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Currently January 20015

It is almost 2015…
ok we still have a few hours… like 12 BUT
it is the last day of 2014…
let's celebrate…
and because tomorrow I will not be around my computer
because  we always have a traditional family gathering at my grandparents'
to eat black eyed peas and corn bread… YUMMY!!!
I am posting the CURRENTLY today!!!

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Alright here we go...

* I might be addicted to watching the TODAY SHOW… and to tell you the truth
I don't even watch some of it… it is just background noise.
I record it during the week and watch all 3 of the episodes… yep ALL 3 when I get home!!

*my new insurance starts tomorrow… thank goodness!!! This year has been torture with my medical bills… long story short… I went with the cheap insurance and then did a secondary thingy
all of this was suggested and recommended by the rep that helped us sign up….as the way to go because our insurance at work went up so much again… so I did it…
GONG!!!! WRONG!!!!
I had knee problems and my stupid ovaries are at their old tricks again… so needless to say BILLS BILLS BILLS… WHY DO I EVEN HAVE INSURANCE IF MY BILLS ARE THIS MUCH?!?!
and what the heck does the secondary thingy cover…
OH MY WORD!!! so when it was time to sign up again… I said SEE YA!!!
and I am now on HUBS' and we are saving hundreds… hundreds a month… HUNDREDS…
that is crazy…
when I first started teaching I was paid a little extra to go with the insurance plan I picked…
yep like $80
and now for JUST ME it would cost almost $500 a month… and that is just me!!!
Hubs and Bubs have always been on Hubs' plan and now I am too!!! YAY!!!
I am dumb for not switching over sooner.

* we packed up most of the Christmas stuff… we just need to take down the trees… ornaments are put away… it is JUST THE TREES!!! and I always go through our closets and get rid of all kinds of schtuff during break!!!

* I always want Hubs to get off early when I am home and he is not.  Even if he gets off early… he works so far away it takes him another 45 minutes to an hour to get home.  Plus he can take down the trees while I tackle the closets.

* I feel like the couch has become an appendage.
I have slept on the couch more nights than I would like to admit
At first it was because I was sick and didn't want to get Hubs sick… BUT now I really don't have an excuse…. I need to get busy busy busy!!!

* YES- I am going to get back on my plan and lose more weight.  I was on a good roll a few months back and I need to get back on it!!!

MAYBE - I am in a serious comfort zone at the school I am at… I have had other opportunities pop up and I am always too scared to go for it… 2015 might be my year to GO FOR IT!!!

I WISH- I have been thinking about having my own store for a little while now… I would love to have a very quirky antique store… with candles and jewelry and  up cycled things and antiques… kinda like Antiques Roadshow and Salvage Dawgs and Flea Market Flip and Junk Gypsy all swirled into one… I would love for there to be other quirky vendors who rent space in my store… like local artists!!! THIS IS MY DREAM!!! I have really been thinking about this!!! A LOT!!! A LOT A LOT!!!

ok and now it is your turn...

OK let's link up
on the last one…
YES- is what you will do in 2015
MAYBE- is what you hope or would like to do but you are not going to beat yourself up over it
I WISH - something you would DREAM of doing BUT probably won't BUT if you do AWESOME!!!


  1. I'm so sorry about your insurance troubles but cool that you're on with the Hubs now and I hope you're feeling better and your ovaries quit it with their tricks soon! :-) As far as your wish - I hope you make it come true - you could totally do it and everyone would come to your store! I would for sure when I visit...Texas? Texas, right?
    Thanks for the linky party and having it a day early! I'm thinking tomorrow I'm going to be super unproductive!
    Happy 2015!
    BigTime Literacy

  2. I want to get healthy in the new year as well. It is my YES too!

    Mrs. Pauley’s Kindergarten

  3. Your insurance story makes me livid for you!!! "Benefits" are another thing the general public thinks us teachers have it made with. So annoying! I hope you are able to get off he coach soon! Love your design this month! Happy New Year!!!

  4. Farley! Holy Cow! When I saved this month's template I had to start a new folder for 2015 Currently, cause that is just how organized I am , but jeez, how is this possible? I am right there with you in having my own store. Have you ever watched the HGTV show called "Fixer Upper". I think the hostess of that show has a home decor shop and I would love to have one just like it! Good luck with your wishes!
    Teachers Are Terrific!

  5. You would have an awesome store! I love your style! And your boy is truly adorable. I just have to say that.

  6. I am so sorry about your 2014 insurance nightmare! I can't believe how expensive it's getting for everyone.. it's not ok.

    We're also working on cleaning, packing away christmas decorations and throwing away useless things. Here's to 2015!!!

    Fourth Grade Lemonade

  7. I am so sorry to hear of your insurance troubles. They really are a nightmare. I am glad there is an alternative solution for you though....phew! Here's to a happy, HEALTHY New Year for you and your family!

    Teaching in Room 6

  8. OMGee you should so open and store and open it in New Braunfels :). I would totally go shopping at your store! They have such cute stores downtown. The boys and I just went to Got Toys the other day and they loved it!

