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FIVE FOR Friday on a Saturday... almost Sunday

Breaking the rules and posting twice tonight...
and I have a great reason... I love FIVE for Friday and I can't wait another day to do it
sooooooo without anymore yapping... here is my.....

I picked up my custom painted pledge...
I drove over an hour with just me and little man
and Market Days was packed
took us over an hour to even find a parking spot so our trip there was like
2 hours and we spent under an hour there...
too many peeps in one hot place
BUT it was all worth it
I am crushin on this...
it is based on my freebie....
click on pic to get this FREEbie
I can't wait to hang it up in my room :)
Marla is the best and she told me I could share her info....
here it is...
her business is called...
Jo Momma's Junk
and here is her FB page address so you can go and stalk her...
seriously look through all of her pics...
and be sure to
tell her FARLEY sent you...
I told her she MIGHT be getting some business :)


nothing like a good fishy face

family selfie
We spent last night at a band fundraising dinner for a former student of mine...
who happens to be one of my bestie's kiddos
he is in the drum line for his HS band and the fundraiser was a blast...
we got dinner, there was a fab silent auction and live auction
and then the band performed for us!!!
it was great...
the above pics were of us waiting in the parking lot for our friends to show up!!!
here is a pic of Bub and my former student... Houli (that is what I call him)
Bub loves Houli

I am hoping to get this done
before Monday...
fingers crossed :)

Met my favorite racer....
(4th time and no I am not a stalker... we are almost friends LOL)
at OLE Market Place
in San Antonio...
I bought a fab tote from her booth.... OH YEAH
If you watch Amazing Race you know who this luverly gal is...
me lexi and tote


 This is a squirrel...
and this is my window feeder
and that is a squirrel trying to get to my bird feeder...
OH and this is my classroom window...
we have a squirrel feeder just for our squirrel friends but when they are little piggies
and eat all of their food they try to get to the birdies' food...

and apparently this is a girl squirrel BECAUSE
one of my boys (i only have 6 this year)
well the one that sits closest to the window declared....
and when another boy asked how he knew he said....
wait for it

he didn't... yes he most certainly did

and that my friends is my FIVE

BUT I feel like I need to share one more thing...
my school participated in 
Caine's Cardboard Challenge...
here are some of the things the kids created....

the younger kids created at home
BUT the older kiddos created in the classroom...
it was a blast!!!

if you are unfamiliar with Caine's Arcade 
and his cardboard challenge...


  1. Omgosh, you were at the Smithson Valley band fajita dinner!!! And I was at the SAME dinner because my awesome son is a senior in the band. But I am SO bummed because you were there and I was there and we could have met and talked and I could have told you how much I love your blog, etc., etc., etc. Now I'm so sad. But they did sound great, right??? :)

    1. Yes I was there... small world huh???
      We probably saw each other and didn't even know it... I was circling the silent auction tables like crazy because I wanted that Bath and Body Basket... LOL
      You weren't the one bidding against me on that live auction were you???

  2. LOVE LOVE your Texas pledge picture ...already got the freebie!!! thank you!!! you are so talented!!! Bub is so loaded with personality...his GRIN is adorable!!!! hilarious squirrel story ;) thanks for sharing!!!!

  3. Oh wow that's so cool!! I wish I'd known about this earlier, our school is right into project based learning, and our concept this term just gone was creativity, invention, and design! Would have been a perfect ending!! Oh well, will store it up for next year!! Thanks for sharing :)
    The E-Z Class

  4. That squirrel story is CRaZy!!!! ...and boys will be boys! The cardboard creations are so creative. Who would have thought of a box of crayons? Love it:)

    The Resourceful Apple

  5. The cardboard creations are amazing! Your students did a great job on them. Love the fishy face picture. Your little guy is so precious!
    Fun in Room 4B

  6. Ok, Thanks so much!! I just sat here and watched both videos about Caine and bawled my eyes out. What a touching story and...well just amazing what you can do when you show a little kindness at an amazing display of true creativity. I am blown away by this story and for some reason it just got me (you know kind of like those darn Hallmark commercials). So I know I missed the Oct 5th this year but I'm so adding this to my list of things I will do with my kids. Again, thanks so much for such a great post as always!

  7. Oh, and by the way...LOVED your kids creations. Oh and that kid that made the Unicorn...awesome!

  8. Oh the Creeper! When will Minecraft ever go away?! It's all my kiddos want to talk about, write about, draw! What a cute idea though! I love the crayon box. :-)

    Elyse @ My Life with a Cherry on Top

  9. That's too funny about the squirrel nipples! Kids say the funniest things!

    I bet your kids loved the cardboard challenge! Our school is doing it for the second year in a row now (just introduced it yesterday!) We call it the Cardboard Carnival and make a night of it. It was my favorite thing we did last year- isn't it fun to see their innovations?
    Have a good week!
    Stuff Students Say and Other Classroom Treasures


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