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2 weeks, fever, and I was a minion

OK I have been missing 
2 weeks since my last blog
my life has been cray cray
ONE - I had a little sickie on my hands
TWO- we had a field trip
THREE - Fall Festival
FOUR - baby shower hosting
well instead of listing I have pics...

we did the bestest we could... our math room is just a classroom with lots of shelving and lots of math schtuff and most of the time it is not replaced nicely
I never do that... NEVER!!! so as you can see draping is IS WAS needed!!!

we didn't want the traditional cake shower sooooooooo popcorn, soda pop, and blow pops

seriously... I was going through my pics to add to this post and
AHHHHHH I got scared...
these pics popped up...
he has his own...
it is not the fact that he was on MY laptop... but he did that...
and well...
I don't share very well :)

I thought this was beautiful!!! they are breakfast radishes!!!

this bakery is owned by the wife of the LONE RANGER...
it is so neat inside... and really everything was DEEEE LISH

he took a nap after FM and woke up with a really high fever...
bless his heart

I will post pics next week of some of the things they have added...
like Pepto for the vampires because they probably get tummy aches from eating blood

Nefertiti is a spider that was sent into space...
this little girl wanted to use Nefertiti
I couldn't say NO... I had no idea a spider was sent into space

Poor Bub was sick for almost a week...
he took big long naps everyday...
it is tough being a spunky 5 year old with a fever tummy runny nose cough virus

none of the following are from my kiddos... our librarian does this project as a school wide thing...
and then at carnival people vote for their favorite... it is 50 cents to vote and it is a HUGE fundraiser for her...
this is a required project for 4th and 5th BUT is optional for the rest
BUT tons of kiddo do it... because they know it helps the library

my kiddos present their project on Halloween... they have to turn in their pumpkins first to the library for the contest and then they will present to the class on the 31st and they can dress up in a coordinating costume...
it is so fun.. I will have pics next week!!!

this is me and hubs and the photobomber was my buddy and fellow 4th grade teacher Shelley
she was the photographer for the night!!!

did I mention Hubs made my costume....
yep and he made his too... he is crafty like that...
crafty in a boy way :)

thank goodness Bub was feeling better so he could come to the carnival

OK so that does it...
last night was the carnival so I have completely caught you up
and now I must rest...
I am hurting like cray from wearing that costume
and not to mention I lost like 50 pounds of water wt. wearing that thing...
but really I have laundry and lesson plans to get done!!!
but before I go...
I forgot to tell you about....
our field trip...
my class was in the next to last row...
at the symphony...
I had two boys sitting by me and I moved 2 little girls behind us to the last row
because they couldn't see because of an adult sitting in front of them...
the conductor tells us that we have to be super quiet for the next song...
and so we are all sooooo sooooo quiet and then
I hear a TOOT...
not a horn toot
a tooty fart toot
and it came from behind me
not my behind...
but behind me
the 2 boys looked at me
we knew it wasn't us
and then we looked behind us
and the 2 girls are pointing at each other and shaking their head NO NO NO
the boys and I look at each other and BUST out in the best
MIME laughing you can imagine...
we were so good not to make a sound...
I was crying and I am pretty sure I peed a little...
it was hilarious...
we couldn't look at each other the rest of the performance...
and that was the longest symphony ever
and the best one yet!!!!
ok so that totally catches you up...
tooties and all

so toodles for now!!!


  1. Oh my there was a whole lotta fun going on! Can I please come and live with you? Purdy please... I will be on my best behavior. I loved the pumpkin book characters!
    Pocket Full of Kinders

  2. I would have love a picture with Farley the minion! That looks like too much fun. Tell your hubby I am very impressed!
    My Second Sense

  3. I am dying over the last bit about the toot! DYING LAUGHING!! From behind me. Not my behind. Hahaha!!
    So glad your baby is feeling better!
    Loved catching up!

  4. Hahahah! The toot thing was too funny! I've lost it a couple of times and cracked up when I probably shouldn't have. Some things are just too funny.:) Have a good week!
    Stuff Students Say and Other Classroom Treasures

  5. Wow, what a sport! 2 hrs, huh? We have our 1st graders do pumpkin characters at our school, but they turn out much more....primary. :)

  6. I love those selfies... your husband's crack me up! Hopefully, he learned an important lesson today! :) And that library contest is just the cutest idea EVER!

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  8. Oh my goodness that last story was hilarious! I have been known to be "told off" (along with the kids from my class) by other "adults" who don't appreciate our great sense of humour when we're out and about. hahaha! The kids will remember that forever! It's so much cooler for them that you laughed right along side them!

    x Serena x
    Magic Mistakes & Mayhem

  9. Wow! I am surprised how much you were able to post with all that crazy stuff going on. Go Farley! The decorations for the baby shower are awesome! I hope you had a nice Halloween!
    Kids Math Teacher


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