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CURRENTLY February 2016

What WHAT???
no worries you are in the right place!!!
so what do you think of my new design???
my new name??? 
is it not PERFECTION!!!
I mean come on… I have a BUCK cartoon clipart!!!
HE is super cute!!!!

and now on to the reason you are here…
this month is sponsored by...

 some things to ponder…
my old house has NOT sold yet…
we dug a hole and even planted a saint and everything…
and nothing… I know the market is super slow over in my hood
so I am just hoping it will speed up soon …
because paying for 2 houses stinks
it seriously is cutting into my fun money!!!
and that is no fun!!!

that's easy… my new blog design…
I know you all want to know who designed my blog…
well no other than Alexis at…

I cannot begin to tell you how awesome she was to work with…
she was always available to discuss ideas
and always more than happy to answer my silly questions
she made my vision come to life… I am absolutely in LOVE with my new design
and HIGHLY recommend if you are in the market to give Alexis a holla!!!

OK now your turn
oh and the last question...
SWOONING… something you just can't get enough of… or…. are dreaming of getting
something that makes you swoon… like I could have put Harry Connick Jr…
 oh my lordy lord…
that man makes me swoon…
but CURRENTLY I am swooning over my blog design… ha ha ah


  1. Love love love, absolutely LOOOOVEEEE your new blog design! Alexis is so sweet and does such great digital design work <3 Love her!

  2. I just *LOVE* the new design, so so much! Swooning over it here in Chicago!

  3. Your new design is so totally YOU! Love it!!!

  4. I adored your old blog design.... but I LOOOOOVE your new one!! It could not be more perfect! Happy February to you, and thanks for hosting!

    School and the City

  5. I LOVE the new blog design, too! It looks amazing! I am sure hoping your house sells soon! Two house payments, not cool!

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  7. Your new blog design is FANTASTIC! I am loving it!!! Thank you so much for connecting us all through Currently!

  8. I adore your new blog design! I've always thought that if I ever had someone design my blog, it would be Alexis!

    Melissa Williams
    First Grade Frame of Mind

  9. Love your new design! It's gorgeous and so you!

  10. Your new blog design is so much more you than the last one! I love the colors and oh, gosh! Buck! He is the best! <3 you, girl!

    Krazy Town

  11. Hey there! I follow you over at Instagram, but I haven't been here in awhile. Your new design is cute! Good job to the designer. Hope you don't mind that I linked up my own version of Currently...actually 2 Currently post. Hope all is well and I'll be checking back soon! ~Lowanda of Sunshine and Elephants

  12. Oh my goodness Farley, your new design is AMAZING!! Love the colours and style. It's totally you! And that Buck clipart is the best thing ever. I'm so happy to be here linking up today! It's been several months since I've linked up! :) Thanks for hosting! And here's to hoping that house SELLS!!

    First Grade Garden

  13. Farley! It's been AMAZING working with you! Thank you so much for letting me re-design your blog and make it scream FARLEY (and BUCK!) I had a great time and will miss our random text messages of design planning. <3 ENJOY your blog!!!

  14. Love this new design! Thinking my blog needs a refresh...will check out Alexis! Have a great day!!

  15. I love love LOVE your new layout and name! Pure perfection!!!!
    Barton's Buzz

  16. OMG! Your new blog design is gorgeous!!!!!!

  17. Thanks for the wonderful piece of post. Since, i have been working very hard in my research writing service work, so mostly i prefer blogging in order to keep myself fresh and active through out my working hours. so, today while i have been searching blogs for such motive, i have been turned out to your blog because of the well beautiful design in an attractive manner. Willing to see such more beautiful piece of work from you in more in number.

  18. This is so funny - I listened to your Masterclass interview with Sheila Jane on her podcast channel yesterday- I've been catching up (a little late to the game). LOVED it!! So I definitely think your blog's new look is PERFECT!! :) So excited for you!!

  19. I love your new blog design Farley!! Thanks for always hosting such a great linkup!

    Shifting Teacher K-2

  20. Love your blog design. I saw an old post of yours on pinterest of an art project you did with your class at year end. The children painted suns on canvas. I really fell in love with them. I am a grandmother of 37 and we have a big extravaganza each summer to celebrate my grandchildren. I know they would love that art project. I would like to get just a few more details. What type of acrylic paint did you use, tube or bottle? Do you remember the colors of blue you used? What did some of the children use to paint the light blue swirls early on in the project, paint and liner brush or pen? How wide were your rays? Your students' work was amazing! Thanks for the inspiration.

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