01 April, 2016

April 16 Currently

April is that you???
why yes it is…
I LOVE April!!!
not so much the first day of April
but all the rest… yes!!!

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 now it is your turn


  1. OMG - the pollen! The rain hasn't touched it. I'm hitting the car wash ASAP. The chandy sounds great! Let me know when you want me to drop off the stepstool!

  2. Haha I wish I had a Jedi master to teach me a thing or two!!! I am kind of wishing that Swiffer shows up, or even better, the people who bring you the giant checks for $1,000 a week for the rest of your life ;) Enjoy your week!!!

  3. My truck looks sad too! LOL Did hubs tell Ghostbuster boy I'm in love? lol I agree- He spends money playing with gear so you deserve some bling/gear too!

  4. I hear ya on the pee breaks! Please, no one drink any liquids this week, lol! Thanks for the monthly party :) Jen

  5. I wish I could shave my dogs too. They are both white and it is everywhere! Wouldn't it be great if Swifter really dropped of those boxes! Have fun shopping today!!!

  6. I love that you kid pretends to be a jedi!! My son runs around and pretends to be Batman!! Boys and the things that they do!! Enjoy shopping too!!

    Mrs. 3rd Grade 

  7. Building a BB8? I am intrigued! Star Wars or Harry Potter tends to be a lot of my whatever spending. Round one of testing done. It's amazing how not interesting and terribly exhausting those days are. If it really was the best thing to improve education it would be one thing.

  8. Yep, trees in the neighborhood are great, but they do leave messes on the car in some seasons... to say nothing of the bird poop! Please say you are April Fooling that you have to DOCUMENT bathroom breaks during testing! That is over the top SICK. I puffy heart your linky though and hearing what's going on! Kathleen

  9. Yay love these! Man, my car is a mess too! UGH this documenting RR breaks are a mess :( Seriously, Texas?

    -Loving the blog look :)

    Anisa @ Creative Undertakings

  10. So, I must agree...tracking bathroom breaks was a BIT ridiculous!! I would love to know the genius reasoning behind needing to gather THAT data! For the record - my average RR break was about 3 minutes. HA!
    One down, two to go!
    Thanks for the Currently! It's always fun!
    Mrs. Thomas' Teachable Moments Blog
    Mrs. Thomas' Teachable Moments TPT Store

  11. Thanks again for another great linky! I always look forward to Currently's! I hope you get your truck clean AND the light fixture you want!

    Mind Sparks

  12. Whatever you did to the currently word in your image is mesmerizing me! Is it highlighted with light yellow or something? I can't figure it out! Fun reading through all the link ups.

    Melissa Williams
    First Grade Frame of Mind

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