading the links and following the RULE of THREE
and thanks for leaving comments
of encouragement
or compliments
or a simple thank you
this linky party has blessed my life in more ways than I had ever imagined
and for the most part I have you guys to thank for that!!!

and with that said...
I hope you understand and will join me for the final PARTAY!!!

for truth…
write something you need to come clean with…
maybe you haven't done lesson plans the last few weeks
or maybe your WHOLE 30 lasted all but 3 days
or maybe your new neighbors are WHACK and leave cray notes on your car
(all of those are more of my truths)