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AbOuT mE

I have been teaching for 15 years!!!
That went by fast...
anywho I spent 10 of those years in 3rd
NOW  I am going into my 5th year in 4th.

here are 10 random things about me
BUT if you have other questions
just ask away!!!

1. I married my high school sweetheart... we have been married for 18 years
2. we have a spunky 9 year old son that we love to the moon and back
3. I have a weird obsession over the number 3...
4. I collect odd stuff... yard sticks, folding rulers, fire king, number 3, and letter f
5. I like to make up my own words... fantabulousness, craftacular, awesomeness
6. I over use... a lot... see???
7. I worked for Disney and my favorite character is Ursula and all of our dogs are named after Disney characters... Copper, Dori, and Merriweather and my Christmas tree is only DISNEY ornaments
8. I let my hair dresser do what ever she wants to my hair... what EVER... I have never been disappointed... ok maybe once but she fixed it the next day... so in the 9 years we have been together one time is not so bad!!!
9. I have a serious obsession with queso... I would love to be a queso critic and travel the world tasting various queso concoctions... why not!!!
10. I have a deer head in my class... his name is BUCK and I dress him up...
he even has his own suitcase full of wardrobe changes