the making of an interactive door

OK I posted this a little early...
I am now going back and linking this up with my bestest buddy Tara for her 
WONDERFULLY Fantastic....

after you read about my door come back and click on the pic above
head over to Tara's to see LOTS of cool Made Its

my mom had an interactive door
for years before she retired
and I have been doing them since I started teaching
we both used a chart tablet  or chart paper on the door.
I wanted something SUPER cute and decided to do it this way...
I am going to be honest...
a few years my class make-up was NOT conducive with an interactive door... so they didn't do it
BUT no fear... I try it every year with my kiddos and you can tell right away if it is going to work...
THIS YEAR it is going to work... YAY
I usually change questions or titles... every week or two.
I am so excited to share this with you guys and look forward to hearing what you have to say :)

and on a side note
it is somebody's 5th birthday today!!!

he started PreK last Tuesday and LOVED it!!!
I was a little nervous for him...
BUT I did NOT cry which was a feat in itself!!!
my little bub is growing up!!!
Happy Birthday BUB...
and poor baby woke up with a fever and runny nose...
so dinner plans have been canceled and a full day of cuddles and new toys are on the menu!!!


  1. I am in LOVE! I want to run out to the store right now. Thanks girl

  2. Such a cute idea! Definitely going to find a way to do this with my firsties!

    Mrs. Thompson
    Adventures in Teaching (A First Grade Blog)
    My TpT Store

  3. This is soooo fun! I wish I could do it:) We have metal doors and they get all cranky about gluing anything to them cuz it takes the paint I hope you little man feels better soon! Take your don't want to catch it Adorbs pics:)))))

    4th Grade Frolics

    1. you could attach your yard sticks with the 3M Command velcro sticky tabs that are removable...they hold pictures up I'm sure they'd hold up a yard stick.

  4. Happy Birthday to your little man! This is such a cool idea. I may have to try it in my classroom!

    Sara :)
    Smiling In Second Grade

  5. I am in LOVE with your interactive door! Is this on the actual door to your classroom? We have a small glass window in ours that we are not allowed to cover or else I would TOTALLY be making myself one of these cool doors! You have so many great ideas!

    And Happy Birthday to your precious little man! Hope he feels better soon! :-)

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    Life As I Know It

  6. I LOVE this idea! I'm trying to think of how to rearrange things so that I can do it! I have a glass window in both external doors, but maybe I could find narrower paper rolls! Happy Birthday to your little guy!
    Chalk & Apples

  7. This is an awesome idea! Thanks for sharing.


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  9. Can someone say genius?! I love it - And will be doing everything I can to have an interactive door next year!! (No more stationary orders for this year means I have to wait til February!! :( )
    The E-Z Class

  10. I said it on IG, I just love this, my roll 'o' paper is on it's way plus a ton of markers, scented, skinny, etc. Can't wait to put up my interactive door

    Tales From Two 2nd Grade Classrooms

  11. Oh.My.Goodness. I just LOVE this idea! I also have a metal door, but I think the sticky clips that you used...should work. I just think I have to try it!!! My firsties will absolutely adore this! Thank you so much!

    Beth :)
    A Kindergarten Life For Me

  12. This is awesomeness. Happy belated Birthday to the Bubs--he is so ADORABLE!

    P.S. I have those exact same yard sticks. :)

    Teach On.

  13. I just read your about me and I think we are the same person! My blog is JUST starting out and no where near yours, but I'm excited to be following your blog! I'm planning on doing your currently on Tuesday! :) <---That's my not-so-amazing-just-starting-out-blog! :)

  14. Hi Farley! I absolutely LOVE this idea! Thank you so much for sharing! Did you ever post an Interactive Door Pack to your TPT store? I would definitely purchase it :)

  15. I'm looking forward to the interactive door pack too :)

  16. Your interactive door/graffiti wall was posted on Tales of a Tenacious Teacher Monday Made-it...curious if you'll be posting the pack to TpT!! :) Thanks & enjoy the rest of your summer!

  17. Where do you buy the paper?? I love this idea!!


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