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Five for Friday

What a week I have had…
it always seems like I am having a cray week…
and this week didn't let me down!!!

 I was contacted by ThermoWorks to try out their TimeSticks…
of course I said yes…
LOVE them…
they made my week way less hectic!!!
I will have a special BLOG POST on these awesome timers very SOON and the great peeps from ThermoWorks are going to partner up with me for a GIVE AWAY!!!! what what

 If you can say your numbers for 0-100 with no mistakes… you make the 100s Club
If you can identify all of your letters… upper and lower… you make the A to Z Club!!!
We are so proud of him!!!

 I am home today with Bub…
Hubs and I are tag teaming to stay home with him…
He is not itchy anymore and probably has only about 10% coverage
where Tuesday and Wednesday he was more like 80%
so after 3 meds… and 3 dr visits we have some progress…
his vitals have always been GREAT and he never ran a fever… so it is a mystery!!!
They think it could be a virus or a reaction…
I just want him to be better… bless his heart!!!

It never fails… as soon as I pass out the test
and believe me I have gone over the directions… 
and I have asked… are there any questions??? 
and I answer those (yeah right there are never any questions after that question)
and then I go to my small group table to do oral admin to some kiddos
and no sooner is my toosh on my cush…
I have hands up in the air or a line of kiddos 
wanting to ask A QUESTION!!!
so here is my solution…
I bought a big ole bag of plastic bugs… 
(ignore the fact that my jar has lizards…
Dollar Spot had reptiles in the bug bag… last time I checked… they are not BUGS but hey it was a BUCK...)
so make sure you have BUGS and enough bugs for everyone
so right after I ask… are there anymore questions…
I pass out a BUG to every single kid…
I explain…
they are allowed to BUG me once…
they can use their BUG to come up to me and ask A question
once they ask a question they must turn in their BUG and they will have to continue the test without being able to ask any more questions
I encourage them to skip questions or problems that are stumping them… and then come back to them
after they have finished the test… go back and try the ones they skipped
and then use the BUG on the one question or problem that BUGS them the most!!!
If a kiddo finishes the test without using the bug… they get a couple of bonus points.

I have used this system for a few years now…
I like it because it forces my students to try and do it on their own.
It also teaches them good test taking skills to skip and go back.
You will still have the kiddos that immediately want to use their bugs… and I sometimes remind them they still have the whole test to do… and some still insist on BUGging me
usually they learn their lesson…
when later in the test they come to another question that is buggier than the first

and if you want to be really mean… you could take their bug away for asking to go to the bathroom or get a drink of water… that is a question… just sayin

 I posted this on instagram …
I LOVE this…
we use this everyday as our math warm-up and I LOVE LOVE LOVE it
the kids love it too
we do 4 problems a day and then when we go over it… I project it on the dry erase board and the kiddos do the teaching… I interject if needed but for the most part… they are the teachers!!!
it comes with a weekly assessment…
so what we do is 4 problems a day… that means we are done with it on Thursday…
they take it home on Thursday to study it…
and on Friday they are tested on it!!!
I only grade the assessment!!!
click on the pic to go and get it…
I am a TEXAS teacher and we don't do Common Core…
BUT I still LOVE IT!!!
all the problems fit into our TEKS and if not (hasn't happened yet and I am going on wk 9)
it is still good for them to know...
Math is Math!!!
I am pretty excited about this…
there are 20 cards in all
and I have an ink friendly version included… just in case :)
it also includes a picture prompt answer sheet that when copied correctly with the title page and conversion chart will turn into an answer booklet… kinda love that!!!

anyways… these are thought provoking… you have to THINK
my kiddos… well some of them… just want to rush in and answer…
UMMM NO… they don't really read what the questions asking…
these will help them practice reading and understanding the problem!!!
covers all operations and has one. two, and multi-step problems

I modeled my questions off of the released Math STAAR Tests for 4th grade.
I used the same question stems and tricks…but I put a Farley and Halloween twist to them.

even though these are geared towards the STAAR test…
lots of non Texas teachers have bought this and love it…
problem solving is problem solving…
math is math

click on the pic to go check it out

I love doing the 5 for Friday and I think for the first time in a really long time… I am actually getting it done on FRIDAY!!!
thanks so much to Kacey for always hosting this fab linky!!!


  1. Poor little Bub! :( I love the bugs! That is so clever! You are so clever! I always enjoy your blog!

    Peggy at Primary Flourish

  2. I want to be like you, when I grow up. :)
    I want my classroom to be like yours... except for 6th grade.
    Want to come to NC to help me out with that? :)

  3. The bug idea is super cute! I have to read tests to my whole class down in first grade but could think of another way to use them. My biggest issue is that I want them to learn to try it on their own first!

    Paiges of Learning

  4. I love your BUG idea. My kiddos have been driving me crazy with immediately asking me a question after I've given the directions. I'm going to give this a try! You may have just saved my sanity.
    4th Grade Dynamic Duo

  5. Soo love your bug jar! I am heading out tomorrow to find some! What a fantastic idea! Hope bub's is all better soon! It is no fun having a little guy who is not feeling well.

    Luv My Kinders

  6. Oh my goodness, I just love the bug jar!! I can't wait to get bugged by my kiddos! (Actually, I'm really looking forward to explaining this to them - - - lol - - - I can just see their faces! It'll be awesome to actually have them try and figure out some things on their own!). I hope your little guy is feeling great super soon, and that you have a fabulous weekend! Thanks for the inspiration!

  7. Your bug idea is genius!! I will be heading down to the dollar store this weekend!! Thanks

  8. Fantastic bug idea! Brilliant!
    Just purchased your 'Oogly Boogly' task cards, super cute and will be a great extension for my higher kids.
    Thanks :)

    Oh the Little Wonders

  9. Oh sorry about Bubs! When my son was very little he had that reaction to penicillin! I may need one of those timers! I use my phone right now because it makes a louder noise than timers I have!
    Teachers Are Terrific!

  10. The Bug Jar is AWESOME!!!! :) I think I'm going to "borrow" that idea next week :)


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