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symmetry and art come together

Strangely my kiddos were not getting symmetry…
I don't know why…
I showed videos and referred to the butterfly and all the other tricks I had up my sleeve
so with a Valentine's Day Party on the horizon
AND finishing up our last day of benchmarks… I knew I could squeeze
a little sum-thin sum-thin into our schedule…
their little brains were completely fried
trying to be the numero uno class in benchmark scores
and we were number one in writing and reading YAY
(booo hoo second in Math)
and I knew that starting a new unit
or doing something deep and rigorous was out of the question…
sooooo this is what I came up with…

not all the kiddos are done… 
some perfectionist and some have had to start over several times…
and some started over because I MADE them… your best is expected at all times…
but so far so good
they are soooo proud of this and they really get symmetry now
yee haw
all of our projects will hang in the office for all to see
I'll take a pic when I get them all hung up

okay… that about does it… 
now I have to to do lesson plans…
boo hoo hoo


  1. Really love this! Grateful for your creative brain!

  2. LOVE this idea! I wish we did some symmetry in 5th grade, but we are all fractions and decimals! I love it though! I will definitely be checking out your blog more to get some awesome ideas, so maybe my kids' benchmarks will be even higher! ;)

    Reagan Gets Fit

  3. How FABULOUS! They turned out amazing. Gotta pin so I can send on to friends! XO

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