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and I am NOT on vacation yet...
insert super SAD face
forget about that....
This month's sponsor is......

she is hilarious....
bee U tee FULL
smart smart smart 
and so much fun
and to top it off a 
top notch teacher...
just kidding I LOVE her
in fact I {puffy} heart LOVE her
I have even been super lucky to meet her....
Texas Meet-up
I bet you are plus she was so super sweet 
she gave me some great books and other resources just because... 
because she is AWESOME
that's why!!!
if I lived closer I am pretty sure we would be besties!!!
so as a sponsor Jen got to pick her top 3 products and here they are...
make sure to grab a little towel 
these cutey patootie things are gonna make you drool
click on pic to go see it
 41 pages of activities perfect for your first or second grade classroom. 
you can take this to the bank...
this unit is worth a million

click on the pic to go see this 
This unit includes:
9 Bossy R posters for teaching r controlled vowels
R controlled vowel sorting activity
I have who has cards for all r controlled vowel pairs
R controlled vowel coloring activity
R controlled vowel stories
click on pic to hop over
I am nuts over this one....
20 nutty stories to add to your literacy stations. Each story has fill in the blank spaces for verb, noun, adjective, etc. Students choose what they want to fill in the blanks... even your reluctant readers will want to read their stories over and over!
alrighty I am going to admit something here...
I was almost done with this post and then it happened...
I fell asleep...
computer on my lap and all
and I mean ALL....
everyone in the house did
and we were all on the same couch...
you need proof... OK
one pup is not in the pic but is right above Bub's head...
it was a nice nap
but delayed.... this...

* these storms are crazy!!! 
my fave tshirt company ATX mafia 
is selling a shirt that supports the two Moore schools hit by that horrendous tornado a few weeks ago... 
if you are interested... HURRY today is the last day to order
go here to order....
I got mine today and LOVE IT!!!

*I keep thinking about the Ms because I have 4.5 days left and Mississippi, Mickey, and possibly selling our house  are on our list of todos this vaycay...YAY

*packing my room ranks pretty high on my list right now because I found out summer school will be at our school and ain't nobody gonna mess with this girl's schtuff!!!
packing my room has gone from
shove everything in the closets and boxes and get the heck out of there I'll deal with it later mode to
I have plans of sealing off my stuff that even the snoopiest teacher stranger can't get into...
is that mean?
I just don't like sharing my room...
I am territorial
I mean come on I have been in this room for 13 years
PLUS I don't want them messin with my things...
any of them *wink*
down to the last paperclip...
now if I know them that is a different story
BUT nobody on my campus is doing summer school so chances are low
project LOCK DOWN will begin maƱana (tomorrow for you nonspanish peeps)

*3 vaycay essentials... SUMMER VAYCAY that is
I've had skin cancer
(just like you check your tatas you need to check your spots too)
 so of course sunscreen is NUMBER ONE (but ironically is last on my list)...
everyday during the summer I wear this

my phone is important... hello instagram... and candy crush... and all the other life saving aps I have....and then
flops as in flip flops I live in them during the summer
I just got these and LOVE them....
OluKai is the brand
waterproof...slip proof and GOLD.....
perfecto  (perfect for non spanish peeps) for Disney!!!
way comfy too!!!


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as always thanks for linking up
this party is getting so BIG it makes my heart sing
never in my wildest little ol blog dreams did I think I would have a linky tradition like this...
and I thank you!!!