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currently march 2016

Can you believe it is already March…
seems like just the other day it was February… ha ha ha
You know what the first of the month means…
that is right CURRENTLY… 
this month's sponsor is…

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 3 things about this currently…
why does it seem like I am always running out of glue sticks and dry erase markers…
it is a daily struggle… for reals
our state writing test is slipping up on me… and this year has been a little bit more difficult than my other years…they write like they are texting…
only a few are capitalizing I… WHAT???
so for the next few weeks I will be hammering basic writing knowledge
and we will be writing and writing until our little hands can write no more…
who is the wise guy who thought schools would be a great polling site…
it was probably decided way back when
when schools were not targets for the deranged loonies of the world
BUT these days we have to do intruder drills
and practice staying quiet and hiding in case some idiot comes in our school
we even teach our kids to alert us if a stranger is in the halls…
at my school all visitors must check in at the office and have their license scanned and then they are cleared by some system we have and they get a visitors pass sticker… those stickers alert the kids that they are a cleared adult and are allowed in our school...
BUT on voting days…
all that goes out the window…
the voters just walk in the front door
don't check in with the office…
our hall is filled with strangers…
we take alternative routes everywhere to not interact with the voters… BUT still
I should not have to have a talk with Bubs about stranger danger on voting day…
yes I know this convo is necessary and I have talked to him about it many times…
but I had to have a SPECIAL one this morning… because… well my little one likes to go potty a lot…
I am sure when he leaves for 6th grade… he is only in 1st... there will be a stall named after him in his honor…
for reals…
so today I told him… do not go to the bathroom… and if you absolutely have to go… go with a buddy… and if you go into the bathroom and an adult is in there get out FAST and tell your teacher…

I was on pins and needles all day about having voting in our school… more so because my little guy is there now… and I must say when the nurse came down to tell me he had fever and had to go home… I was somewhat relieved…
schools should not be polling sites
not in today's world

I asked this polling question on my IG and I had several comments…
go check it out at farleyfarleyfarley
and now here is your currently

on polling site…
let me know if your school is a polling site…
do you have regular classes
do you have PD
are you closed
how do you feel about this??? 


  1. I LOVE the new look of your blog! You need to make those glue sponges that Kindergarten Smorgasbord blogged about. They are a LIFE saver. Sorry to hear your guy is not feeling well. Hope he had not caught that stomach bug that is going around.

  2. Thanks so much Farley! You're the best! I completely agree about schools and polling places, but now our polling places are in churches. I'm not sure that is any better! I don't run out of glue or markers, but I swear the kids eat my pencils. I can never have enough! Have a great March!
    Teachers Are Terrific!

  3. I completely agree about schools being polling places...there are so many other options. We really need to move the polls out of schools. There's just too much risk!

  4. Glue sticks and dry erase markers are the only things I have a HUGE abundance of. Seriously I have so many of both that I took them off my supply list last year.
    The Busy Busy Hive

  5. I too am loving the look of your blog, Farley :) Thanks so much for this lovely linky - it's so great just filing in answers sometimes without having to think of the questions too!! Have a super March and enjoy your polling over there in the USA - Special Teaching at Pempi’s Palace

  6. That sounds so stressful about having your school be a polling location. Our school is not due to lack of parking.

  7. I just heard another teacher in the hall the other day say she was out of dry erase markers. It is that time of year. The time of year where you are scrounging around for supplies {new or used}:))) I am seeing your blog for the first time and it super cute! Thanks for hosting.

    Teaching Tidbits and More with Jamie

  8. I love your blog! Good luck on your STAAR testing, too. I'm right there with you. Testing and polling would double the stress. Our school isn't a polling school, as we're right off the highway in San Antonio. However, I have seen several school with LONG lines on polling day. Enjoy March!

  9. So true...they write like they're texting!! LOL It's so sad that this is the world we live in. It's really scary to have all those strangers in a building. Have a great weekend! And thanks for a fun linky!!

  10. Loving the blog design! Thanks for doing this every month <3

    Anisa @ Creative Undertakings

  11. Hello,
    In France, polling is done at schools but on Sundays, that way people can come vote on a day where they usually don't work.
    I can't imagine all the safety issues if polling took place on school days, especially in Paris with all the extra safety checks!!

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