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My Calendar Area... questions answered

 so I posted this pic on instagram..
actually I have posted about it a few times...
when the month changed... and
I probably will do it... again and again...
I love my calendar area...
just absolutely positootley
it makes me HAPPY HAPY HAPPY
so I share my happiness...
everytime I share this pic or one like it...
I get lots of questions...
so I thought I could do a post about my Calendar Area!!!
here it goes!!!!

OK here are the links...
click on pics to go to your desired destination

destination... to Bridget's Lovely Blog

destination...  Bridget's TpT store to see this and BUY IT

destination... this is Bridget's too... this will take you to her TpT store so you can snatch this up

destination... my blog post about this first week activity
BUT really this is a GREAT activity anytime!!!
one last thing before I go...
my friend Aris
over at Sailing into Second is having a HUGE
and I mean HUGE
giveaway to celebrate her blog makeover...
I donated and so did TONS of FABULOUS FRIENDS...
this is really HUGE... go check it out and tell her Farley sent ya!!!
destination.... an amazing giveaway... go enter... go now... BYE


  1. I just put the calendar and the jobs in my cart! I will hopefully be getting a teaching job in the next week or so and will have to completely set up my classroom. These will be perfect! Thanks Farley!
    Southern Fried Teachin’

    1. I will have to check these out. What do you mean in your cart?

  2. I love your calendar.... as in destination TpT... on my way!
    Teacher to the Core

  3. LOVE your calendar!! Pinned that bad boy- next year I'm all over it! So stinkin cute. Love the links too. Thanks!

  4. I LOVE your calendar! How big is the whiteboard (??? I am guessing you used a piece of whiteboard) you used for the calendar? And is that a piece of burlap you used for the backing?

    Thank you!

  5. I love this so much I just had to buy it! I am curious what you used for the actual calendar part and how you put the pieces up. I would much rather attach them how you have them than use magnets. I can't tell from the picture what those little plastic pieces are!


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