No FOOL'n I forgot today was the first…
for realz y'all…
I even did an epic April Fools' Day prank on my kiddos
and HELLO you would think I would remember 
today IS the FIRST!!!
well I did NOT…
must be because of all the awesomeness that was going on
in my classroom

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be on the look out for the 
to open back up 
next month

 in honor of April Fools' Day…
I had to play a prank on my kiddos
I told them the principal was not happy with their math scores
and was going to make them come to school on Saturday or Sunday.
I suggested they write her a letter explaining why it was not a good idea…
here is one of my faves…

ha ha ha… very passionate about it

When my kids were not writing their letters,
they were creating awesomeness…
I showed them the video about 20 things kids should say
by Kid President
and then I read the first chapter from his new book…
and well the wheels started spinning… and here we go...

 how cute is that corn dog and Kid President…
Oh my gosh…
and they created their own "Notes of Awesome"
please forgive them and their font choices…
we have the boring fonts at school
their goal is to have it ready by Monday…
their idea is to give each kiddo in our school an AWESOME SLIP
and the kids will fill out the slips…
about another student, teacher, or staff member...
we will collect the slips and display them on
we will have a master list of students, staff, and teachers
and will cross them off as they get slips posted about them…
their goal is to have everybody in the entire school get on the wall…
they can do it!!!

I will keep you updated through IG
and will blog about it when it is complete
can't wait to share it with you

alrighty… here is yours…
for the last question…
if your blog name is NO SECRET…
maybe you could do your name…
a nickname you have or someone calls you…

 ummm kinda loving my Farley Melonheadz…
I AM OBSESSED with Tiny Farley!!!
so cool!!!


  1. People got lives! LOL! Best hashtag ever! Love the Wall of Awesome idea- how fun! XO

  2. I love the letter that kiddo wrote! And that wall of awesome is going to be, well....awesome!

    Krazy Town

  3. that letter is SOO funny!! such personality. I gave my kids a fake spelling test AND word search! On the word search one of the comments from my teammate's class was..."I should have brought my glasses today!!" hahah!! today was fun!

  4. That letter that your student wrote is great!!! They definitely have some convincing points!! Thanks for another great Currently link-up! Enjoy the rest of the week!!


  5. That has got to be the best letter ever, mainly because of the last line! What's funny is some of the kiddos have used hashtags in their writing. I giggle and remind them about formal and informal writing, but still always so funny. :)

    Fishing for Education Blog

  6. I absolutely love the graphics and colors on this month's currently - so Spring-y. I'm dying for spring! I love the idea for the wall of awesome. A friend of mine teaches in a 5th grade class and they all love the Kid President. I will pass this on to her! I hope you have an awesome April!

  7. Super cute tiny Farley! Your own digital mini me. Love it!

  8. Love the idea of the Awesome wall! What great life lessons you are teaching your kiddos. Looking forward to your updates on this project. The letter to the principal cracks me up! "People got Lives!" He was speaking the truth!! What a great April Fools prank. Thanks for always posting this fun linky!

    Luv My Kinders

  9. I love your prank! I wish I could do that one, but we actually have Saturday Schools for kids who are on the bubble. Ha!

  10. Love your focus on "awesomeness"! Thanks so much for the fun linky!

  11. Love your focus on "awesomeness"! Thanks so much for the fun linky!

  12. I am obsessed with my melonheadz too! Super cute!!!

    Hodges Herald

  13. LOVE your Tina Farley - just adorable! Thanks for your Currently ... I've been a stalked since it started and just today I decided to give it a try. Fun!!


  14. Link number 207... oh dear! Just want to say thanks for hosting this every month as its pretty much the only thing keeping my blog going at the moment. I love reading everyone else's too!

    Butterflying Through Teaching

  15. I am so new to this.. How can I get involved and are there any easy (easy, easy) directions on how to get started with a link up??


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