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CURRENTLY January 2016

Happy New Year…

thanks to this month's sponsor…

Learning to be awesome

I don't want my CURRENTLY to be a Debbie Downer…
but friends… I have been sick for a few months now…
at first I had a stubborn ovarian cyst and then it ruptured and I had to have surgery…
that was November… 
after surgery I still felt yucky!!!
YUCKY I tell ya…
and then after tons of TESTS… TONS…. they decided it wasn't my kidneys, or appendix, or gall bladder….or anything else in my abdomen…  and so they decided I probably had scar tissue which doesn't show up on imagining….
so this past Monday I had surgery again…
and yep lots of scar tissue…
it had wrapped around my intestines… stretched my ovary towards my abdomen wall and was stuck to lots of other things… just crazy
recovery has not been fun… I have been struggling with the AIR BUBBLES you get after surgery 
they are painful 
and and and a HORRIBLE headache… if it is not better by today … I get to go back to the DR…
so that little TMI should give you an idea of why I need more break, more relaxation, and more days!!!

my one little word is JOY…
because I am needing to find the Joy in things…
being sick for over 2 months can really get to you… and I need to focus on the happy 
find my JOY!!!

and now it is your turn….


  1. I love your word: JOY! I feel you on the sick for what seems like forever. Over summer, I got sick on vacation and it lasted almost 3 months. It was awful. I hope you feel better soon!

    Happy New Year!

  2. hope you're feeling better soon, Farley! let that OLW bring Joy your way!
    Happy New Year!

  3. Oh you poor thing! I'm glad they've found answers for you, but but I feel bad for you that you've been struggling with this. I hope you feel back up to snuff soon, and that you get all of the time you need to fully relax and recover! And thank you for all you do each month to build the Currently community of teacher bloggers!

  4. I hope you start feeling better! Not the best way to start off the new year, but keep resting!!

  5. I love that you are looking for "joy" even in this time of pain. I wish you lots of things to be joyful about today and all of 2016!!!

  6. Joy is a great word, especially if you haven't been well! Get well for 2016! It's going to be a great year!

  7. Feel better soon!! Hope and Happiness in the New Year!

  8. I am so glad you are finding answers to what is wrong! May your recovery be easier and easier everyday! Thank you for putting this linky together even when you are not feeling well! It's such a great opportunity to connect with other bloggers!
    Teachers Are Terrific!

  9. I am so sorry to hear about all your surgeries! I hope that you are feeling better soon and you are the road to recovery!!

    Happy New Year!

  10. I'm sorry for what you have had to go through in 2015! It has been a year of unexpected surgeries for me too! Cheers to 2016 being a much better, healthier year!!


  11. Dear Farley...I am so sorry you are going through this. You don't deserve it. I am wishing you health and happiness in 2016. Thanks for being there for all of us with your humor, wit and inspiration!

    Third Grade Doodles

  12. It must be hard for a spunky person like you to be slowed down with health concerns. I'm sorry to hear that you're going through all of that! Seems like you're on the mend though? I've been home with a broken leg for 4 months, so I feel your pain. HANG IN THERE! We got this!

  13. Oh my goodness I hope you are feeling better soon!! Praying for a speedy recovery!!

  14. So sorry you have to go through this! Thoughts of Joy joy JOY is headed your way!

    Mindful Rambles

  15. I am so sorry to hear you have been sick. Ovarian cysts are the worst :( I suffered from them in my 20's. Hoping that JOY is headed your way. Happy New Year!!


  16. I am praying for a healthy recovering for you! I hope you feel better soon. Happy New Year!

  17. So sorry to hear about your health, Farley. Sending joy to you through prayer and wishes for a speedier recovery! Remember to focus on the little things - every step forward is a step in the right direction, no matter how small. And every bit of gratitude you find in your day is a step toward being joyful again.

  18. So cute! Love the blog and your "currently" template! HAppy New YEar!


  19. I am praying that you have a quick recovery! Have a happy new year and an amazing 2016!

  20. Hope you are feeling better soon. Happy New Year!

  21. I pray that you feel better and take some more time for yourself! Happy New Year and peace and prosperity for you in 2016!

  22. I have had an ovarian cyst to rupture before to and it is very painful. However mine was not near the case as yours. I hope you get to feeling better soon. Here is to a much better year in 2016!

    Teaching Tidbits and More with Jamie

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  24. I am sorry sorry you have been going through this my friend. I am praying that you have a happy and healthy 2016!
    Fabulous 4th Grade Froggies

  25. Being sick is no fun! Here is to a healthy 2016!

  26. I hope you are feeling better soon and are staying drugged up until pain goes. I am completely feeling for you as I had terrible pain from the air bubbles when I had surgery last year. It is horrendous. Hope the pain disappears soon x
    Stars and Wishes

  27. Happy new year.
    I must say that you are strong woman. Still your are struggling with your problem. May you get relief from pain. Keep your fingers crossed!

  28. So sorry to hear about your health struggles. I hope that 2016 brings you the health and happiness that you deserve. I hope you feel better soon.


  29. I'm so sorry you are going through this difficult time. My husband has been down for the count too since the beginning of November with a severe back injury. Being sick and in pain is no fun at all especially during the holidays. Here's to 2016 and recovery! Take care of you!


  30. So sorry to hear how sick you have been. Hopefully you will begin feeling better now that the scar tissue has been removed.


  31. Oh my. Feel better, my thoughts are with you.

  32. I hope you feel better! Those air bubbles sound horrifying! Looking forward to next month's currently and hopefully you are feeling better!!

  33. Sorry to hear about your surgery and being sick. Hope you feel better soon and find JOY :)

  34. Oh, boo! Being in and out of the hospitals is the worst! I had a similar situation but it turned out to be my gallbladder but I had to have two surgeries and a million tests before it was all said and done... it's the worst! I hope you find some joy in Bub and in resting and relaxing! Hopefully, you will begin to feel more like yourself soon. I'm sending you lots of Iggy lovin' and kisses from Ohio! Feel better!

    My Shoe String Life

  35. Thanks for hosting this link-up every month. I struggle to blog regularly, so I have decided to make CURRENTLY a New Year's Resolution for 2016. It's quick and easy to do and it gets me blogging and connecting with other teacher-bloggers.

  36. Oh no, you poor thing - I hope you feel better soon and find joy in lots of things in 2016!
    Growing Little Learners

  37. Praying for you and hoping you feel better real soon~ Happy New Year :)

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