    I need to get back to losing weight as well!

    The Learning Chambers

  9. I HATE insurance! They carved out my husband where I am and the premiums still went up! So, he and the boys are on his and I am on mine. It still costs an arm and a leg! Good luck and Happy New Year!
    Second Grade is Out of This World!

  10. Sorry to hear about your insurance troubles - we finally got additional benefits through my husband - just in time for our girls to get braces on their teeth!! Thanks so much for hosting - this is the first linky I ever joined - 2 years ago today!! Wishing you all the best in 2015!!

  11. Thanks again for this Currently! We all love it so much!
    Wishing you a BUCKY (LUCKY) New Year!

  12. I am also looking into our insurance options... right now hubs and I are on our own plans through work, but with the soon-to-be-baby I have to figure out which is better either for all of us, or just some. I'm glad you got yours all worked out.
    Thanks for a great link-up!

  13. Thanks for putting Jan. currently up a day early! I so look forward to it every month! I hear you on medical bills...I am up to my ears in medical bills and I have decent insurance. Grrrr! Love your wish to open a store! I would love to do that too but too chicken or broke to take the jump! Happy New Year Farley!!!!

  14. Happy new year!! Hope it's an awesome one! Thanks for always doing your Currently Link ups!
    -Lovely Nina

  15. Farley, thanks for having me as the sponsor and I'm super glad you directed the image to my post today. I hope you have a great time with your family : ) Happy new year! May the new year bring you a great store : )
    Kids Math Teacher

  16. My Yes, was working out and eating healthy too. It seems to be a recurring theme...lol. Your antique/jewlery/upcycle shop sounds like a fantastic idea! Thanks for always hosting this fun linky. Wishing you and your family the very best for the New Year!

    Luv My Kinders

  17. Farley! I LOVE these currently! I love coming back every month! I say you follow your dreams and GET THAT STORE OPEN!!! You can do it!

  18. Thank you so much, Farley! I just love your "currently" linkys and connecting with other bloggers. Opening a store has always been a dream of mine, too! I always wanted to open up a children's boutique. Good luck and have the happiest New Year!

    Second Grade Schmooze

  19. Taxes and Insurance are 2 of my least favorite things in life! Such hassles! Here's to a better insurance year!
    Island Teacher

  20. Thank you for such a fun link up! I'm with Laugh Eat Learn... Follow your dream, girl! That store sounds amazing! Listen to your heart! Best wishes for a great 2015!

    One Sharp Bunch

  21. I went shopping yesterday with family to a place with a bunch of little stores like the one you described. I also want to open my own store.
    Happy New Year!
    Artistry of Education

  22. I have already purged, but I haven't TOUCHED the Christmas decor. That is on tomorrow's schedule. Happy New Year!

  23. Thank you for always helping us welcome in a new month with a smile! I love your Currently Linky! I think you should totally open up the shop! I have so much fun in little antique shops, so the idea of owning one sounds AWESOME! Wishing you a very Happy New Year!
    Jillian Starr
    The Starr Spangled Planner

  24. Wow, this linky sure fills up fast! I can totally relate to the "the couch being an appendage!" I really needed to relax this vacation, and I might have gone overboard! Thanks for sponsoring Currently!

    Sally from Elementary Matters

  25. I love your store idea! Salvage Dawgs and American Pickers are two of my favorite shows. I am actually thinking of making my own china cabinet from old doors and reclaimed wood... :)

    Mrs. Spangler in the Middle

  26. Thank you so much for doing this link-up each month!! It's such a fun one and such a wonderful way to find new blogs!! Happy 2015 to you and your family!!!


  27. Thanks again for hosting this linky! I'm glad you were able to sign up for better insurance. Losing weight is my "yes" also. It just needs to happen! Happy New Year!
    Laughter and Consistency

  28. I have the same dream as you!!! I have always wanted to own my own little boutique. Once my mom retired from teaching, she started antiquing. She has her own little booth in an antique shop and now redoes furniture for fun. Everyone thinks I should go for it but I'm a little bit scared.

    Saddle Up For 2nd Grade

  29. OMG- I switched to my husbands insurance last year and I too was saving like $500 a month. It's absolutely ridiculous! So glad I switched over last year. Our district made a change this year and it would have cost me even more money. I would love to open baby boutique. Let's have our shops next to each other! LOL Have a fabulous 2015 friend!

  30. I desperately want my own children's bookshop, that would also have a coffee bar during the day and a wine bar/open mic stage for acoustic music at night. It would be called Stories and Songs--just like my blog! Maybe it could be decorated with funky and fun things from your boutique! Wish it, hope it, dream it, do it!

  31. I love the Today show too! I watch all 4 hours whenever I am home and even listen to it on my way to work on Sirius. I will be linking up with Gina from http://thirdgradetidbits.blogspot.com for Slim Down Saturdays. It really helped with my accountability last year.

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