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can you believe it is AUGUST…
I know some of you guys are back at school already…
so sorry…
you are probably hating the rest of us right now…
but when the summer comes and you are out way before us…
well you will see!!!

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and now back to our regularly scheduled post…
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Fearless in Fifth
thanks Sandy… luv u
and now for the August CURRENTLY

what's up with the boat???
if you didn't catch my Vegas 2015 Recap  HERE
then the boat theme might be like WHA???
I really have grasped on to the theme of

and that you are the captain of your own boat…
whatever your adventure

with my school year fast approaching
this metaphor… which I was solely using as a teacher blogger/tpter metaphor
also applies to SCHOOL too
whether your school, or district, or community rises to support its teachers
sadly is not something we can normally control…
but we can still control our boat…
you might need to adjust accordingly
depending on how high or low your tide is…
but you
and only YOU are in charge of your voyage
if your tide is really low… you might have to get out of your boat and trudge through a lot of mud
and work extra hard to get to your destination
and if your tide is high (count your blessings) you are still in charge of setting a course for success

my point is… it is your boat… you are the captain…
keep your eyes set on YOUR course for success
steer a clear course…
stay clear of negative weather and watch out for harpoons trying to bring you down

sure you can gather ideas from other boaters
but don't get tidal waved by all the ideas…
pick and choose what you can do
not every boat is going to be a PIN perfect vessel
and remember...
just because a boat is beautifully decorated or sparkly and clean
does not mean the captain is a master captain…
maybe a good decorator…
and maybe they are both… lucky them
but don't take on more than you can handle because you will sink…

you need to also...
dock every once in a while to evaluate, collaborate, and recuperate
learn from master captains, spread your knowledge of success and your best laid routes, but also remember to rest
and and AND
please don't get caught up in the idea whirlpool of the perfect classroom and teacher
that can run your ship aground and be devastating
you are you…
you do YOU best
be the BEST YOU
YOU are the captain of your ship

and don't forget you have passengers…
precious passengers that trust your CAPTAIN skills
those littles are along for the ride too
and they learn from your lessons and your attitude and all of YOU
so be the BEST YOU

which leads me to…
back to school RAK
our tides might not be high
but we can can cause a little increase in volume by doing B2S RAK
I am planning on putting little trinkets of happiness in random teachers'  mailboxes throughout our first week back
some might be planned but most will be random…
I am not sure exactly what I am going to put into the mailboxes yet…
BUT I am thinking gift cards, B2S supplies (the fun ones teachers love), chocolate, home made cookies
nothing too expensive BUT everything thoughtful
who knows what it will be… I am still thinking… but even though these are little trinkets…
I am reminded...
even a tiny stone makes ripples

ok thanks for reading through all of that…
I hope you got something out of it…
and now
here is what you're looking for...
here are the rules…
super simple…

and just to throw in a plug …
if you didn't know I have this in my store…
it is perfect to get it now…
for Back to School

okie dokie…
time to link up…
thanks so much for joining this party and for always 
being so supportive


  1. Hellllllo lovely. I actually have had this thing typed for a good few hours and am up here after Sandy. What is the world coming to?!
    Your RAK idea has me really thinking. I love it!!!!
    I am pretty sure I am going to go add currently in the classroom to my basket too. Teaching writing this year that's a great opener!
    Let's get together sooooon, summer is almost over :(
    Mrs. Thomas's Class

  2. I didn't realize it was already August until I saw the Currently! Love the design this month.

    Krazy Town

  3. I love the idea of random mailbox goodies! I've been thinking of how I can welcome my sped team back to school, so maybe I'll just slip a cute little note with a piece of candy in their mailboxes :)

    Thanks for hosting, as always! I love linking up!

  4. Still loving the "rising tide lifts all boats" and looking forward to what we all will do together in the next year! I appreciate your inclusion of the B2SRAK line. You're right - little stones still make ripples. Thanks, as always, for hosting! :)

  5. Thanks for this! I love it! I also, didn't realize it was August until you posted this! Whoops! Have a blessed weekend!

  6. I love your metaphor about being the captain of your own ship. It's totally applicable to every aspect of life!

    Caffeine and Lesson Plans

  7. Absolutely right friend!! Comparison is the thief of joy and the maker of crazy! I love your lesson. Also Hip Hip Hooray for Sandy boo!!!

  8. LOVING the boat metaphor!!! You're your own captain. Steer your own ship. LOVE IT!!! :)

    Schroeder Shenanigans in 2nd

  9. Thank you for another great Currently linkup!!! I look forward to these each month!!

    ~Heather :)
    Recipe for Teaching

  10. This is my first linkup with you! I love your boat/captain analogy! Have a great week!

    Third Grade Whimsy

  11. Every post you write makes me feel gooey inside. You inspire me. Thank you!
    Rockin' and Lovin' Learnin'

  12. I lived reading this! This is so true and such a great reminder this time of year! Thank you so much for sharing. I am staying at home right now but I saved this post as a must read when I go back soon!

    Notes From the Portable

  13. I LOVE Astronaut Wives Club!!!! I'm so bummed it's a mini series and not a new show :( I am having a hard time getting through the book, but my sister says it picks up...if you're interested in reading it :)
    Tales of Teaching in Heels

  14. I LOVE the RAK idea - I started last school year by giving teachers instant coffee with 'back to the grind' tags on the first teacher inservice and then tootsie rolls with 'let's start the year on a roll' :)

    And yes, little ripples.

    Creative Undertakings

  15. Thank you so much for this awesome link-up. My first currently was August 2014, and I haven't missed one yet! I love the IG currently too. Thanks for encouraging everyone to complete a RAK. The world can always use a little more kindness!

  16. Hi Farley!

    I'm excited to be joining for the first time, all thanks to NOT JANE. :) Looking forward to many more!


  17. Farley!!
    I don't think I have ever commented on YOUR Currently post! I get so focused on making sure I comment on those around me and then I poke around in several other's posts. How rude!
    I am SO glad you do Currently. I have read so many posts from some awesome teachers. I look forward to it every month.
    I need to work in my room, too. I don't remember if I told you this or not, but I switched campuses AND grade levels, so my stuff is currently in boxes in my new room. I can't get in until the 10th though. So, until then, I guess I'll just have to go to IKEA and buy things I'm certain I will need. LOL.
    Well, the next Currently will be when we are about a week in here in my district, so I'm sure I'll have lots to blog about! Until then, sweet friend!
    Mrs. Thomas' Teachable Moments

  18. Thank you for the encouragement. I just purchased your Currently's for the classroom on TPT. I'm looking forward to enjoying them with my students. Wishing you a fabulous school year. :)

  19. Thank you for being an inspiration! I love this and had fun incorporating it into my blog. I love your blog and everything you're doing. xoxo

  20. You always lead me to thinking in a deeper way! RAK certainly can turn beginnings in a positive way!
    Can you share where the font you used for the currently title can be purchased?

  21. I really loved the metaphor of the ship and all the different parts! It's so important to keep our focus on what is important!! Thanks for the reminder!
    Inquiring Our Way Through Third Grade

  22. I love your "water your own grass" advice and your RAK challenge! Consider both noted and accepted! Thanks so much for this wonderful, tribal link-up every month! It serves to inspire so many!
    Stories and Songs in Second

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